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  1. I have a question about the berger Hybrids, whoever uses hybrids do you use Classic Hybrid Hunter or hybrid Target for hunting. Thank you
  2. how about nosler accubonds long range? any good or the hybrids better?
  3. do they work well on game?
  4. maximus

    WTS Savage Model12

    I have a Savage model 12 BVSS, this are the specs: https://savagearms.com/content?a=product_summary&p=firearms&s=19139 i switch the stock to a choate varmint stock, this are the specs: https://www.riflestock.com/store/product/savage-short-action-varmint-stock/ Comes with a Leupold VX-R 4-12-50 with CDS turret set up for sierra gamekings 150 grain, it shoots fantastic, you can change the turret if you need, i have the other one also. $ 1450.00
  5. maximus

    WTS Savage Model12

    308 winchester
  6. For sale i have a Kuiu venture 1800, used but in great condition, no stains or rips, always kept very well $100.00 Badlands 2200 used a couple of times, also i have the badlands small water bladder that was never used $190.00 Both packs are in fantastic conditions with no stains of any kind.
  7. hello all, question about rifles, right now i have a 308 that shoots great but i was looking at a 6.5 creedmoor, are the balistics so different? shooting 600 to 800 yards, if yes can anyone explain a little, i imagine Lance can chime in and describe in a way that is easy to undrstand. thank you all.
  8. thank you for the input, the 600-800 range was for practice, i have besides the 308 a 300 win mag that shhots great out to 700 with 210 bergers but i want it to hear opinions about the popular 6.5 cm, if is similar to the 308 i won't even bother thinking about it.
  9. maximus

    7 East Draw Odds

    i'm looking at draw odds for the next draw, i have 5 points and the late rifle hunt for unit 7 East is 99%, is that possible? most of the other units i looked at are around 30%.
  10. maximus

    7 East Draw Odds

    i'm trying to decide if i want to hunt that late rifle with almost 100% draw odds or put in for early archery but lower draw odds and not going hunting, i'm getting old and they way things are shaping this days the chance of getting drawn are getting slim.
  11. maximus

    7 East Draw Odds

    why are the odds so good? not a good hunt?
  12. maximus

    Regulations for 2022

    Regulations for 2022 are out. https://azgfd-portal-wordpress-pantheon.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/archive/2022-Pronghorn-and-Elk-Regulations_211229.pdf
  13. maximus

    Regulations for 2022

    looks like it.
  14. https://blog.eastmans.com/arizona-update-otc-archery-deer/?mc_cid=f15fa1bad9&mc_eid=e5583fe0c8
  15. maximus

    Tacoma spare tire

    i bet you got really good money for the tacoma.
  16. maximus

    Lab or Golden puppies

    don't buy on craiglist, lots of scams.
  17. maximus

    Big Game Hero

    sorry to ask something different from the op, what kind of stabilizer is that?
  18. maximus

    Prime Nexus 4

    that is a great deal if i was right handed i will buy it.
  19. maximus

    Prime Nexus 4

    right or lefthanded?
  20. maximus

    Ward's Outfitters

    What's the story about the Jimmy John bull?
  21. maximus

    Big Boguillas Gone?

    i knew the guy that owned the ranch, not the land and he was pro hunters, he always helped hunters, at least me and a few guys here that i gave his #, unfortunally he passed away last year from covid, i was wondering what was going to happen there after they sold the lease of the ranch.
  22. maximus

    OTC Tag

    Today i went to Bass pro to buy a otc deer tag and the young girl said they didn't have the 2022 tags and i asked when do you get them and she said not until january , i made the point that season starts on the 1st but she knew nothing about that and argue , i went to sportsmans and got them ,they have really poor customer service there at bass pro.