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    GUNSMITH N/W Tucson

    A few 70” bucks and a rag horn bull?
  2. Weston

    Gunwerks Rev-X 28 Nosler

    I have an excellent condition Gunwerks Rev-X for sale. The gun is chambered in 28 Nosler. It has the "Dark Grey" stock, and the "Tungsten Cerakote". It has the 3G fluted (upcharge) bbl and the muzzle brake. This gun has been fired 29 times by me. Gunwerks advised me that the gun prefers their 195 Berger load and it comes with 59 loaded cartridges (Gunwerks 195) and 12 rounds of the 180 grain Gunwerks ammo. it includes 9 pieces of brass fired through the gun (I can't find where my other box of brass went). The gun shoots the 195's very well and left Gunwerks with a 7 round group printing .7 MOA The 180's shot about 1 MOA for me in the 8 rounds I fired and shot sub 1/2 MOA with the 195's in the two 3 round groups I fired. The rifle has flush cups and a piccatinny rail built into the stock. Currently a Nightforce NXS 5.5x22x50 (MOA) (MOAR-T reticle) sits on the rifle in Gunwerks rings and has a David Tubb bubble level on it. It has a custom capped windage turret (Nightforce custom shop scope) The gun, scope, and level were set up entirely by Gunwerks. The gun also comes with the Gunwerks Scopecoat and a Gunwerks sling flush cup attachments to fit the flush cups on the stock) Bare Rifle (with rings for 30mm scope), ammo, brass, sling, and scopecoat - $2800 shipped (CON US) and insured in a hardcase (unsure what kind as I will need to pick one up) Rifle set up with scope and all accessories $4300 shipped/insured in hard case. I also have a Gunwerks (SKB) case with laser cut foam for the rifle I am planning on keeping to use with my other guns I can add for $300 to either package (will be shipped in case if purchased). This rifle is a like new in box turn key rifle (sighted in ready to hunt) No scratches or marks on rifle or scope, the package has never been hunted with. Located in Tucson Az if pick up is preferred. Any questions or requests for more pictures or information just holler!
  3. Weston

    Gunwerks Rev-X 28 Nosler

  4. Weston

    Gunwerks Rev-X 28 Nosler

    Price drop 2700 for the rifle 4200 for the package, I’ll throw it on gunbroker in a couple of days unless I sell it first! I’ll take 100$ off for any FTF sales also.
  5. Weston

    Leatherman MUT

    FYI this isn’t the EOD (explosive ordnance disposal). The EOD has crimps for blasting caps and a c4 punch rather than the standard pliers and the push pin punch for take down pins. So this one should be way more practical to most people here
  6. Weston

    Tattoo artist

    Kevin Patrick at Trinity Art Collective in Tucson is as good as it gets. Hes booked out over a year in advance, but theres a reason for it. Here is my latest (he specializes in photo realism black and grey, and has done some amazing wildlife pieces.
  7. Where are you located? And how much does it weigh
  8. Weston

    Leftover poll

    Got my last choice (and I put all 5) I put in for all less desirable high tag number hunts, mailed it Friday. Results showed up this morning. Years ago I would always get my first choice left over or maybe second, three years ago I didn't draw a leftover because I only put in for a couple hunts, last year I drew my fourth choice and with the fifth choice this year I'm confident leftovers will soon be a thing of the past. I'm stoked to be going hunting, but I can't wait to burn my 10 deer points so I can get back into hunting some of the hunts that no longer are a nearly guaranteed thing on the leftover.
  9. Hey guys, I bought this rifle when I lived up north for hunting bears and late elk hunts. Since moving and acquiring some different guns this has turned into a safe Queen and it's time to let her go. It's a savage 110 FCP with the HS precision stock. I took the rifle backpacking twice and it shows some wear on the stock, although nothing structural. All the metal is in great shape. I had initially bought the gun and a plethora of different bullets to try and couldn't get it to shoot better than 1.25 MOA which was surprising, had a smith bed it which didn't help, ultimately savage took a look at it and replaced the muzzle break which evidently hadn't been sized quite right. As it was approaching hunting season I tried a few loads I had cooked up and a load with .300 grain SMK shot .75 MOA at 300 yards and I took it out and it replicated it 3 times so I felt good and hunted with it. I shot a buck at 85 yards (go figure) I had a buddy use the rifle later that year and shot a buck at 719. I was a bit frustrated with the rifle prior to the fix (I hate load development) so I never worked with the gun again and stuck with the load as it was more than acceptable The gun has a 20 MOA EGW rail which will stay on it regardless of the optic, Components (some are bagged in ziplock bags and some in original packaging) Brass - all lapua brand 26x unfired 12x loaded foulers (mismatch of bullets and powder charges from a box I spilled, always mark your cases!) 2x twice fired un prepped 23x twice fired and prepped 26x twice fired and cleaned Threaded case for mesuring (I might have a handful more floating around as I'm not sure where the other 11 went other than 3 hunting, but I also might not) Bullets 32 beger 300 grain 24 hornady 250 grain 34 Sierra game king 250 grain 54 Sierra Match King 300 grain 50 Nosler Accubond 300 grain I also have a 2 die set of the Forster micrometer dies (these are fantastic dies by far my favorite set I own) Carbon fiber gunslick 33 caliber cleaning rod The rifle can go with or without the scope which is a gen 1 vortex razor 5x20x50 (34mm tube) I think I have right at $2000 in the set up minus the scope obviously the brass isn't all new anymore and the bullets may not be what people want exactly but I think $1450 for everything minus the scope is a very fair price to give someone a great set up to get into a 338LM with reloading components and a variety of bullets to try. I will likely keep the scope unless someone really wants it with the rifle, in that case I would take 1300 for the scope, level and rings bringing the total package to $2750. I can't seem to find my book on this gun right now, but I kind of listed this on an impulse and have a few more places to check... I believe the round count is around 140 I would have to find the book before I verified an exact number. Rifle broken in properly and always cleaned with a bore guide. And it's certainly killed everything it's hit in quite a hurry. I've got a wedding to pay for so cash is king, likely not interested in trades but it doesn't hurt to ask.
  10. Weston

