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  1. maximus

    Mom fighting for her life with Covid 19

    Prayers for your mom , hope she gets well soon!!
  2. maximus

    Elk and Water

    i have seen elk water on schultz tank and bed high on the peaks, that is 2-3 miles a list.
  3. maximus

    ISO gunsmith around Phoenix

    ^^^^ great work
  4. Hello, i reload with Bergers 30 cal 210 gr VLD Hunting, somebody told me that the 215 hybrids are better, if anybody knows, what are the difference on those 2 bullets, one is 210 the other is 215. Thank you for the input.
  5. i have a 300 win mag, so my next question is, do i need to change the oal? or just try different lenghts? right now i have it at 3.493 and shoot great groups, my rifle is a Remington 700 XCR tactical long range, i'm wondering if is worth it to change. Thanks everybody for the help.
  6. maximus

    FS Carter Like Mike

  7. maximus

    BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover

    I have a BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover for toyota tacoma 3rd gen, 5.2 bed is a trd off road 4 door, the tonneau is 2 years old, always garage kept, i have it on craiglist for $750.00 but i will let it go for $700.00 to a member. and somebody can rotate this please. thank you.
  8. maximus

    BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover

  9. maximus

    FS Carter Like Mike

  10. maximus

    Are the snakes stil out?

    don't know about this year but a few years ago i run into one big one at the ballantine cabin at the end of november and also on the campaign creek trail at th end of november, you never know they were sun bathing an very lethargic.
  11. maximus


    Bautiful puppies Travis, can't wait to pick up ours in november!!
  12. A friend of mine lives in PV and has a video of a mountain lion in their front yard, never heard of mountain lions in town, i know of mountain lions in north scottsdale around pinacle peak and north, do you think because is so dry and scarse wildlife that he came down so far south, but this is in the middle of town, they have mummy mtn and camelback but still in town.
  13. maximus

    Mountain Lion in Paradise Valley

    it looks bigger from the camera angle but yes is domestic cat
  14. maximus

    Mountain Lion in Paradise Valley

  15. maximus

    Need Glassers in unit 22 tonight & tomorrow morning

    Congratulations, very exciting for your kid and proud moment for you!!!!!! Cheers
  16. maximus

    Late Elk Rut

    was a heads up, i know there other places to hunt.
  17. maximus

    Late Elk Rut

    you can't sit water if you are hunting in the big bo
  18. maximus

    FS Vortex Viper PST/SOLD

    I have for sale a Vortex Viper PST second focal plane, 5-25x50 is the latest generation, is about 4 months old never on the field just on the range to sight in. $750.00
  19. maximus

    300 win mag rifle opinions

    I have a Remington XCR Tactical Long Range 300 win mag, great rifle it does have a break, very little recoil. it shoots tight groups with my loads.
  20. maximus

    BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover

    Thank you so much!
  21. maximus

    FS Vortex Viper PST/SOLD

    is moa