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  1. JLB

    Evening Javelina areas

    Congrats on the successful hunt ! That was a big pig!
  2. JLB

    Coues Hunt 2014

    Jake, nice write-up. It was really nice meeting you and Mike and I was glad to help you guys get deer. That is what it is all about. Hope to hunt with you again in the future.
  3. JLB

    Bigger Than Last Year?

    Great story and great buck. Congrats!
  4. Congrats again Joel.! Great hunting with you on your first Coues hunt. That mount on the wall will always have great memories for you.
  5. JLB

    Sometimes things just work out

    That is a Beautiful Coues Buck! Very nice.
  6. JLB

    My unit 9 bull **New pictures and story added**

    Congrats again Casey. I am headed back up Sunday for a few more days of hunting. Talk to you soon!
  7. JLB


    Great buck. Congrats. Can we see a few more photos? Maybe a couple more angles or frontal shot. Thanks much.
  8. Very nice deer. Congratulations. Nice and wide.
  9. Very nice deer. 'Congratulations. Shooting a deer like that makes the pack out very satisfying.
  10. JLB

    100" Coues Buck

    Very nice deer. Nice long main beams. Congratulations.
  11. JLB

    Down to the Wire Buck

    Very nice deer. Real nice mass. Too bad about the heat and wind. That is early season hunting around here for you.
  12. JLB

    Vortex 2x20 EER riflescope

    price reduction....$50
  13. Brand new in the box Vortex Crossfire 2 X 20 EER V-plex Riflescope. This scope is brand new with all paperwork and has never been installed or used. $60. Price reduction....how about $50.
  14. JLB

    San Carlos R-100 buck

    I love the mass on that deer. Really nice.... Congratulations!
  15. JLB

    Leupold vs vortex

    Sorry, I have never purchased a Vortex scope so I cannot comment on their quality. I do know that early in my hunting life I purchased two different brands of cheaper scopes. One (~1971 Weaver) fogged early on the first morning of my first deer season while I was trying to shoot my deer. Couldn't shoot because I couldn't see the deer. The next one (~1980 Redfield) had something come loose inside the turret and it caused a 9 inch low shot at the biggest deer I have ever seen in the Kaibab. These incidents caused me to buy my first Leupold. I have owned and shot about 10 different Leupolds since then with excellent results. In the late 80's, I fell on a rainy morning climbing a high ridgeline and put a huge dent in the primary end on a vari-x III (glass didn't break so I continued). In about 30 minutes I connected on a +300yd shot on a nice Coues deer. Leupold fixed it for less than $50 as it was my fault not theirs. I still own and shoot with that scope. Bottom line is: buy as much scope as you can afford. I would tell people to buy a slightly cheaper rifle over a cheaper scope. Your future hunts depend on good optics. A foggy or poor quality scope cannot make a shot even with a great rifle underneath it. There is NO substitute for great quality glass. Hope this helps.......
  16. Very nice buck. The wide ones always look great to me! Congratulations.
  17. Somewhere around 2003 or 2004, I marketed a very simple device that you could put in your pack (weighs almost nothing and came with a cosine chart ) and would give you a pretty good idea of the angle to the target. When the laser rangefinders came out with angle compensation, I pretty much stopped selling my device. I have given away a lot of these through Amanda and this website. I have a few more left if anyone is interested. I am not trying to sell them, just give them away. Send me a message if you are interested in getting one.
  18. Jimmy, Awesome buck. congratulations again. Hopefully, we will meet up again for a future hunt.
  19. JLB

    Brian Terry's memorial

    Awesome memorial !! I know I shed a tear thinking of how this all went down. We can't thank our agents enough. Any day at work can turn into a deadly situation. Thanks to all who serve in the border patrol and armed forces abroad.
  20. JLB

    Joeys first buck

    Joey, Again, congratulations on your first deer. Glad I was able to come down south and be there for the hunt. It was great to watch through the binos when you made the shot. Enjoy the memory as I do of my first deer hunt. Jim
  21. JLB

    Vortex doubler???

    The doubler is meant to work on the 10X or 15X swaro's. Doubler works great and is easy to put on and take off. Just a few seconds. Just used it scouting last week. Good luck.
  22. JLB

    Mule deer or Coues deer?

    Really Nice buck. The date on the photo says 2011. Hopefully not a year old.
  23. JLB

    Vortex doubler???

    I have the swaro doubler. You unscrew the eyecup and screw on the doubler. This can be done on either side. This set-up works great on the 15x swaros for an easy 30x look at a deer without the added weight of the spotter.
  24. JLB

    140 2/8" AZ Coues Buck!

    Very nice buck of multiple lifetimes !!!!! Congrats....
  25. I have also found that the 140 bullets like the Nosler ballistic tip are very accurate in the 7mm Mag. Like Nighthawk, I use IMR 4350 but my load is 64.5 gr. This load has been accurate in every gun we've tried it in. 1/2 to 3/4 at 100 yards is pretty typical. I have had many three shot groups in one hole with this load. The 140gr seems to stabilize really well in the 7mm Mag. I agree that the 110gr will probably not be very accurate at 3500 fps. I think it is just too light.