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    Looking for some info on 18B . As far as getting in there is it better to go through Bagdad or cut through Camp Wood. Never hunted there before but two of my boys wanted to go deer hunting so I figure I would put in for a unit they would get drawn in. Also any deer info would be greatly appreciated. Thought I would throw that in there Lol. Plan on doing some scouting and setting up a camera.Thanks in advance.
  2. D.F.M.


    Looking for cape for a set of 5x5 antlers. If anyone doesn't want or need there cape I will put it to good use. Thanks.
  3. D.F.M.

    Elk cape

    Looking for an elk cape. Have a set of antlers, would like to put a mount together. If any one doesn't want or need their cape let me know. Thanks and good luck.
  4. D.F.M.

    Big Lake Fishing Report?

    I agree !
  5. D.F.M.

    Bonus Point for LOT

    Think if you don't get drawn in the left over tag drawing you should get another bonus point? You know a little something for the effort? Just sayin.
  6. D.F.M.

    New World Record Trout Caught in Arizona

    Did I hear this right? There was a world record Fridge caught?
  7. D.F.M.

    Dead Lion

    Lion gonna left a sign said Made you look Haha!
  8. D.F.M.

    The Trail Cam Celebration

    Did I miss something
  9. D.F.M.


    Vortex had something to do with it ?
  10. D.F.M.

    Dead head after shedding or antlers sawed off?

    Looks like they sawed off the skull not the antlers ? just saying.
  11. D.F.M.

    Stolen camera in 5a?

    Some people will do anything for attention ! Just sayin.
  12. D.F.M.

    CWT Feuds

    What the bleep is going on here . This is some funny bleep ! Enemies with everyone ! You know what this makes me ?
  13. D.F.M.

    'Stink Pigs'

    How bout stink javelina. I see there is a new call them by there right name sheriff in town? So while were at it is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Thought i would ask. Just kidding take it easy!!!!
  14. D.F.M.

    Now What . . .

    Whats the issue go in and get . Only the strong survive!!
  15. D.F.M.

    Terrible Hunter Etiquette times 2

    guide for antelope ? just sayin
  16. D.F.M.

    I have to vent

    You call that venting !
  17. D.F.M.


    PM sent
  18. D.F.M.

    Volunteer Game Deputies

    First of all there is no such thing as a dumb idea. Now not so smart ideas have been known to exist.
  19. D.F.M.

    Don't kill it

    99 percent of the time I let them go.The other one percent I shoot and miss, not intentionally then let them go.
  20. D.F.M.

    Last minute advice...

    Remember don't forget, what you might forget and you should be fine Good Luck !
  21. D.F.M.

    Need a mule deer cape.

    Kool will do thanks.
  22. D.F.M.

    Need a mule deer cape.

    Any one take a mule deer this season and you don't need the cape let me know. Have a nice set of 5x5 antlers. Looking to put a mount together Thanks.
  23. D.F.M.

    Need a mule deer cape.

    kool good luck WW
  24. D.F.M.

    Unit 23 Question

    Might want to leave someone at camp . Have heard of people getting there stuff taken when they leave there camp in that unit!