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  1. singleshot

    143 eldx

    Didn't exit anything but the shoulder blade, and at that in about 15 pieces that I was able to find. The fragments did penetrate the lungs though and caused a lot of internal damage. The shot was maybe 80 yards with a bullet traveling about 2700 FPS
  2. singleshot

    143 eldx

    My son shot a cow elk in the shoulder one year with a 140 grain Partition out of a 6.5x55. Shoulder shot and the bullet exploded. Cow went 40 yards and piled. Emailed Nosler and their response was " terminal ballistics are difficult to replicate, the elk was recovered, bullet did its job." Ive found ballistic tips perfectly mushroomed and Trophy bonded bear claws in pieces. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  3. singleshot

    Good ole days on ammo prices

    My understanding was that Jensen's had an enormous investment in SKS's and AK's and ammunition that was held up in customs. Clinton pushed through the "assault weapon" ban and they lost conex boxes full. Never were able to recover from the loss.
  4. singleshot

    Good ole days on ammo prices

    I ordered my first shotgun out of the JC Penney catalog and picked it up here in Safford in 1975 at their store. Ithaca side by side 12 gauge. I paid a little over $300.00 for it. Still have it.
  5. singleshot

    How to deal with bad taxidermy???

    I'm betting a new start up in Safford.
  6. singleshot

    Biggest Buck To Date

    Nice buck and sweet rifle choice.
  7. singleshot

    Inherited a rifle

    fairly modern 45-70 and a 1906 .30 Remington that was my grandfathers. Take that 38-55 out and get it done.
  8. singleshot

    Needing a box of ammo for a hunt

    Don't let not being able to get that premium ammo ruin your hunt. My .243 loves 85 grain bullets but it will shoot 100 grain Remington core lokts into 1.5 inch groups and its a $300 rifle. If worst comes to worst get closer and use whatever you can find. Go hunting man you will be fine.
  9. singleshot

    Youth shotgun

    Think about a NEF youth model in 20 gauge. Safe, built in basics of learning to uncock the hammer on a live round, single shot so makes you focus. The center fires are pretty much junk but the shotguns are solid.
  10. singleshot

    Rifle recommendations

    Listen to this guy.
  11. singleshot

    Unit 5A early rifle bull

    My son in law drew an early bull tag in unit 5A. Anybody like to throw out a few Ideas on where to start? I'm not familiar with the unit, have never been on a hunt in the unit. What are realistic expectations of a mature bull? Thanks
  12. singleshot

    FS SHERIDAN BLUE STREAK 5 mm ( .20 cal.)

    I have one that I bought in the late 70's. Really accurate pellet gun and the 5mm was a great choice of speed and kinetic energy. Carried it on my trapline and would heart shoot coyotes and foxes with it. Bleeding was all internal. Nowadays it's heck on rock squirrels.
  13. Model 12 is sweet! I have my Grandpa's, almost a hundred years old and its by far more reliable at feeding, firing and ejecting than my newer 870.
  14. singleshot

    WANTED to buy .257 roberts

    Not available, Just some eye candy. The 35 Whelen and 25-06 would get lonely if I sold the swede. Built on Mausers also and look about the same.
  15. singleshot

    WANTED to buy .257 roberts

    Couple more Mauser's for ya Big Lake 6.5x55 Swedish 22-250