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  1. singleshot

    Don't try this at HOME!

    He knew how to spell valedictorian correctly, but failed physics. Probably from Gilbert.
  2. I have a couple of his books that he signed from the 1980's. His articles were the highlight of Bowhunter magazine for a couple decades. I still have one of his nylon framed three piece packs. Carried out quite a few bucks with it. Sad to hear of his passing.
  3. singleshot

    San Carlos buck

    Beautiful heavy antlered buck! Nice pictures also.
  4. singleshot

    Carmini Whitetail

    One and the same.
  5. singleshot


    How much does load development cost as that is included in the price of a Western Precision rifle? Guaranteed 1/4 MOA before it leaves the shop? I don't own a WPR but I know a lot of guys who do and they generally only sell them to buy another one.
  6. singleshot

    Need help with value ?

    Ask Levers
  7. Thanks for the great write up and pictures. Fantastic that you are helping others and the excitement sure shows in their smiles. Just a great performance all around.
  8. singleshot

    Utility Trailer Opinions

    I bought a single axle for my side by side from D and S trailers in Mesa. They build them with whatever options you choose. 14 foot single axle. I had a double axle but hooking it up to the back of my fifth wheel was difficult. This single axle I just lift up the tongue and drag it to where I need it. Paint is a little thin but the overall quality is good. Tool box, really good numerous tie downs, spare tire carrier.
  9. singleshot

    Youth lefty?

    Coach is selling a lefty compatible option.
  10. singleshot

    Favorite Bullet for Coues?

    120 grain Sierra Pro Hunter and whatever the same bullet was called 40 years ago out of a 6.5x55 on Coues, mule deer and antelope. Accounted for at least a combined 50 kills. Sometimes perfect mushrooms, sometimes fragmented, from 50 to 400 yards. But always seemed to kill very well. 115 grain NBT out of a .257 Roberts out to 390 yards has been a great killer on Coues for my wife. They swell up like a ballon on impact and go nowhere. The recovered bullets have actually mushroomed nicely. I would have to say the recovery distance on average has been much less than similar hits with NBT's, SST's and Bergers out of my 7mm Rem. Mag. 162 grain SST on Elk out of a 7mm Remington magnum. Two one shot kills at over 430 yards. Less than stellar hits on both but the bullets penetrated and performed flawlessly.
  11. singleshot

    Hunters n Ranchers

    Not really buying into this statement. My wife's family ranches in upper Eagle Creek unit 27. My mother in law was born on the ranch almost 80 years ago. At that time most of the neighboring ranches were small leases and over the years were purchased to create one fairly large ranch. 400 acres of deeded, around 12,000 acres leased. Over the years we were able to get a few grants and donations from various wildlife groups to help establish better water on the ranch. At this time their are around 26 troughs that hold water due to a very elaborate and costly solar pump and underground water line. The brunt of the expense was paid out of pocket, anything that is erected or established on Federal land becomes Federal property if the lease is revoked. We have a small fortune at risk. Like I said, some of this work was paid for through grants and wildlife groups but the AZGFD was the smallest contributor. No contributed money is used on the private portion which only makes sense. During last years drought because of the extensive work we had the only permanent water for miles and the wildlife prospers. If it wasn't for the daily maintenance this water would not exist. Get rid of the rancher and who is going to maintain all of those troughs and catchments? NOBODY NOBODY NOBODY PERIOD. All hunters will suffer the consequences. I posted pics titled " The power of water ". These pics were taken on un posted private land, the wildlife on the lease was amazing during this same period. I fully agree with the interviewee stating that hunters have gotten more respectful as of late. Vandals with firearms can nearly bankrupt an operation overnight. As a hunter myself I also suffer from five acres of private locking out forest access. I hate it. But because of all the enviro morons the AZGFD can't just push a new road around the outskirts. What is REALLY BS is the private land owner selling access to outfitters through their locked gates to forest service. Running all the ranchers out is a death sentence for hunting.
  12. I can give you $300.00 for it tomorrow or whenever you get back to town. 

    1. bigmuleyfan


      Message replied to. Sounds good.  Send me your cell and I'll text you when I get into town.

    2. singleshot



      talk to you tomorrow sometime


    3. bigmuleyfan


      Sent you a text. Look forward to hearing from you

  13. Can you text me a pic of the rifle, what model is it? These are all over the place depending on , bedding, trigger etc.


  14. singleshot


    I live in Safford, can pick up tonite. Whats your best price?
  15. singleshot

    Obscure Places With Great Taxidermy in AZ

    I think your talking about Datil New Mexico