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  1. singleshot

    Nobody / anybody

    Well that really puts it into perspective. What a difference four points make.
  2. singleshot

    Nobody / anybody

    I had 29, 30 now. I went into the draw with my brother who had 23 points so we averaged 26. 5A and 5B first and second. Next year I'm thinking about using my 30 by myself.
  3. singleshot

    Elk archery setup

    Killed my first bull with a 145 grain Bear Razorhead that cost a dollar apiece on an aluminum Easton Game Getter shaft at 12 yards. Liver and lungs went about 200 yards. Another bull fell victim to a 125 grain steel vortex expandable at 65 yards on a 16/64th Beman carbon shaft, 88 pounds of draw weight and 65 yards of distance. Guts, liver, lung and out the shoulder on the far side. Lost 50 pound spike whitetails, pigs, coyotes and just about everything else with the same combinations, and set ups considered much more high tech. Regardless the animal you really have to put it on them. Making a really good shot regardless of set up is the most important part. Personally I still shoot heavy arrows and 125 grain broadheads. It's what I have a bunch of and I know that if I can make the shot i"m good.
  4. singleshot

    Enough moisture?

    The leaves also contain an antihistamine. People with asthma used to smoke it before commercialized medicine was available. It was sold in cigarette form in drugstores until the late fifties.
  5. singleshot


    I can't imagine the adrenaline that comes with watching dogs that you trained tree an animal like that. Awesome
  6. singleshot

    Landscape / Utility trailer

    Landscape / Utility trailer, 14 feet by six feet bed, 14 feet by 93 inches over fenders. Two ramps, lockable bins. Solid recently new electrical including new magnets and break away. Brakes work, five tires in great shape. #10,000 GVWR 2 5/16 inch ball. I also have an overhead rack that can be welded back on. Located in Safford $2500.00 or best offer 928-322-6623
  7. singleshot

    ISO 30-30 bullets only

    I bought a box from Cabelas online about a month ago. 150 grain Hornady RNSP I had to dig a little on their website to find them but they had them in stock at that time.
  8. singleshot


    I hate the phone calls, and the constant pleas for money. The jet setting on those funds pisses me off also. I sign up for five years at a time. It's the only game in town.
  9. I have one from that era, no plastic, walnut and steel. Arguably the best 22 semi auto ever made. That's a nice rifle for someone.
  10. singleshot


    My daughter lives in Buckeye in a cookie cutter neighborhood. Whenever I go to visit the only thing I can liken it to is the birds leave the nest to go out and forage for the day and then come back to the nest in the evening. She has lived there for three years and has no idea who her neighbors are and she shares three property boundary brick walls with them. Found a ball in her yard and she didn't even know if they had kids.
  11. singleshot


    Kitt Peak is the Largest Solar telescope . The LBTO Large Binocular Telescope Observatory is the largest binocular telescope in the world on top of mount Graham. Several telescopes are under construction at this time that will eventually be more powerful. Did you know that under the UA stadium is where the mirrors for the LBT and the mirrors for the future GMT ( which has seven mirrors ) are cast? 8.432 meters diameter, weigh over 15 tons each, take about three years to finish each one.
  12. singleshot

    Thoughts on battery operated chainsaws.

    MY Father in law bought a battery operated STIHL. I thought it would be a huge waste of money but he is extremely happy with it. He uses it quite frequently on the ranch for cutting Juniper posts and stays cleanup etc. and the performance and battery life are really impressive. The Huskys have been sitting since he got the STIHL. Light, maneuverable, it definitely has it's place out there.
  13. singleshot

    Leupold Vx5hd 3-15x44 Firedot

    Thats a screaming deal! I paid almost $1300 for the identical scope through cameraland a few years ago.
  14. singleshot

    Recovered Hornady bullets from 2 bucks

    Highly underrated bullet in my opinion. 154’s and 162’s are fantastic bullets for the price in a 7 mag. 139’s in a 7mm-08 ...... Terminal Ballistics website does a lot of real world testing in New Zealand culling goats , hogs and red deer. Their data is pretty un biased and based on real world. In my real world they are minute of blood on the mountain accurate.