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  1. Weston

    West Side Water Hauling

    Good job lance!
  2. Hey guys, I've got a Marsupial gear 85mm BTX case in coyote (like new) it was a gift but I've got a 95mm BTX, Would be happy to trade for a 95 case in any color, or sell to buy a 95 case. I'm looking for 100 shipped or 90 FTF in Tucson to offset most of the cost of a new one. Thanks!
  3. Weston

    GUNSMITH N/W Tucson

    A few 70” bucks and a rag horn bull?
  4. Weston

    Gunwerks Rev-X 28 Nosler

  5. Weston

    Gunwerks Rev-X 28 Nosler

    Price drop 2700 for the rifle 4200 for the package, I’ll throw it on gunbroker in a couple of days unless I sell it first! I’ll take 100$ off for any FTF sales also.
  6. Weston

    Gunwerks Rev-X 28 Nosler

    I have an excellent condition Gunwerks Rev-X for sale. The gun is chambered in 28 Nosler. It has the "Dark Grey" stock, and the "Tungsten Cerakote". It has the 3G fluted (upcharge) bbl and the muzzle brake. This gun has been fired 29 times by me. Gunwerks advised me that the gun prefers their 195 Berger load and it comes with 59 loaded cartridges (Gunwerks 195) and 12 rounds of the 180 grain Gunwerks ammo. it includes 9 pieces of brass fired through the gun (I can't find where my other box of brass went). The gun shoots the 195's very well and left Gunwerks with a 7 round group printing .7 MOA The 180's shot about 1 MOA for me in the 8 rounds I fired and shot sub 1/2 MOA with the 195's in the two 3 round groups I fired. The rifle has flush cups and a piccatinny rail built into the stock. Currently a Nightforce NXS 5.5x22x50 (MOA) (MOAR-T reticle) sits on the rifle in Gunwerks rings and has a David Tubb bubble level on it. It has a custom capped windage turret (Nightforce custom shop scope) The gun, scope, and level were set up entirely by Gunwerks. The gun also comes with the Gunwerks Scopecoat and a Gunwerks sling flush cup attachments to fit the flush cups on the stock) Bare Rifle (with rings for 30mm scope), ammo, brass, sling, and scopecoat - $2800 shipped (CON US) and insured in a hardcase (unsure what kind as I will need to pick one up) Rifle set up with scope and all accessories $4300 shipped/insured in hard case. I also have a Gunwerks (SKB) case with laser cut foam for the rifle I am planning on keeping to use with my other guns I can add for $300 to either package (will be shipped in case if purchased). This rifle is a like new in box turn key rifle (sighted in ready to hunt) No scratches or marks on rifle or scope, the package has never been hunted with. Located in Tucson Az if pick up is preferred. Any questions or requests for more pictures or information just holler!
  7. Weston

    Leatherman MUT

    FYI this isn’t the EOD (explosive ordnance disposal). The EOD has crimps for blasting caps and a c4 punch rather than the standard pliers and the push pin punch for take down pins. So this one should be way more practical to most people here
  8. Weston

    Tattoo artist

    Kevin Patrick at Trinity Art Collective in Tucson is as good as it gets. Hes booked out over a year in advance, but theres a reason for it. Here is my latest (he specializes in photo realism black and grey, and has done some amazing wildlife pieces.
  9. Where are you located? And how much does it weigh
  10. Weston

    Leftover poll

    Got my last choice (and I put all 5) I put in for all less desirable high tag number hunts, mailed it Friday. Results showed up this morning. Years ago I would always get my first choice left over or maybe second, three years ago I didn't draw a leftover because I only put in for a couple hunts, last year I drew my fourth choice and with the fifth choice this year I'm confident leftovers will soon be a thing of the past. I'm stoked to be going hunting, but I can't wait to burn my 10 deer points so I can get back into hunting some of the hunts that no longer are a nearly guaranteed thing on the leftover.
  11. Weston

    Savage .338 lapua optional vortex razor

    Scope is sold, Make me an offer on the gun and all the reloading components, before I decide to keep it.
  12. Weston

    Savage .338 lapua optional vortex razor

    You're right, thanks! It is a 35mm tube not 34