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  1. SO I HUNT

    Broken release "Help"

    Adam I have couple if you want to try them ?
  2. SO I HUNT

    San Carlos lake reports?

    Nice Dan
  3. Great condition, but has a few light scratches here and there! Great scope just selling it because it’s been sitting in my safe forever. $285.00 “SPF”
  4. SO I HUNT

    F.S. LEUPOLD V-X -111 4.5-14X40 mm BDC “SPF”

    Sure no problem pm me..
  5. Great condition comes with case, but I lost front cover ( wish they attached with a tether ) it is the HD MODEL outside is great and works according the way it should. $1550.00 O.BO. “”SOLD “”
  6. All pms replies to.
  7. As the title says looking to buy 25-50 Swarovski eye piece for.... thanks,
  8. SO I HUNT

    Closeouts and Specials

    Hey Doug, do you have a price for 25-50 wide angle eye piece for a 65 HD sts?
  9. SO I HUNT

    12 BW Early 🤔

    made a mistake, but I’m going to go hunt and make the best of it! I’m not sure with this hunt and I know my odds are against me. Any information would help? Will be taking the whole hunt off and a few days before the hunt.. pm me if you have information you’d like to share?
  10. SO I HUNT

    Looking for a bow

    What are you wanting to pay?
  11. I bought this for a hunt because my other rifle wasn’t finished! I really don’t have a need for two rifles that the calibers are so close to each other.. Just thinning a few out of the safe that I don’t shoot. Shot 60 times and shoots great no group pictures. My sons friend shot a mule deer last year at 468 yards with it. MAKER: LEGENDARY ARMS CAL.: 280 AI BARREL LENGTH: 26” STAINLESS THREADED WITH PROTECTOR AND MUZZLE BRAKE. WEIGHT: 7.5 LBS. GUESSING? HERE’S A LIST OF THINGS THAT COME WITH IT: dies brass all MANUALS that came with it. soft case from manufacturers. two piece bases NOT INCLUDED “ SCOPE AND BASE” Thanks, $1000.00 “SOLD PENDING FUNDS”
  12. SO I HUNT


    Lot of interested in it.
  13. SO I HUNT


  14. SO I HUNT

    Lets get it started

    Drew 12 aw not sure early or late?
  15. Looking for a 80 mm straight NOT angle.. please pm me what you have and price? Thanks,
  16. SO I HUNT

    Want buy Swarovski 80 Straight spotting scope

    Thanks but looking for sts or stx
  17. SO I HUNT


    Are you firm on your price? I’m looking at another one, but you are closer ?
  18. SO I HUNT

    Want buy Swarovski 80 Straight spotting scope

    Just saw this thanks...
  19. SO I HUNT


    Dang that was fast I always miss out on these things! 🤪
  20. Looking to buy? Let me know what you have combo or just straight eye piece? Thanks,
  21. SO I HUNT


    Thanks for the update I’ll keep this in mind I’m currently away fishing in Florida and will be back next Tuesday?
  22. For sale is my new Icon Pro 5200 frame is med.-lg. frame. I bought it and have decided that I want the 3200 instead. Also has one pouch on the belt that I bought extra.. $385.00 o.b.o
  23. Med./large frame I’m 36 waist fits great...