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    just walked up the street, walked by my chair while i was drinking a wine cooler 6 feet away, hopped the fence and started eating my weeds. the backyard is 2" deep in acorns but he likes weeds. surreal. lee
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  3. at the 13:21 mark(don't forget to turn the sound off) this vid cuts to underwater footage of feeding the penned bluefin off 'dego. i had been wondering how they fattened 'em up for the Tsukiji fish market lee
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    short clip of something i have not seen before.

    half-day weekend beer run. well lubricated. thats the half-day boat i caught my only black sea bass on. when i saw what it was i told the little kid closest to try fishing with my rod for awhile. Sum Fun, Dana Point Harbor
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    Heads UP!! UPDATE $30K

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    Heads UP!! UPDATE $30K

    weird. how does a jailbreak thread turn into a discussion of regional taxonomy? and who fishes for what between snowflake and concho? we must have some 'special' peeps on here............i know i'm twisted but what excuse for the rest of ya'all? lee
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    Rut Activity

    wrong delete
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    Heads UP!! UPDATE $30K

    fair enough question. all the mexican cowboys i have ever talked to-from winslow to the border-always call the big-eared deer 'burros'. i just stole it. cultural appropriation. i think the term originally applied only to big sonoran muley bucks west of the sierra madres. ask around next time you are down to puerto lobos. lee
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    Heads UP!! UPDATE $30K

    3B north has been quite a ride for the last 25+ years. trophy pronghorn(not anymore) and just giant cedar bucks have always taken me back out to mesa redonda and black mesa. but almost every hunt something happens to give a me a high end pucker factor. once in 4a i had come back to camp and found where a bear had followed my trail out of camp that summer morning. but in 3b i came back to my jeep and found where 2 big sets of boot tracks had circled my jeep and then trailed me out onto black mesa. i have seen more 300lb burros out there than the rest of the state combined. i'll take you out there and show you around but this old feller is never going out there alone in the dark agin. every single 200" class muley shed i have ever found came from 3b north. the neighbor and his buddys used to rope lions out on black mesa and mesa redonda back in the '50's n 60's. lee
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    so the thread about hunting one day -must not be any deer on the rim thread is gone. i posted a little story into it last night-what happened? lee
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    Heads UP!! UPDATE $30K

    was the 'compound' east of the creek or in town?
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    the entire thread is gone
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    friday about noon i was headed out to check the garden and i see Dude just the other side of the fence. he's raking his velvet off so i get my camera ready for a good picture as i close on the fence-he's kinda busy over there. just as i start setting the shot from like 25ft he sees me and does something he has not done in over a year...he stotts outa there like mad. the evening before he had sashayed up the street with over 20 people taking pictures of him-he never even broke stride. no tag this year so i suppose i will go sit the backyard with a bottle of wine while taking pictures and throwing rocks at him. lee
  14. Roseanne or Jackie? one is way, way non-typical.... lee no shortage of hornage in this thread. the Tines Up boys always wanted to know why i ignored the strip 'cuz of distance. now i know i'm the idiot.
  15. hey lets not ruin this thread! you can ask admin to delete your post at the very least. this went downhill fast. lee
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    Dive Boat Incident

    from Wikipedia Fire and toxic cylinder contamination from oxygen reactions[edit] Partial pressure blending using pure oxygen decanted into the cylinder before topping up with air may involve very high oxygen fractions and oxygen partial pressures during the decanting process, which constitute a relatively high fire hazard. This procedure requires care and precautions by the operator, and decanting equipment and cylinders which are clean for oxygen service, but the equipment is relatively simple and inexpensive.[19] Partial pressure blending using pure oxygen is often used to provide nitrox on live-aboard dive boats, but it is also used in some dive shops and clubs. Any gas which contains a significantly larger percentage of oxygen than air is a fire hazard, and such gases can react with hydrocarbons or lubricants and sealing materials inside the filling system to produce toxic gases, even if a fire is not apparent. Some organisations exempt equipment from oxygen-clean standards if the oxygen fraction is limited to 40% or less.[30]
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    Excalibur 2.5 Day 8/24-8/25

    fresh bluefin video today on Old Glory. LANGUAGE ALERT!!
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    CZ75 owners

    free to good home. i have FOBUS kydex paddle holster that does not quite fit my turkish cz75b clone. goes in just fine but i have to knock it out with a block of wood. i'm in show low but if you want it shipped we can work it out. lee stock photo
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    Local Paper Buck

    bill valentine's saltwater column, bob whitaker with the fishing stories(i followed bob's direction to the letter and caught my first nice bass on a ;motor oil' creme worm rigged texas style at san carlos circa 1972), guest columns by ben avery, bob hirsch, steve gallizioli and many others.
  20. the'Nomad Hunter' just might need a protien recharge at a vegas casino. heat can mess with you just like cold. a couple pounds of crab legs and a filet mignon or 2 will get his mind right. an army marches on its belly. take your time and good luck! lee
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    Labor Day White Mountain Trip

    tip 'o the week: big lake, hawley, reservation lake. take grasshoppers and McNary bought worms lee
  22. biglakejake

    Camping off the 260 NF 405

    over the years we found good, private camp spots all around the mead ranch area. why do you want to go down where its hot? lee
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    strange days...............

    was reminiscing this evening. weird fishing. strangest hunts ever. i am sure many have better tales but here goes. 1967 till about 1971 overgaard AZ. grandpa Markham gave me a box of 6 or 7 gopher gitters and told me to kill the gophers ruining mom and gramma's gardens. well i could barely stand the sight of gophers torn up in traps. but "I liked it. I was good at it" lol. nothing strange here-until mom started pimping me out. 'get yer traps kid-we got work for you'. and so i guess i saved many a garden in overgaard before i was 10. did not seem strange days then. did some live catch of rattlers for dog trainers from 1975 till 1977. terrified, shaking and pissing myself for the first few-then lifting a 5 footer off the ground by the tail and laughing while people were sceaming and running away a year later. setting up my 257 AI varminter on a friends 2nd floor deck in vernon. the chickens and pups were going missing alot. had a johnny stewart 'puppies playing' tape. 'bout burned out the barrel on 'yotes we really stacked 'em up. us kids would hunt tomato horn worms and squash them like mom said. the Reverand Allen next door had the only concrete driveway in the neighborhood-we would put them down and drop big adobe bricks on them for the splash. the reverand would come home to a green slime driveway and we would get our hides tanned. fun shoot. fishing? a fellow asked us kids at the bait shop to have our parents bring us out to the old Goldfield store on Apache Trail and to bring our fishing gear about 1972. sure enough he had a couple of tin boats and we caught a thousand bluegills-monsters-in the flooded vertical shaft of the old goldfield mine. Goldfield Ghost town now. did not fish but still can't believe those big bluegills in little potholes the size of a pressure cooker on Ruby Creek right in the middle of the road just west of Montana Peak. that was like 1994-95. i don't know how they do it but some residents of Mcnary take baby redear sunfish and stock them each spring in seeps up around lake mountain, brushy mountain and wishbone. then in september they come back and fish out these big slab redears that got fat on mosquitos all summer long. if u see a half dozen old ladies in lawnchairs with cane poles fishing around a seep 12ft long by 6ft wide stop and ask how the fishing is. strange days, lee ps yea i know i need help evil grin!
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    Mauser 83 Sniper Rifle

    i was going to be a smartass here but apparently these were fine mauser target rifles. original poster-for the most part we know '95, '96 and the '98 with all its updates and commercial versions. of course Levers and Ben Brown will prob have some leads if not expertise. lee