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  1. maximus

    Huskemaw 5-20 LR Rifle Scope

    Take a look at this hunt the guy shot a mule deer at 725 yards and repeatdly mention the huskemaw scope. .
  2. maximus

    New to c/w site

    Welcome to the site , i think you'll enjoy it but where exactly on 21 did you put on that stalk?
  3. maximus


    GPS Garmin E-Trex for sale, i bought this 3 years ago from Desertbull , just a new one and want to sell the e trex , is like new no scratches. $75.00 please let me know if interested. Thank you
  4. maximus

    I was forced to hang up my bow

    Sorry to hear that , have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
  5. maximus

    9mm ammo

    For sale 4 boxes 9mm ammo, will sale for $11.00 each. please let me know. Thank you.
  6. maximus

    pigs in unit 22

    Try the area around Horseshoe Lake or even north of horseshoe by sheeps bridge in the wilderness, lots of pigs there.
  7. maximus

    9mm beretta

    I have a 9mm Beretta S9000 for sale itis like new didn't shot over 200 shots, asking $ 385.00 will send picks if youneed to. send me a pm and i load the pictures. let me know if you are interested.
  8. maximus

    9mm beretta

    Sold , thank you Daniel it was to good meet you.
  9. maximus


    Actually $115.00 a year is not bad at Ben Avery is $ 7.00 each time you go if you do tha math 4 times a week is $28.00 a week, about $112.00 a month so what you spend at ben Avery a month you shoot all year at Usery. look at the positive side.
  10. maximus

    javelina calls

    +1 agree 100% you have to be less than 100 yards for the call to work.
  11. maximus

    9mm beretta

    will post pictures today and is 5 years old.
  12. 33 is the best unit for road hunting, especially from the Oracle side but don't diregard the Catalina Highway.and also from the san manuel road.
  13. maximus

    Got my bighorn!!!

    Congrats on a great Ram, i read your story on western hunter magazine it was a great story and a great hunt. congrats to you and your friends and thank you for the story.
  14. maximus

    Ruger P90 Special Edition

    what caliber?
  15. maximus


    never seen a coues with those ears
  16. maximus

    My First Giant Coues Buck!!!

    Congrats on a great buck, what's the score on that monster?
  17. maximus

    New Horizons in a Familiar Unit

    Doug: love your dog, very cool. i couldnt take mine he will scare the deer out of the area.
  18. maximus

    Backpack hunt

    i agree 32 and 33 also 23 or 22 with the mazatzal wilderness, southern arizona is to risky to be alone to close to the border.
  19. maximus

    My First Giant Coues Buck!!!

    Congratulations on a great deer and beautiful story , also beautiful country.
  20. maximus

    2010 Hoyts

    At that price the dang thing better "pinwheel" the 12 on it's own. Really I think all bow prices have gotten out of hand.. to much demand, that is why.
  21. maximus

    Hearts and Livers-save 'em for me?

    Snapshot: i love your quote. i love that movie. I like that movie too! I use various movie quotes in my signature line from time to time. Glad someone reconized the quoute! Is that how you got your name "Maximus"? Yea that's what i choose that name. goodluck on your hunt.
  22. maximus

    Hearts and Livers-save 'em for me?

    Snapshot: i love your quote. i love that movie.
  23. maximus


    Hello everybody: my question is how you guys hunt the rut in january, do you seat on water, ground blinds, stands on trails or spot and stalk and which method has been more effective.
  24. maximus


    i also saw a huge pack in 23 last week while bowhunting, they are call bands not packs , i learn some about them in wikipedia.