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  1. trufletch

    Which Knife Sharpener?

    +1 on the Lansky system and Japanese water stones. Get your angles right and you can put a great edge on your blades. I like the process, slow and methodical. Kind of therapy and an escape for me. I have thought about some of the electric belt sharpeners, but I lose the Zen thing and I am worried about heating up blades. don't know if that is founded or not- I like the simple methods.
  2. trufletch

    Deer and Water

    Coues and water are much like me and the urban "watering holes" I frequent from time to time, I'll go right pass some of them to get to the one I want, drink my fill and move on!
  3. trufletch

    Optic set ups!?

    I use Swarovski's 10's in the chest harness, pack a leupold Kenai spotter to get up close and personal. Had some Zeiss 15's but sold them to go to a spotter- just my personal preference. My brother and I have found that using an eye patch with the spotter reduces spotter fatigue-remarkable how much this helps.
  4. trufletch

    About repair in Tucson

    I use Eddie's Inboard Marine on Rook Street in Tucson(off Speedway, just West of Wilmot) the guy has forgotten more about wrenching on boats than most people would ever know. Don't know if he works on outboards. Fair priced. my father in law uses him as well.
  5. trufletch

    ATV Tires - Where to buy

    Ebay- bought sets for 2 quads last year. Better pricing than locally in Tucson, had a local shop mount them. I put the Kendra BearClaws on those quads- very happy with them
  6. trufletch

    Question about Pop-Up campers

    I owned a Palomino slide in cabover, pop-top camper for many years. Walls/roof are better insulated than a tent, but still have the canvas pop-top part, which equals about the same insulating properties of a canvas tent. That being said, it was always warm and comfy, mattress to sleep on, furnace with a thermostat and the best part, had a 3 burner stove so at the o'dark-thirty wakeup call- reach over to the stove and crank up the coffee. Always stayed warm even in some single digit weather.
  7. Karma-good for you. Idiots like that guy prove one of the real truths- you can't fix stupid.
  8. trufletch

    Direct tv vs Cox

    I've got the Cox hi speed cable, dropped the home phone which was bundled, cable bill only went up $5. Saving over $100 month by cutting the cord and going with the Amazon Firestick. Have friend that did the same thing, but went with the Roku and Apple TV-None of us have any regrets. This was all part of the deep-dive on home finances- cable, car insurance, homeowners insurance, health insurance etc. Used to be a time when companies went out of their way to give good pricing and good service. No longer, I will continue to shop for the good products at the best prices. Cable and Satellite TV are not good choices for me.
  9. trufletch

    Direct tv vs Cox

    meant dumped Direct TV earlier this year
  10. trufletch

    Direct tv vs Cox

    Dumped Cox in 2001- poor service- truck out every month for repairs- went to Direct TV until a year ago. Was with them 14 years- bill kept going up, crazy to pay $135 month for 4 TVs, DVR, no premium channels. Dumped Cox earlier this year, Cut the cord, now use Amazon Firestick- stream everything. Did 2 pay for apps- Hulu and HBO now- total monthly costs around $25. no buffering, get local channels with an antenna. never going back to cable or satellite if I can help it.
  11. trufletch

    Election time is upon us

    Proud to be a member of the group that Clinton and company labeled as "Deplorable" I wear the name badge with honor.
  12. trufletch

    134 1/4" Couse

    Think I need a private moment!
  13. trufletch

    Didn't get picked for leftover tag...

    STR8Shot is spot on- People playing the bonus point game. Put in for a coveted strip tag or a December tag only, with hopes of a tag, if not, then go to the leftovers. Combine this with lots of hunters doing this and maybe even more hunters than years past applying, means a lot more competition for the leftover tags. The silver lining to your dark cloud is that you have another bonus point to get you to the coveted tags. I still put in for the December tags for first and 2nd choice, but after that, I want to ensure I get to go on a deer rifle hunt, so I pick accordingly. Nothing wrong with playing the bonus point game, just understand the odds have now changed.
  14. trufletch

    Is this your water stash?

    love those caches in the 36 units. Fresh water with a nice note like "BienVenidos" written on the jugs and food/dry socks in the 5 gallon buckets next to them. Helps stretch your food.laundry budget during a long hunt!
  15. trufletch

    Portal Results

    Late November 33 tag for me and my brother. Will be busy with the Archery Bull 5BN and back into 33 for scouts and hunts. Hopefully all adds up to filled freezers.