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    2017 Draw Results

    December WT unit 22... tag #3
  2. AZMThunter

    Under Armour pisses off hunting community

    Man, PETA and the anti-crowd just love this stuff. They troll, hunters get all self riteous about other hunters doing it wrong, and we pick ourselves off without them having to lift another finger. Figure it out, ladies and gentlemen that love to hunt! If it is legal, DO NOT TRASH FELLOW HUNTERS! If you do not like the law, work to get it changed. Muzzle loader guys think rifle guys aren't true sportsmen. Flintlock guys think those using breach load primer fired smoke poles are not real muzzleloader purists. Compound hunter can't understand another hunter that wants to drop an animal from 400 yards. Recurve guy thinks he is way more traditional than compound guy, and longbow dude thinks he should get special seasons just for him because he is a "real archer." Eventually, your chosen "better" or "ethical" method of hunting is going to come under attack as well. Stand together with all other hunters doing it legally - our division just hastens an end to us enjoying our lifestyle.
  3. AZMThunter

    ROC Most Wanted

    ^ And +1 This all day long. I sent out a flyer to valley designers / architects / general contractors in late 1997 shortly after I started my company. It is the last time I ever advertised... It has been 100% repeat / referral business since then.
  4. AZMThunter

    ROC Most Wanted

    I've been a licensed contractor (Used to be an L-60, now a CR-60 license) for Finish Carpentry (Custom millwork and cabinetry) since 1997. I learned early on in the residential market that I don't do work without a deposit... Ever. Typical terms are 40% up front, 40% upon delivery, balance due net 30 from completion. And every project gets a pre lien. In my humble opinion, customers wanting to skate on parts of the payment are far more common than getting stiffed by a licensed contractor. As for unlicensed contractors or dudes doing stuff in their garage on the cheap? You get what you pay for. I call it the Ikea Effect - Everybody thinks entire custom kitchens can be bought at Ikea for $4500. I don't touch that crud, and if part of your request to me when putting together a proposal is "well, I saw this at Ikea for $____" Then I politely recommend they buy from Ikea. It will look OK for 6 months, and you will be replacing it in 2 years because it fell apart.
  5. AZMThunter

    2003 yamaha 660 grizzly $2500

    I own a custom millwork shop - we do high end residential in addition to commercial and retail - need anything built? I've been looking at getting a quad for my youngest son (17) and it's always tough to lay out cash lol.
  6. AZMThunter

    Any commercial roofers out there?

    Good friend of mine - we hunt together, and I don't hunt with just anybody LOL Steve Reamer Starkweather Roofing 602-791-2261
  7. AZMThunter

    Card hit!

    Yea, I noticed that... but there were two responses today (1 saying he was hit for bighorn.) Then I remembered that we have till tomorrow to update cards, so we probably aren't getting hit yet. Love the suspense!
  8. AZMThunter

    Card hit!

    Are people screwing with us or are cards getting hit?
  9. AZMThunter

    Lasik eye surgery - $1400

    Left you a voicemail - Would like to talk with you about the certificate if you still have it. Let me know - Clint 4eight0-two2seven-3three6seven
  10. AZMThunter


    On one hand, even if not used for any scouting activity, these seem like they would be a lot of fun for videoing nature, canoe trips, cool shots of a scout troop on a backpacker, etc. On the other hand, it would really suck to be videoing you and your boys on the trail and wind up in court because fall archery bear was still open and now you're a criminal. Sigh.
  11. AZMThunter


    So, if you are in a unit that has mountain lion hunting - and lion is a big game species in AZ - and that hunt is a year-round hunt - does this mean you can't EVER fly a drone in that unit?
  12. AZGFD - you make it so hard to be supportive of you.
  13. AZMThunter

    Dec Coues in 22 With 10 Points

    I hadn't thought about the impact the archery hunt would have on these areas.
  14. AZMThunter

    Dec Coues in 22 With 10 Points

    those grown up deer were what I was hunting in 2007 when I last drew a tag - late rifle 12AW lol.... That's when I decided to hang on for a late Coues tag.
  15. So I have (10) total points and have been holding out for a December whitetail tag in unit 22 or 23. Am I getting pretty good odds at drawing this fall? I am more familiar with 22 than 23, though mostly for elk - And I have not explored much of the unit south of the 260 E of the 87. Pretty familiar with W of the 87 N of 260. If you have any advise for glassing vantage points in that portion it may cut down the fuel consumption this summer LOL. If you have any gut feelings on why these units may not be the best choices, I'd love to get some input. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.