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  1. Looking for 9.9 - 20 horse power outboard motor in running condition. Thought I’d check here if anyone had one for sale?
  2. SO I HUNT

    14’ aluminum boat and motor

    Pm sent
  3. SO I HUNT

    Ruger mini 14

    Great price I have one and it’ll feed any ammo clean or dirty.. good luck on the sell..
  4. SO I HUNT


  5. SO I HUNT

    ISO 300wsm ammo or bullets 180gr

    I’ve got a box partitions I’d sell I’m in Gilbert how’s $45 bought them never used them.. 480-236-4195
  6. SO I HUNT

    300 BO Subsonic hunting rounds

    Also easy to make the 300 bo out of 223 brass.
  7. SO I HUNT

    300 BO Subsonic hunting rounds

    Also great on coyotes, I reload 110 gr. V-max and 110 hallow sierra’s also use 125 gr. Hallow points
  8. This scope came on a rifle I bought years ago and I’m just cleaning out items I have no need for.. I shot the rifle with this scope and it was dead on, I just didn’t like it enough to keep it on it.. The scope as some scuffs on, but the glass is perfect. $50.00 I’m in Gilbert
  9. SO I HUNT

    22-250 ONCE SHOT BRASS F.S.

    Back up!
  10. SO I HUNT

    Donating a Mule Tag need help.

    Thanks I’ll give him the number..
  11. SO I HUNT

    Donating a Mule Tag need help.

    My son has a unit 10 mule deer tag he wants to donate I’m not sure of the organizations to donate to? Any help would be appreciated!
  12. SO I HUNT

    Rifle sling and Leupold scope cover f.s.

    Okay I’ll mark it sold (looks like just sitting on the table loose 13”)