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  1. biglakejake

    FREE 2 good home CIRCE reeds-jackrabbit

    could not find the old call body
  2. biglakejake

    FREE 2 good home CIRCE reeds-jackrabbit

    the return envelope does no need stamps on it-just put a few dollar bills in it and the rural carrier will take care of it. if i get more than 1 envelope i will return you dollars with my stamps. i will post immediately when they are gone lee
  3. 4 jackrabbit reeds and applicator rod in original CIRCE package. FREE Pick up in show low or send stamped self-addressed envelope. lee elbert 500 w reidhead show low AZ 85901
  4. not much there but i would like to hear it. lee
  5. biglakejake

    ISO Winchester pre 64 model 70 featherweight stock.

    Nichols Sportsman in Holbrook, AZ
  6. biglakejake

    Where were you this day, 1986?

    i was running a striping crew on higley road at hwy 60 a few days before it opened that far out. mom cried for days-she said is was the only manned nasa launch she didn't watch. lee
  7. biglakejake

    Where were you this day, 1986?

    noticed RR quoted first and last lines of High Flight. The young Canadian flyer who wrote the poem died during the Battle of Britain at only 19yo.
  8. biglakejake

    Duwane's Hunter Killed a Monster

    one heck of a sheep hunt for a myth
  9. biglakejake

    physically failed

    falling down the rabbit hole here at an ever increasing rate. been on every mountaintop-almost-in this giant state. chased around the pacific and belize hunting trophys afoot, afin and aflight-never got my sandhill but i did not miss out on much. no regrets here-from fistfights to packouts to giant tuna i did not get cheated. respects to all-especially Amanda and the horn hunters who put hundreds of miles on their boots every spring instead of sitting on a beach somewhere. you all are quite a family-thank you. first lines of a favorite poem- the moon comes up, the moon goes down. this is to inform you that i didn't die young; age swept past me, but I caught up........................ lee
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