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  1. singleshot

    Boston, New York, DC

    If your still there go to old downtown, the glass towers with the Holocaust victims ID numbers engraved is very surreal. Don't pay but tag along on one of the history tours, Crispus Attucks, the Boston Massacre etc. All that stuff we learned in high school history they don't teach any more.
  2. singleshot

    WTB duffel bag

    Watch for sales on RCTIC. They also make bags, not just ice chest's. I have the medium duffel and it's really big , removable shoulder straps, heavy zippers, water repellent. One central main pouch, really heavy duty well made bag.
  3. singleshot

    Residential construction lending.

    I went through AZ state credit union for a new construction loan. It was an ARM so after the build was finished i refinanced through Sunstate and the loan was bought by Wells Fargo.
  4. singleshot

    Unit 6A

    Anybody have any insight on the 6A antelope hunt? I never hear much about it antelope wise.
  5. singleshot

    Ruger #1 in 300wm

    I have one in 7mm Remington mag. I ended up installing a "Hicks Accurizer" in the fore end. The forend on a number 1 hangs off of the barrel and the Hicks Accurizer allows you to adjust tension or pressure on the barrel with a set screw. Once I found the sweet spot it really tightened my groups up with several different bullet weights and powders. E Arthur Brown and company sells them and installs them.
  6. singleshot

    Youth first archery elk

    Tremendous! Your boy has ice water in his veins. Awesome job making a great shot and recovery, well done.
  7. singleshot

    Pre 64 Winchester model 94 question

    Ask Levers
  8. singleshot

    Lost Your Rifle?

    Found a rusted 870 12 gauge leaning against a gate post in unit 28, a bolt action 22 rifle in a sandbar on the Gila river, pair of Swaro's in the middle of the road on upper eagle, ran over an I Pad on the trail around Sheep Saddle and a Leica rangefinder snagged on a limb in unit 29 that had been there for quite awhile. Still worked. Swaros were the only thing that found there way home, repair slip with name and address in the case. People lose things. It happens
  9. Best advice here. Borrow what you can, make your schooling your top priority. Your youth and a decent pair of glasses that you can borrow should keep you in mature bucks for a long time. When it's time to buy get the absolute best you can possibly afford. Todays $500 glass on a tripod is pretty dang good. You will be able to spot bucks much further than you can shoot.
  10. singleshot

    Show Low auto mechanic?

    Ison Automotive like BOHNTR recommended. TommyLee Ison and his father are good friends of mine. TommyLee is as good as they get, very talented young man.
  11. singleshot

    Hard core round up.

    Been using Honcho for years. I believe its a concentrated form of roundup. Get it at the local Ag. fertilizer place. Even kills mesquites that are small enough to spray well. 3 days its obvious, 7 days brown and done.
  12. singleshot

    Tankless Water Heater Installer

    I have a Navien that works really well. Propane fired. The purge before ignition " fan running" gets annoying but its installed where it should not have been.
  13. singleshot

    Mushroom foragers

    My father retired as a renowned Botanist. He studied shrooms for awhile and decided the subtle differences between good and deadly were just that ..... subtle. Last weekend I pulled out a truck stuck in the mud near big lake. Two men, some tie dye going on. Offered to pay me in the mushrooms they had just picked and were very excited about. I declined. I have not heard of the really bad ones in AZ. The pacific northwest is a different story.
  14. singleshot

    Water Pressure Tank and Pump

    I believe the MQ3-35 is the 120VAC model, the 45 is 240VAC
  15. singleshot

    Water Pressure Tank and Pump

    Yes. It senses a pressure drop and kicks on. Even with a pressure tank after just a couple minutes with your sprinklers running your booster pump would kick on and remain running until you shut your sprinklers off. In the end the Grundfos system would cycle more often but it's self priming and you don't need the pressure tank / bladder set up.