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    75 years ago today

    Arizona boy from Sacaton named Hayes is in this Pulitzer prize winning photo and made it home. and just like today he had a rough time fittin' in afterward. lee ps.....'ballad of Ira Hayes' by johnny cash.
  2. biglakejake

    Unit 10 cows

    my bad
  3. biglakejake

    Unit 10 cows

    get a load of that avatar! and welcome Sir! cow tags are not a very scientific draw process. in the eastern az units figure two permanent BP's will get you a cow tag every other year or so. beware of limited opportunity hunts. re: your avatar whats the deal w the wristbands? lee
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    once and done for me-put in 22 years straight. always wanted to use a .257 Roberts or .257 AI in a custom mauser or old winchester m70. did not have one and ended up using the m70 30/06 i killed my first deer with almost 50 years ago. dad traded for it at Babbitt Bros. Trading Post in flag in 1953. 150yd shot, sighted dead-on 450yds. lee
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    Outdoor Writer Tony Mandile

    he appears mia. last post 2/4, i sent a pm on 2/6 and again this morning, not being read, no responses-i hope he is just out of the country. lee
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    Outdoor Writer Tony Mandile

    nothing here. anyone?
  7. at the 13:21 mark(don't forget to turn the sound off) this vid cuts to underwater footage of feeding the penned bluefin off 'dego. i had been wondering how they fattened 'em up for the Tsukiji fish market lee
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    Forever Words

    the Cash family published a book of Johnnies poems 'Forever Words' a couple years ago. last year they came out with a cd/dvd album with some of the poems set to music by notable artists-and some of his old buddies. excellent stuff. lee 'you tell me that i must perish like the flowers that i cherish nothing remaining of my name nothing remembered of my fame but the trees that i planted still are young the songs i sang will still be sung' JRC 2003
  9. biglakejake

    Forever Words

    the 1960's-the most recent past major turning point for the country-had johnny cash, chuck daniels, joan baez and bob dylan all singing the same songs. the media now finds its best ratings in division and that's about all we will get. lee
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    Where am I, and what was this???

    what we found early '90's was much older-also between park link drive and cactus forest. lee
  11. biglakejake

    FN 7x57 1895 Mauser scout rifle? $200

    oops just noticed the left handed stock.
  12. https://www.wmicentral.com/update-wmat-officer-killed-responding-to-call/article_dd74d582-e76a-546f-9853-1d2360faa9de.html UPDATE: A young White Mountain Apache Tribal Police officer was killed just before 1 a.m. Monday morning while reportedly responding to a domestic dispute. The incident apparently occurred on State Route 73 near the junction with State Route 260, outside the parking lot for the Hon-Dah Resort and Casino hotel. Officer David Kellywood, one of the youngest officers with WMAT Police, responded to a report of shots fired at the roadside between the Hon-Dah RV Park and the casino hotel. A press release issued by the Navajo County Sheriff's Office on behalf of WMAT Police at 10 a.m. Monday morning stated that the first officer on the scene located the man matching the description of the individual involved and "the subject immediately engaged in a violent physical altercation with the officer during which the officer was shot." A second responding officer arrived shortly thereafter and fearing for his safety, shot the suspect. Both Officer Kellywood and the suspect were transported to Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center for treatment. According to sources, both died as a result of their injuries.
  13. biglakejake

    Where am I 2/15/20

    wool storage shed west and north of congress? lee
  14. biglakejake

    FN 7x57 1895 Mauser scout rifle? $200

    even if the barrel channel is stepped the furniture alone is worth $200. this was well done and no holes drilled. heaven knows i am no buyer now but a pic of the crest markings, barrel channel and bottom metal would be of value. a cock-on-opening kit and a new 16" .358win. barrel would have made a pleasant addition for me. past lives and all... good luck, lee
  15. https://www.fs.usda.gov/nfs/11558/www/nepa/33054_FSPLT3_5229105.pdf
  16. biglakejake

    Where am I, and what was this???

