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  1. kevlar46

    Estate attorney suggestion? Tucson

    I would second Mark Valentine
  2. kevlar46

    2021 Monster Desert Muley!!!!!!!!

    Great buck! Well done
  3. kevlar46

    Daughter’s last JR hunt

    Congrats to you and your daughter. 6 for 6 is impressive!
  4. kevlar46

    CWT B.P.

    Amen! Thank you for your service
  5. kevlar46

    Wanted electrician/trailer mechanic

    If you still need a RV mechanic, Joel Davis at Happy Camper RV. He is located in Tucson. 520-609-four2four5. He is mobile repair that has done a lot of work for me. Honest and dependable
  6. kevlar46

    Colorado Buck

    Congrats on a great buck
  7. kevlar46

    Promise to Jeff

    Mr. Natural, Thank you for fixing that pic! To everyone that has replied, thank you you it means the world to Marvin.
  8. kevlar46

    Promise to Jeff

    This adventure started last year when when my daughters boyfriend Marvin Snodgrass shot and tagged a beautiful 4x4 mule deer that scored 177 7/8 last year.Not to be out done his dad, Jeff put in for the same unit this year and was drawn and told Marvin that he was holding out for a 180" deer to best Marvin. At the age of 27, Marvin is an extremely accomplished hunter. He has been taught By Jeff from the time he could walk to love the outdoors and has been an avid hunter and fisherman since the time he could hold a fishing pole and rifle. Marvin accepted the challenge of his dad and would do everything he could to help his dad shoot a bigger deer. This adventure took a tragic turn on May 20, 2017, when Jeff died suddenly. To say that this devastated Marvin is an understatement. All of us that have had the opportunity to learn from our fathers growing up and have the fortune as I have to raise a son to love hunting and have the priveledge to hunt with him knows how devastating losing your father far to soon must feel. After Jeff died, friends of Marvin contacted New Mexico Game and Fish and learned that the tag could be signed over to Marvin to complete the quest that Jeff had started. Marvin began channeling his drive to fulfill his dads wish. He took multiple scouting trips, hung trail cams with his brother in law Micah, his best friend Sebastian and my son Kevin in search of a deer worthy of Jeffs scrutiny..Marvin found the deer he was looking for and talked with friends of this site C.C.Cody 171 and his brother Caleb, along with Sebastian and Micah on the score of the deer to make sure he would pass the test of Jeff. Once they all agreed that this deer had the potential to hit the 180" mark, the plan was set. In order to complete this adventure in the right way, Jeffs best friend and hunting partner for the last forty plus years Cleve would ride roughshod over all of us to make sure we were doing it the right way, Jeff's way. Day one- There were four of us helping Marvin. Sebastian, Micah and Marvin were on a ridge about a 1000 yards from where Cleve and I were positioned, all glassing the same basin. The day ended with no sighting of the big buck. Day two- As soon as it is light enough to see, Cleve and I glass up a nice 4x4. We get in touch with Marvin and crew and give them the location. As they begin glassing from their direction they pick up the big 4x4. He beds right at 8 am an never leaves the tree for the entire day. He gets up and moves with the shadows but is still over 1000 yards and never gives Marvin an opportunity. We get some good pics of him bedded and go over them at camp with our crew along with Caleb and Cody. All agree to keep sticking to our plan and the deer will eventually present himself for a makeable shot. Day three - Marvin, Micah and I hike to their glassing point, while Cleve and Sebastian go to the other point as they had planned on leaving around noon as Cleve had a flight back to Denver for a job he is on.Marvin glasses the big buck up as soon as its light enough to see. He was bedded, but gets up and starts feeding toward Cleve and Sebastian. Marvin and Micah head down off the ridge to close the distance to make a shot. Fast forward a few hours after a number of cat and mouse moves, Marvin and Micah close the distance to about 270 yards on the big buck. The buck has them pegged as Sebastian, Cleve and I nervously watch through our binos and spotting scope. We see the bedded buck jump and then hear the sound of the round going off. I stay on the hill to glass the area while Marvin, Micah, Sebastian and Cleve go to find Jeffs buck. Marvin finds the big buck piled up at the base of a tree. For Marvin to have closure on his dads buck, weighed heavy on all of us especially Marvin and Cleve. To fulfill a promise Marvin made to his dad and to see Cleve there as Marvin put Jeff's tag on the buck he had worked so hard for, there are no words. I am grateful to have been a part of such an important event and truly believe Jeff was watching us the entire way and throwing a couple curve balls to see if Marvin could rise to the challenge. I am confident that Jeff would be proud of the way Marvin has handled such adversity and having the satisfaction knowing he raised his son well. Marvin and Sebastian taped the buck at Jeff's bar of 180" and I know he is looking down on the boy that he raised as proud as any father could be of their son. Jeff and Marvin with Marvins 2016 buck Marvin with his promised buck ( i couldn't get it to rotate correctly if someone can fix it, much appreciated) Marvin, Cleve, Micah, me and Sebastian He carries his mass all the way through Marvin and Sebastian putting Jeffs tag on his promised buck
  9. kevlar46

    Unit 27 stud bull!

    Congrats! What a toad!
  10. kevlar46

    2017 buck, now the wait begins

    Congrats! Love the mass
  11. kevlar46

    Alien Gear Holsters? Others?

    I agree with el Diablo. Have had my alien gear for my g26 for a couple years and it works great even in summer with shorts.
  12. kevlar46

    My Solo Adventure

    What a great story. Loved the pics too and I will have to try your spotting scope trick!
  13. kevlar46

    Drawing Results Contest "OVER"

    07/15 3:42pm