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  1. singleshot

    Water Pressure Tank and Pump

    I believe the MQ3-35 is the 120VAC model, the 45 is 240VAC
  2. singleshot

    Water Pressure Tank and Pump

    Yes. It senses a pressure drop and kicks on. Even with a pressure tank after just a couple minutes with your sprinklers running your booster pump would kick on and remain running until you shut your sprinklers off. In the end the Grundfos system would cycle more often but it's self priming and you don't need the pressure tank / bladder set up.
  3. singleshot

    Water Pressure Tank and Pump

    Kind of pricey but check out the Grundfos MQ3-45. No pressure tank required. Grundfos is well made, solid equipment.
  4. singleshot

    Ammo Shortage Ending?

    I saw Reloder 33, 22, and 17 on a shelf recently. First time in about two years. $59.95 a pound😩
  5. singleshot


    Decent sleeting rain in Alpine this evening. Spotty showers on Sunday as well. Sure did cool it off nice. Elk calf born last night in the grass off my porch.
  6. singleshot

    Make sure your HVAC is up to speed...

    Word! Change your filters monthly with a good filter. I live in a heck hole. First five ton unit was a Bryant. Got it used, lasted 18 years. All i ever did was change the return filters. Also have a 3 ton Rheem for the downstairs. Same deal, change the filter monthly, 19 years old. Almost every unit sold regardless of manufacturer from about 2005 to 2015 had coil leaking issue's when they banned R22. They used old coils in new units and they could not stand the higher pressure. you could always spray your condenser coils out with a hose if your concerned. Change your filter regularly and your evaporator coils should stay pristine.
  7. singleshot

    Lion or Large Bobcat

    First immediate impression was bobcat and thats usually the right one, but the more I look at it I'm thinking lion. Solid color from back to chest and the larger shoulder hump, face is elongated with a prominent chin.
  8. singleshot

    Thieves in Tucson

    Had an Echo blower stolen off my back porch a month or so ago. Followed tracks out into the field behind my house and saw where they had walked out pushing a bicycle. Circled the field and caught a kid about 10 riding out on a bike without the blower. I believe he had taken it earlier in the morning. As he teared up I quit questioning him. Probably a prison sentence for me, hurting his feelings. when I was his age an old cowboy stuck his boot up my butt for throwing rocks at his horses in a corral. Roughed me up bad. My Dad laughed about it. Little BASTARDS!
  9. singleshot

    Nobody / anybody

    Well that really puts it into perspective. What a difference four points make.
  10. singleshot

    Nobody / anybody

    I had 29, 30 now. I went into the draw with my brother who had 23 points so we averaged 26. 5A and 5B first and second. Next year I'm thinking about using my 30 by myself.
  11. singleshot

    Elk archery setup

    Killed my first bull with a 145 grain Bear Razorhead that cost a dollar apiece on an aluminum Easton Game Getter shaft at 12 yards. Liver and lungs went about 200 yards. Another bull fell victim to a 125 grain steel vortex expandable at 65 yards on a 16/64th Beman carbon shaft, 88 pounds of draw weight and 65 yards of distance. Guts, liver, lung and out the shoulder on the far side. Lost 50 pound spike whitetails, pigs, coyotes and just about everything else with the same combinations, and set ups considered much more high tech. Regardless the animal you really have to put it on them. Making a really good shot regardless of set up is the most important part. Personally I still shoot heavy arrows and 125 grain broadheads. It's what I have a bunch of and I know that if I can make the shot i"m good.
  12. singleshot

    Enough moisture?

    The leaves also contain an antihistamine. People with asthma used to smoke it before commercialized medicine was available. It was sold in cigarette form in drugstores until the late fifties.
  13. singleshot


    I can't imagine the adrenaline that comes with watching dogs that you trained tree an animal like that. Awesome
  14. singleshot

    Landscape / Utility trailer

    Landscape / Utility trailer, 14 feet by six feet bed, 14 feet by 93 inches over fenders. Two ramps, lockable bins. Solid recently new electrical including new magnets and break away. Brakes work, five tires in great shape. #10,000 GVWR 2 5/16 inch ball. I also have an overhead rack that can be welded back on. Located in Safford $2500.00 or best offer 928-322-6623
  15. singleshot

    ISO 30-30 bullets only

    I bought a box from Cabelas online about a month ago. 150 grain Hornady RNSP I had to dig a little on their website to find them but they had them in stock at that time.