    that looks like chief butte on the pinal parkway(az79). we found lots of tank training evidence and a couple of tank traps farther north at the edge of ninety-six hills where they reach the parkway. i was told it was tank training from ww2 by an old fellow in aj i met at aj imports say 1994. could it have been an effort to create a mud bog for driving tanks through for training? long shot. lee
  17. biglakejake

    USDA Heber horse territory draft plan 2/14/2020

    ".......this study concludes there is no historical precedent for the current population occupying the area" but we get to keep them anyway.....crap. lee
  18. biglakejake

    Angel in a fire tower

    a friends wife that has spent 30 years in the Greens Peak tower needs your prayers. she has been evac-ed far away from loved ones here on the mountain and it will be a rough road back. i cannot even imagine the sleep she lost for the forest-and for us-dreading the many wind swept dawns during spring and summer in the white mountains. and-of course-the tears........ i do not know her but offer prayers, and luck. lee The End of the Ocean High clouds at dawn and finger tracings of moisture in the eastern sky. From beyond the western rim of mountains, ocean’s breath floods the valley. Mist spills over high ridges. One by one, the peaks wink out. Soon, the lookout is wrapped in blowing cloud. Wetness drips from propped shutters. The visible world beyond misted windows, an isthmus of rock and heather. “I stood as one stupefied,” wrote Petrarch. “I looked down and saw the clouds lay beneath my feet. I felt as if another.” tim mcnulty
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    8-10 inches in yavapai county and prescott. that's something!
  20. biglakejake

    The best 3 weeks of the year...

    you got some 'splainin' to do young man? 4b? 10pts/3a3c early rifle bull/3b ml early bull
  21. biglakejake

    Looking For Family Camping Ideas For Late March 2020

    this time of year i would try buckskin mountain state park but its not "getting away". however it is nice and warm along the river if a front comes through. a few places along the san pedro between mammoth and redington. lee
  22. biglakejake

    Strange things found while out hunting.....

    they usually burrow in and hibernate during the coldest weather, must be climate change.
  23. biglakejake

    strange days...............

    was reminiscing this evening. weird fishing. strangest hunts ever. i am sure many have better tales but here goes. 1967 till about 1971 overgaard AZ. grandpa Markham gave me a box of 6 or 7 gopher gitters and told me to kill the gophers ruining mom and gramma's gardens. well i could barely stand the sight of gophers torn up in traps. but "I liked it. I was good at it" lol. nothing strange here-until mom started pimping me out. 'get yer traps kid-we got work for you'. and so i guess i saved many a garden in overgaard before i was 10. did not seem strange days then. did some live catch of rattlers for dog trainers from 1975 till 1977. terrified, shaking and pissing myself for the first few-then lifting a 5 footer off the ground by the tail and laughing while people were sceaming and running away a year later. setting up my 257 AI varminter on a friends 2nd floor deck in vernon. the chickens and pups were going missing alot. had a johnny stewart 'puppies playing' tape. 'bout burned out the barrel on 'yotes we really stacked 'em up. us kids would hunt tomato horn worms and squash them like mom said. the Reverand Allen next door had the only concrete driveway in the neighborhood-we would put them down and drop big adobe bricks on them for the splash. the reverand would come home to a green slime driveway and we would get our hides tanned. fun shoot. fishing? a fellow asked us kids at the bait shop to have our parents bring us out to the old Goldfield store on Apache Trail and to bring our fishing gear about 1972. sure enough he had a couple of tin boats and we caught a thousand bluegills-monsters-in the flooded vertical shaft of the old goldfield mine. Goldfield Ghost town now. did not fish but still can't believe those big bluegills in little potholes the size of a pressure cooker on Ruby Creek right in the middle of the road just west of Montana Peak. that was like 1994-95. i don't know how they do it but some residents of Mcnary take baby redear sunfish and stock them each spring in seeps up around lake mountain, brushy mountain and wishbone. then in september they come back and fish out these big slab redears that got fat on mosquitos all summer long. if u see a half dozen old ladies in lawnchairs with cane poles fishing around a seep 12ft long by 6ft wide stop and ask how the fishing is. strange days, lee ps yea i know i need help evil grin!