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  1. maximus

    FS Garmin Forerunner 235

    I have a Garmin Forerunner 235 with spare brand new band, is in great shape. $100.00
  2. maximus

    Duwane Adams ?

    I met duwane many years ago and he was a stand up guy, my opinion is that there is so much competition between outfitters and so much money that I’m not surprised that they cheat and try to find their clients the best opportunity.
  3. maximus

    free die

    i have an extra hornady seating die for 6.5 creemoor, if anyone needs one. it's only the seating die.
  4. maximus

    FS Garmin Forerunner 235

    Still for sale, this guy is a flake, never contact me.
  5. maximus

    FS Garmin Forerunner 235

    let me know when you can meet. i'm in scottsdale.
  6. maximus

    Swaro 8x56 SLC

    wow still around at that price?
  7. maximus

    Boycott of Aspen Lodge in Alpine, AZ

    and they will continue to leave california, last year was the first time in history that people moved out of los angels and not moving there. they should move to NY.
  8. maximus

    FS vortex Razor 12x50 UHD

    Like new 12x50 uhd vortex razor used only once. $1300.00 i’m in Scottsdale
  9. maximus

    FS vortex Razor 12x50 UHD

    the regs are out, anybody interested on this great deal?
  10. This is what Jim Heffelfinger posted on Instagram: Tragedy has struck the Heffelfinger household as we have come up empty-handed with no deer tags this year. None. As in, you can’t go deer hunting this year at all. Maybe a year from now. I spent almost a quarter of a century as a regional game biologist trying to maximize hunting opportunity so things like this wouldn’t happen to families who just wanted to hunt together. Our application this year included my dad (88 yrs), myself, and two sons (18 & 24 yrs). We’re not looking for trophies, just some quality 3-generation time spent on a hill somewhere glassing for deer and sharing the camaraderie of a simple deer hunt. When guides and outfitters petition the Game and Fish commission for less overall opportunity so their clients have a chance to find more mature bucks, it just doesn’t resonate very well with me. I won’t be deer hunting this year with my dad and sons. When people ask the game and fish department to manage for a higher hunt success and higher buck to doe ratios and an older age class of bucks, that comes at a cost. That cost is borne by the average hunter who just wants to get out with family and friends and spend some time at camp and enjoy a deer hunt. If you live in a state with the opportunity to hunt deer every year, don’t take that for granted.
  11. maximus

    Begara vs. Christensen

    i thought you were selling the rifle because of hospital bills.
  12. maximus

    ELDX for sale

    2 boxes 6.5mm 143 grail ELDX $62.00 each , that’s how much I paid at midway.
  13. maximus

    Deer/Sheep Regs

    don't give the anti's the idea.
  14. maximus

    Swarovski SLC 15x56 - $2000

    they look like they are the HD's
  15. maximus

    Jim Jones Shooting Range

    checking from the guys in payson if the range is open, was wondering because of the forest closures.
  16. maximus

    WTT 6.5mm berger

    WTT Berger VLD hunting 140 Grain for Berger VLD hunting 130 Grain,
  17. maximus

    WTT 6.5mm berger

  18. maximus

    WTT 6.5mm berger

    Thank you, bruno's has them also and i bought a couple there but i have 1 of 140 that most likely i wont use.
  19. I haven't start reloading yet for my 6.5 creedmoor but my question is : is it better to reload a 130 grain berger or a 140 berger/ 143 eld x, please if you don't mind to share your toughts. thank you.
  20. https://azgfd-portal-wordpress-pantheon.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/archive/AZ-Hunt-Recommendations-Fall-2022-and-Spring-2023.pdf Pardon my ignorance, what is the Threshold? if is what i think if you harvest 40 deer in august in unit 23 will be closed in decmeber and january?
  21. thank you for the responses, just wanted to know what bullet weight would work better, i have h4350, 200 eldx 143 grain, 100 bergers 140 and 100 bergers 130, just want to know from some of you guys that reload that caliber. thank you so much.
  22. Archery deer hunters: Changes coming to over-the-counter, nonpermit-tag opportunity Arizona’s over-the-counter, nonpermit-tag archery deer hunting opportunity will continue for the 2022-2023 hunts, but harvest limits have been set by unit and by species. This approach is in accordance with hunt guidelines (www.azgfd.com/Hunting/Guidelines/) approved April 1, 2022, by the Arizona Game and Fish Commission. Harvest limits were set at 20 percent of the estimated harvest for a unit and species. Failure to report a harvest, as well as hunting in a closed unit, will be strictly enforced. All over-the-counter archery deer hunters will be required to report their harvest either online or by phone within 48 hours of taking their deer (details to be published in the 2022-2023 Arizona Hunting Regulations booklet). When the number of deer equaling the archery deer harvest limit for a particular unit and species has been reported, the unit will be closed to further archery deer hunting at sundown the Wednesday immediately following. Hunters will be responsible for checking online or by telephone before hunting to determine if their desired hunt unit is still open. The department’s website will be updated continuously to reflect the number of deer harvested and whether a harvest limit has been reached and a unit is closed.
  23. maximus

    Beretta 92fs

    is this the 40 cal or 9mm?
  24. maximus

    FS vortex Razor 12x50 UHD

    price reduced.