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  1. maximus

    Jumping Jack

    no price
  2. maximus


    beautiful gun, i had one years ago and sold it, not as good looking as this, but this days you need to find the ammo for it.
  3. maximus

    Draw odds help?

    unit 1 is 11.8% Unit 27 is 20.3%
  4. maximus

    Draw odds help?

    top rut gives me 7.6% for unit 1 and 14.7% for 27 5B South is 14.1% 27 Cow early archery is 99%
  5. maximus

    Draw odds help?

    Unit # ?
  6. maximus


    is up
  7. maximus


    Nothing yet, why are they waiting for so long? then the computer crashes.
  8. maximus

    You guys SUCK!

    i was near horseshoe lake tha other in the burned area,from a glassing spot, not in a trail and found cans of beer, that could be only a hunter, a can of beer doesn't weight much when is empty.
  9. maximus

    Big Bo Owner

    just found out that a friend just passed away, he was the owner of the Big Bo ranch, great guy always help me on the hunts there, gave contacts with his cowboys there, i gave those numbers to a few guys here, hope nothing will change in the ranch and won't be a private only ranch. here is his memory. RIP Harvey
  10. maximus


    OH crap didn't notice that, thank you Mr Mandile.
  11. maximus


    Just noticed another thing, on the regulations on page 24 you have the archery hunts and on page 25 the same hunts with different hunt numbers. 2021 Elk Draw.pdf
  12. maximus


    still not up, what's going on.
  13. maximus

    Unit 21

    Any tips o pigs in unit 21? i have been in a few places, west edge of perry mesa where i have seen them before, east side of perry mesa, can't find them,glass long time but can't find them any other areas that should check ? general areas not specific spots. thanks for the help
  14. maximus

    FS Carter Like Mike

    About a year old Carter Like Mike, great condition. $ 110.00 This is a sotck picture, the ones i have are upside down.
  15. maximus

    FS Carter Like Mike

  16. maximus

    Draw odds

    Toprut is $19.99 a year for 8 states and $9.99 for 2 states.
  17. maximus


    Merry Christmas to all, great post!!
  18. maximus

    FS: Federal 9mm

    not to highjack this thread but i think Ammunition and arms manufacturers or sellers love when the democrats win the elections, they double the price on everything because people start buying like crazy.
  19. maximus

    Swarovski Z5 5-25x52 L-BT

    i believe that is a 1 inch tube right?
  20. maximus

    Bass Pro Shop / Sportsmans Warehouse

    small stores like Ross Outdoors carries a lot of things now like clothing, boots, optics and everything archery, you can always buy guns and anmmo somewhere else. i rather give my bussiness to small local places. my 2 cents
  21. maximus

    30cal urgent need

    i just bought Bergers 30 cal at Bruno's
  22. maximus

    Joe and the Ho

  23. maximus

    Black Gold Ascent sight price reduced

    that is a great deal, i paid almost double for mine.
  24. maximus

    Mom fighting for her life with Covid 19

    very happy for you man, godbless your mom!!!
  25. maximus

    Arizona Unit 5B N&S Nov 27-Dec5 2020

    north and east of anderson mesa canyons