    Savage .338 lapua optional vortex razor

    Scope is sold, Make me an offer on the gun and all the reloading components, before I decide to keep it.
  11. Weston

    Savage .338 lapua optional vortex razor

    You're right, thanks! It is a 35mm tube not 34
  12. Weston

    Savage .338 lapua optional vortex razor

    Any more interest in this before I post it elsewhere? 1250 for rifle and components 1250 for scope
  13. Weston

    Savage .338 lapua optional vortex razor

    Would really like to sell this locally, I'll be driving to flagstaff this weekend, but I'll post it elsewhere if no one here wants it.
  14. Weston

    Savage .338 lapua optional vortex razor

    With results out and tax money coming in somebody needs a new elk gun! 1350 for the rifle 2650 rifle and scope
  15. Weston

    A good man

    Jr was a great man and a great friend, Rest In Peace old man. I know you're at peace knowing the shop you dedicated your life to was left in great hands.
  16. Weston

    Custom .257 wby and mk4 scope

    Everything is SPF
  17. Hey guys, I have a custom .257 wby I need to move. I got a killer deal on a gunwerks rifle so I've got to generate some money to recoperate. I bought this gun as is, with a different stock in November of last year with hopes to use it as a dedicated coues gun that would be modular for clients as well. custom Remington 700 blued. 26" Shilen barrel, McMillan Outdoorsmans chassis package stock black. Leupold Mk4 8x25x50 LR/T in tally ultralite 20 MOA single piece rings/bases. Has a short freebore throat and no turn neck. The action has been blueprinted and trued, tuned factory trigger. In all honesty I have not shot the rifle, I bought it from the gunmaker s&s gunsmithing and precision rifles out of PA he stated round count was approx 170 with factory 100&120 grainers under .5 MOA. It should be as good or better now with the chassis. I also have 40 rounds of weatherby 100 graiser's that will go with it as well as 50 110 grain accubonds and 100 Barnes 100 grain TTSX bullets and 20 pieces of once fired brass. Also have new never used RCBS dies. The rifle and scope are in excellent condition. Let's try $1400 for the rifle and accessories and $1150 for the scope to start, will do $2400 for the combo. OBO Located in tucson.
  18. Weston

    Cage Traps (updated with new listing)

    I would like these pending logistics, PM inbound.
  19. http://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/71277-sb-1182-ban-of-lion-and-bobcat-hunting/page-2?do=findComment&comment=707795 It's been touched on here, but I am totally okay with her getting posted again because I'm sure a very small percentage of hunters and "conservationists" have actually made their voice heard.
  20. http://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/71277-sb-1182-ban-of-lion-and-bobcat-hunting/page-2?do=findComment&comment=707795 It's been touched on here, but I am totally okay with her getting posted again because I'm sure a very small percentage of hunters and "conservationists" have actually made their voice heard.
  21. Weston

    SB 1182 Ban of Lion and Bobcat Hunting

    For your convince I have compiled a list of the senators on the board for this issue. Don't let this one get away guys, any Arizona hunter needs to be involved in this, if you give them an inch they will take a mile. kfann@azleg.gov sallen@azleg.gov adalessandro@azleg.gov fpratt@azleg.gov ggriffin@azleg.gov jburges@azleg.gov lotondo@azleg.gov Jpeshlakai@azleg.gov
  22. Weston

    SB 1182 Ban of Lion and Bobcat Hunting

    Please email the members of the senate natural resources, energy, and water committee who will be reviewing this bill, it will likely have a bigger impact than emailing Farley the bill sponser. The committee members can be found here. https://apps.azleg.gov/BillStatus/CommitteeOverView?SessionID=117
  23. As the title says I'm looking to buy a .17 centerfire. I'm looking for a new calling rifle that's fur friendly on bobs and fox. As such I would prefer a lighter rifle. I'm partial to synthetic stocks but will consider anything. If you have one you're looking to sell let me know, possibly interested in a .204 or a 22 hornet (or various fireballs) as well. Let me know