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  1. soazarcher

    rocky mtn sheep and bonus points ?

    www.hunterstrailhead.com will tell you all you need to know. It's a pay subscription, but worth it. For example, the first hunt in 6A/22 is eaten up entirely by max point holders (26), making it essentially a waste of an app unless you're at max. Most of the other Rocky hunts could be drawn by someone with less than max.
  2. soazarcher

    December Tag Filled

    Well deserved buck Chris! You've earned this one! Nice work!
  3. soazarcher

    Montana Decoys

    The Heads Up Decoys are crazy good. They mount to your bow, clamp to a bush or fence, or we just hold them and move in! We killed three deer last week with them, and decoyed a dozen more inside of 20 yards.
  4. Jimmy C, The song is "Mexico" by David Rybka Thanks for watching the video everyone! More videos coming soon!
  5. soazarcher

    couse caliber

    I just had a 270wsm built, for our clients to kill Coues with (and me, occasionally). Just got it dialed in, and flipped over an elk with it two days ago. Pretty handy little caliber.
  6. +1 It's closed, and it happens every year.....you guys must be new here. You hunt your bears before they can get the forest closed. Just like every year..... Its the Feds, not AZGFD.
  7. soazarcher

    Vortex FTW

    They are the best, by far. I've dealt with them on scopes, binos, spotting scopes and they have been top-notch every time!!!
  8. soazarcher

    Which Range Finder?

    +1 I just got the Vortex Ranger, and love it. A range finder without Angle Compensation is a thing of the past, true horizontal shooting distance is what your after in the field. Whatever you buy, go angle compensated.
  9. YOUNG- i do not agree. i have over 20 for antelope. why would there be less available for deer? ...Because they started years apart....
  10. soazarcher

    Coues Fight

    Enjoy this quick clip of a Coues fight, filmed by one of my guides, Mario Guisto, in January. Click the Vimeo link below. https://vimeo.com/41397080 Thanks for watching.
  11. This ruling was overturned almost two weeks ago. Horse packing will continue, for now.
  12. soazarcher

    Well Bucks were still packing.....

    9 shed bucks yesterday, south of the border
  13. soazarcher

    Well Bucks were still packing.....

    All packing on the border....
  14. soazarcher

    Vortex Rangefinder

    They're not out yet. I have one on order. Early summer?
  15. soazarcher

    CCW Permit

    What are the benefits of having a ccw?