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  1. missedagain

    5BS - let there be mud

    The mosquitos are fierce this year, make sure you carry protection.
  2. missedagain

    Leftover deer tags

    I applied for the 33 muzzy tag but my portal hasn't changed. Must have been a lot of applications for the few tags left.
  3. missedagain

    Draw results

    The turkey population throughout the state is hurting right now. There were 350 less fall turkey tags this year in 12A. 1000 to 650
  4. missedagain

    New reg question

    If the quota fills in August the unit will be closed in both December and January. Reset the following August
  5. missedagain

    Looks promising

  6. missedagain

    2022 Deer Regulations?

    interesting they changed the bag limit for bears to be "any bear except cubs or sow with cubs" just what is considered a cub?
  7. missedagain

    2021 37A Bighorn Hunt

    Congrats on the beautiful ram! I guess I'll keep my hopes up of someday drawing a tag.
  8. missedagain

    bonus pass report

    looking at the bonus pass reports on the G$F website they have changed how they format them. Not sure if I'm missing something but the bonus pass no longer shows how many points it took to get in that pass. I'm I wrong or did they totally miss the point of publishing this information?
  9. missedagain

    bonus pass report

    Thanks I guess I was just looking at the wrong one.
  10. missedagain

    all sold

    all sold. Thanks
  11. missedagain

    all sold

    1 female left
  12. missedagain

    all sold

    Sam - sorry for your loss. I'm not an expert on it but I think these would be American style Labradors.
  13. missedagain

    ISO 6.5-300 weatherby mag ammo

    I saw a few boxes at sportsman warehouse flagstaff yesterday. Don't have that caliber so didn't notice what the load or price was.
  14. missedagain

    Yellow Labs for sale

    We want puppy pics! Also born 10/31 available 11/20, isn’t that kinda crazy young to separate them from their mother?
  15. missedagain

    ATV hunters running in prohibited areas

    The forest service already has laws in place to stop all of the abuse that is going on in our forest they just don't enforce them. Littering, abandoned camps, 14 day camping limit, 35 mph speed limit on forest roads are just some of the things I would love to see them enforce. The travel management plans are a total joke. If a road is closed then build a gate and close the road otherwise it should be open to everyone.
  16. missedagain

    Discount Coupon Code for BPS or Cabela's

    I've seen some go on clearance in the winter to make room for new models in the spring. Also some websites like Overtons will give you 10% off your first order if you give them an email address they can spam. Edit* Sorry didn't notice this was an old post, hopefully you have your fish finder by now
  17. missedagain

    Dirt bike questions

    Thinking of buying a dirt bike, currently have no experience with them and thought someone here might know. First do AZ dirt bikes have titles? If they dont how do you register them to be street legal? I only want it to put around on dirt roads would a 450 be to much or stick with a 250cc? has anyone ever hooked up a trailer to one like they make for bicycles or would that not work?
  18. missedagain

    Midway Ammo Availability

    Me also, I'm in protest and refuse to buy ammo at these prices.
  19. missedagain

    Do something nice for your dog today

    Great looking dog, I'm sorry for your loss!
  20. missedagain

    Doe hunts????

    Our Game and Fish is only interested in solutions that provide them additional revenue.
  21. missedagain

    2023 Guideline Recommendations

    If this were really their concern they would not have gone to online only applications
  22. missedagain

    Dirt bike questions

    Really helpful, thanks for all the feedback.
  23. missedagain

    Spring Draw

    I agree, I can’t believe so many people care about this. Don’t forget this is a ham tag where a guy could use a muzzleloader with scope capable of killing at 500+ yards and we are going to argue over a pistol brace? It’s not like Javelina are a scarce resource. It must not be hunting season
  24. missedagain

    Great ethics to teach the kids, NOT

    I guess this is why they say ethics are different for everyone because I believe blocking a dirt road and not letting someone pass is highly unethical. When someone comes up behind me I pull over and let them go by I don't expect them to stop and talk. The woods are crowded these days and to expect someone to stay off your ridge because you parked on it or are driving on it seems unreasonable. Good thing I can take an approved G$F course now to teach me better.