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    draw question

    Hi everyone: have a question about how the draw really works. i will put my 1st and 2nd choice for low odds late hunts but for the 3rd choice i will put a hunt that is 85% odd , do i have a chance or should i put for a 100% odds.. if anybody has the knowleadge please can explain. thank you
  2. hey Coueskilla: if you don't want to help the guy is OK but don't say anything . or say something positive.
  3. maximus


    Hello to all and a Merry Christmas: i've read in a topic earlier for a coues hunt in 24b, the gentleman took a shot at a deer at 600 yds and hit him but could not recover after two days, now you have a tag for one animal supposed that animal died, should he still go on on his hunt until he harvest an animal or should he quit? since he wounded and probably kill him ,what it will be the right thing to do?? and when the AZGFD send you the survey what do you write , wounded and could not recover one and harvest one? i just mention this incident because it was on the forum but i'm sure that happen to other people in this forum. just wondering on people opinions.
  4. maximus

    Are you kidding me?

    Please don't forget to join the Discussion Forum. Wondering what gear to get? Looking for info on a certain hunt unit? Worried about the effect of the drought on antler growth? Use this forum to ask questions, leave advice, and meet some new hunters. hi i'm new to the forum, this is the quote on the website if you want to get in, i will never ask for spots or anything also but i think that the behavior of certain members hurts the website because guys will drop out don't read anymore and if they don't visit the website they won't buy anything from the CW store , it is too bad that certain people get so touchi about spots and units just my opinion.
  5. i was wondering how and what strategie do you guys use when huntind in a flat area without relief , no so many spots to glass and thick vegetation? just curios to see the diffrent aproach from you guys.
  6. maximus

    new to forum

    hello to everyone: i'm new to the forum, i have been reading about very good info the you guys post. i,m planning on bowhunting in january for coues deer and let everybody know that i enjoy the tips and very informative forum. thank you for this very good forum.