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  1. O/F coues hunter

    F/S .243 Berger bullets

  2. O/F coues hunter

    Internet service

    I've had CenturyLink for 6-7 years works great for what I use it for & the wife taxes & book keeping related things on line & has no complaints, beats dial up which is our only other choice.
  3. O/F coues hunter

    6.5 Turbo diesel mechanic needed

    Thanks for all the reply's I'll have them checked, luckily this is for a friend no problems with my ride.
  4. O/F coues hunter

    6.5 Turbo diesel mechanic needed

    Thanks Devin, I'll check him out
  5. O/F coues hunter

    6.5 Turbo diesel mechanic needed

    Does anyone in Tucson have a good mechanic for Chevy 6.5 L turbo diesel engine?
  6. O/F coues hunter


    If no one has any to trade has anyone seen any pistol powder for sale in Tucson?
  7. O/F coues hunter


  8. O/F coues hunter


  9. O/F coues hunter

    What to do... what to do

    I've always found more and larger (rack wise ) deer between Christmas & New Years, when they are more apt to be chasing the girls all day long. But you have to start somewhere on Coues deer, if it feels good do it.
  10. O/F coues hunter

    Any luck?

    So far about 25-30 does/ fawns and 30-35 pigs one small buck about three ridges away with 10-12 people tromping between us.
  11. O/F coues hunter

    GPS help

    thanks 123456 good idea
  12. O/F coues hunter

    GPS help

    Can anyone point me towards someplace like classes, seminars or even individuals where I can learn about GPS. Just got a Oregon 550T have done a track and got back to the truck by following it back and got some good pictures but that is it. Want to learn how to load maps to/from laptop load geocatch. Not real tech savy, can read Garmin site but don't understand most lingo. I'm in N/W Tucson any help appreciated. Thanks Pete
  13. O/F coues hunter

    Aluminum arrows

    OK, I know everyone uses carbon arrows now including me, but surely there is one aluminum shooter out there. I have a deal for you; Size 2314 23 34” new bare shafts black PSE Equalizer XX75 by Easton. 2 30” arrows same PSE shafts with indexable nocks and tip insert and 3” vanes 9 27” arrow same PSE shafts same nocks, same inserts with 3” vanes. 8 27” arrows same as above except these need refletched 9 28.5” autumn orange XX75 Easton glue on nocks & inserts needs refletched. $100 or make offer for all of the above. I also have some youth target arrows these are Easton E75 gold 1616 26” with target nibs, 2.5” vanes, glue on nocks most like new, I’d like to get $30 for these. If interested contact Pete @ 520-744-7524 or PM
  14. O/F coues hunter

    F/S .243 Berger bullets

    I contacted Berger when I got these and they said the heaver weight could be used for hunting, I used the 95gr on a whitetail @ 200 + yds and he didn't twitch when hit but I feel there was quite a bit of meat loss in the front shoulder area so I'm moving on to other bullets..
  15. O/F coues hunter

    F/S .243 Berger bullets

    I have some 6 MM (.243) Berger bullets for sale. THIS IS NOT LOADED AMMO I have two boxes of 65 grain (100 ea + a few loose)One box 68 grain (100 ea) Two boxes 69 grain (100 ea)Two boxes 70.5 grain (100 ea)Two boxes 105 grain (80 ea)I am asking $20.00 each box or $175.00 for all nine boxes, cash only, sorry no shipping. Guess I better add, these are not current production bullets, don't know if there is a difference just thought I let everyone know. These are in N/W Tucson Call Pete 520-331-6809 pgreena2@q.com