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  1. missedagain

    Savage 111 338 Lapua

  2. missedagain

    Savage 111 338 Lapua

    Gun has maybe 40 rounds through it I just don’t have time to reload for it like I’d hoped. Detachable mag, picatiny rail, muzzle break, cheek pad with zipper pouch. Will include the dies and what bullets and brass I have. Located in Flagstaff but I get to the phx area every couple months. $850
  3. missedagain

    Big Herds, Small Bucks

    Depends on the pressure the bucks get in the area that you are hunting. In areas of low pressure I feel like about 1 in 10 bucks I see are going to be big mature deer. In areas of high pressure like most of AZ I think it is closer to 1 in 40 bucks will have the genetics and age to be a big deer.
  4. missedagain

    turned in Bull tags

    Point guard is about raising money for G&F
  5. missedagain

    29 palms ca anyone know the area

    Can he rent a car?
  6. The G&F has said the mule deer population in 21 has significantly declined in the last couple years. That’s why they reduced the rifle tags there and removed the December archery season
  7. missedagain

    Surrendered Tag. Unit 9

    Maybe surrendered tags should be like leftover tags that don't take away your bonus points.
  8. missedagain

    Diesel Fuel in a Trickle Tank

    This is the most likely scenario, game and fish might be able to catch them by seeing who has a blind or treestand on the next closest water.
  9. missedagain

    Out of state hunters

    Anybody see when this is suppose to take affect, I didn't see it on the link? Also would this affect bears?
  10. missedagain

    Diamond atomic youth bow

    I thought I texted you hours ago but looks like I fat fingered the number
  11. missedagain

    Diamond atomic youth bow

  12. missedagain

    Diamond atomic youth bow

    12-24” draw 6-29lb, good bow but my son has outgrown it. Located in Flagstaff. Quiver,3 pin site, rest. https://diamondarchery.com/atomickids/landingpage/#atomic-specs-manual $50 firm
  13. https://s3.amazonaws.com/azgfd-portal-wordpress/azgfd.wp/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/01193529/2019.03.15-Agenda.pdf Item 9 on their agenda, please let the commissioners know what you think.
  14. missedagain

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Saw this coming off the 40 today. Be safe out there guys, over 30" of snow at my place in Flag so far.
  15. I'll take the pack, I'll send you a text.