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  1. SO I HUNT

    Possible scammer alert

    This is a scam!
  2. SO I HUNT

    Coues Hunt

    Congratulations guys!
  3. SO I HUNT

    Some People’s Attitudes!!!!

    I know a few of the so called thinned skins that you are referring to and they are far from it. Key board warriors they are not just hard hunting people with a lot of knowledge. This is a great site for the few that thinks they are the cream of the crop. I agree with the comment on MONSTERMULEYS to.
  4. SO I HUNT

    Some People’s Attitudes!!!!

    Guess some people don’t want to try because of the attacks that’s been displayed over and over that’s been shown. Guess the beauty of it is to be like some of the great contributors that put a lot of post here with great advice and you wanted to contribute to. They finally quit coming here because of the way things were going. To each there own! Good luck on the hunts to come!
  5. SO I HUNT

    Some People’s Attitudes!!!!

    Is just me, but it seems that this site has inherited some real **CKS. I really like this site a lot of great people and some that just makes it not so great anymore! Just my .02 cents •
  6. Congratulations memories of a life time!
  7. SO I HUNT

    WTB 6.5 prc Ammo

    Anyone have 6.5 prc ammo for sell? please pm me or text me 480-236-4195. Thanks,
  8. Just checking to see what’s out there? Looking to buy, but not in a hurry. PLEASE PM ME with what you have? Thanks,
  9. SO I HUNT

    Which Zeiss reticle would you choose?

    I have the 4-16x50 illuminating one and really like it I use it all the time and I went to order another one but they are back ordered, I went with Night Force. Good luck
  10. I’m not a barrel expert, but I have this same rifle in 300 rum and it shoots lights out and I have a custom 6.5 prc with a match grade barrel by Proof and it looked like this also when I called the builder I was told it looked like that from test firing it. Who knows, both rifles shoot amazing. That good enough for me.
  11. SO I HUNT

    Christensen Arms Precision Chassis

    Short action or long action?
  12. SO I HUNT

    Who does Euro Mount?

    Question: what is to late to do a European or can you do after it sat for awhile?
  13. SO I HUNT


    Just noticed 2019.
  14. SO I HUNT


    How about the scope?