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  1. singleshot

    Meet Clover

    What a great looking pup. My daughter got a Drahthaar pup before Christmas and every time I see it I think of your pics with Rica.
  2. singleshot


    Wellers in Tucson......amazing
  3. singleshot

    Injured hunter willing to sell his Mexico Gould's hunt

    Thanks for clarifying that, sheds new light...
  4. singleshot

    Injured hunter willing to sell his Mexico Gould's hunt

    Just a thought but how about the outfitter refund the injured mans hunt, and offer a discount to fill his spot? It's been truly inspiring to be a member of this site for 15 plus years and see time after time hunters reaching out to help one another. People we know nothing about, but offering everything from loaning out equipment to hunters who's gear that has been stolen, pack out help, tips into great hunting areas, retrieval of broken down equipment, you name it. Flip the tables!
  5. singleshot

    We lost a good one this weekend.

    Two years ago my sister in law looked out the kitchen window and saw my niece swinging from a tree. 17 years old, beautiful, intelligent girl. Just make it through one more day, one more day....
  6. singleshot

    Too Hot

    I recently worked up some loads for a Ruger American Rifle in .270. I found that the ogive on the 130 grain SST was jammed into the lands at the COL of 3.30 Max cartridge length is listed at 3.34 for a factory .270. I expected a little more freebore than that. I checked this against an older model 54 Winchester that I have using the same bullet and the length was 3.42 Maybe Ruger Americans are a little short chambered?
  7. singleshot

    Pronghorn Hits?

    Apparently more than 25. That was my brother and I's first choice and thats what we went into the draw with.
  8. singleshot

    WTB 25-06

    Buy that CZ 6.5x55 for sale on here. Little slower with 120 grain bullets than the 25-06, but it ends there. Better all around caliber and that CZ is beautiful.
  9. singleshot

    CZ550 American 6.5x55 SE

    Latest issue of American Rifleman had an interesting article about this. The swede has been around forever and is ballistically near identical. The author couldn't buy into the whole creed moor craze when realistically it's got nothing on the 6.5x55 except newness. In this platform, not a sporterized military issue, it's a great rifle and caliber.
  10. singleshot

    Half ton to diesel and Ford vs Chevy

    When I bought my 2014 I wanted the leveling kit added with wheels and tires. Planned on running 35's. Our local dealer talked me out of it. Told me to drive it for awhile and then decide. I bought the truck from Lawley's in NM. Freedom Ford in Thatcher talked me out of the leveling kit. I plan on keeping it stock now. It cruises down the road and handles like a dream. I had a check engine light that I diagnosed with a handheld reader. Crankshaft position sensor. I took it to the dealer and they replaced it, another light, replaced the DEF heater, sensor etc. Turbo gauge would flake out while all this was going on, loss of power when under a heavy load. The mechanic told me that he knew the turbo was bad but they have to run all the diagnostics through Ford Inc. They are instructed what to change out and they start at the cheapest possible fix and work there way up, when said vehicle is still under warranty. So basically I got a bunch of new parts and the newer designed turbo which has better bearings. I found this in my oil drain pan when I serviced the truck right before the turbo failed somewhere around 23,000 miles. It appears to be aluminum shavings rolled up into strands about like a wire brush would have. I was hot, but the dealer told me they would honor the warranty to 100,000 and documented it. For the next couple thousand I ran the heck out of it hoping something would fail but it's been great. I cut the next two filters apart and all has been good since. I have about 44,000 on the truck now.
  11. singleshot

    Half ton to diesel and Ford vs Chevy

  12. singleshot

    Half ton to diesel and Ford vs Chevy

    Loved my 1/2 ton chevy, but I have a few more options with this set up. Never experienced any " Death Wobble". The doors rattled off road but I was able to fix some of that. Friend of mine owns a garage in Show Low, his stance is they all come in the shop, and they all have issues.
  13. singleshot

    Guinea bird dog

    Our neighbor had about twenty when I was a kid. You could set your watch by them. They roamed about a five acre piece of property with three houses on it. They would sit on the same fence post every day, same time. Pretty entertaining to watch but they did crap all over the neighbors house.
  14. singleshot

    Don't try this at HOME!

    He knew how to spell valedictorian correctly, but failed physics. Probably from Gilbert.
  15. I have a couple of his books that he signed from the 1980's. His articles were the highlight of Bowhunter magazine for a couple decades. I still have one of his nylon framed three piece packs. Carried out quite a few bucks with it. Sad to hear of his passing.