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  1. biglakejake

    San Diego 4th of July Suggestions

    suicidal sounding depressed skipper. can anyone spell two-speed? sounds like the locals are driving chevy vega's when they should be haulin' butt in funny cars..... http://www.976-tuna.com/audios/69817
  2. biglakejake

    What’s everyone hoping for...

    in 2008 i got my only 3a/c tag but only had 2 hours to hunt,, 3b ML has been good to me. very few coues here but that's my goal w a tag. good luck all, lee
  3. biglakejake

    Velvet Bulls

    OMG those thirds!
  4. working on this for a while now...still reads more like a historical narrative than a poem. any ideas? lee Lost Warrior In the sixth month of the third year of the new century after trials of September last-a new test closer by far to home an evening of anguish, giant clouds fill the western sky but clouds not of heaven's reward, but of terror Our mountain radio repeats all eve-worry not this monster is attended it's giant pyre grotesque in brilliant June moonlight local leaders have offered help-'we got this' the reply by the wee hours we sleep in cozy homes, camps or cabins troubled not Morning brings a bright new day-until we step outside western sky obscured, hiding the maelstrom within hot, dry winds turn this firestorm into nature never seen before one can see, knows what can happen, he knows what must be done Soon this churning destruction has a name-Rodeo-sinister in origin ages ago The Lord asked 'Whom shall I send, who will go for us?' and going are warriors in brilliant yellow tunics calling out as one 'Send me' in the lead is Rick Lupe, bred of Apache blood and vested by years of wildfire After the warriors are pushed back from the first real skirmish highly regarded, much loved civic leaders tell us we must go important people in choppers and Learjets come to our mountain they draw the worlds attention, but will not dig a foot of fireline Rick Lupe led his crews' final stand, our community at their backs it has since gone down in fire lore-defense of the Hiway 60 line with a few dozen hotshots and a half dozen bulldozers, help days away they burned out, bulldozed and starved the maelstrom 18 hours straight our warriors held fast the line few photos, a single fleeting interview by Rick Lupe gone home, gone to ground, the dreams of the warriors untroubled the sweet sleep of the victorious, want of adulation not almost to the day a year after the geneses of Rodeo we lose our warrior Rick Lupe, a victim himself of fire his parents brought him to us, wildfire grew him into native lore a man of few pictures, at home within Apache soil, never to be forgotten le 12/18
  5. biglakejake

    San Diego 4th of July Suggestions

    Dan Hernandez is an old fishing buddy from the '90s slingin' iron at san clemente island. we both had shops in east LA. when he refers to 30 size and 50 size it means reels with equivalent line capacity of a penn International 30 or penn international 50.
  6. biglakejake

    San Diego 4th of July Suggestions

  7. biglakejake

    short clip of something i have not seen before.

    been there, did not go in the water lol
  8. biglakejake

    short clip of something i have not seen before.

    klingon food. makes cat or dog seem tasty... .
  9. biglakejake

    San Diego 4th of July Suggestions

    http://www.976-tuna.com/audios/69467 turn the volume down
  10. biglakejake

    Hawaii fishing charter

    as a general rule HI boats/skippers keep the catch. that might figure in or not. i have heard for 40 years that airline passes/gift certificates are a fav of HI hands. lee
  11. biglakejake

    San Diego 4th of July Suggestions

  12. biglakejake

    San Diego 4th of July Suggestions

    miss this................
  13. biglakejake

    San Diego 4th of July Suggestions

    notice the VORTEX cap
  14. biglakejake

    Where Am I?

    lake mary narrows campground when i was 16. not telling but much remembered. lee