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  1. SO I HUNT

    LIKE NEW 10/22 BARREL F.S.

    This barrel has 50-75 rounds shot through it and I replaced it with a aftermarket one years ago just making room is the reason for selling it.. $25.00 o.b.o.
  2. For sale is a carbine stock and barrel like new ( barrel has about 100 rounds shot through it at most ) $75.00 o.b.o.
  3. For sale like new, but dusty lol 😆 the size is 11 medium Great boots I wore them on a two week elk hunt and a two week mule deer hunt and haven’t wore them for a couple years now. I paid $400 plus taxes. SOLD I wear a 10.5 and these fit perfect with hiking socks.
  4. SO I HUNT

    Boots- Zamberlan & scarpa

  5. SO I HUNT

    RL-26 market value?

    I have a friend in California of all places that just bought 8 lbs. $299 and Retumbo for the same price. I just picked up 4 lbs. $53.00 pound shipped. if gouging is your intention than you call your price….
  6. SO I HUNT

    SOLD-Mossberg MVP Predator-price drop

    If you ever make it over to basspro I’d take it with out the scope. I’m coming down from globe this weekend.
  7. SO I HUNT

    Available: Berger 140 VLD 6.5mm

    Price would help?
  8. SO I HUNT


    looking to trade H1000 for Retumbo what I have is new powder bought from MidSouth Supply January and my rifle doesn’t like it as much as Retumbo so I’m looking to trade or possible sell out right after seeing if I can trade it first? One pound as 6 rounds loaded out of it (57 gr. each) the other pound is unopened…
  9. SO I HUNT

    F.S. N570 (3/4LBS.) AND HMR17 (5 BOXES)

  10. Selling for a friend: N570 has 3/4 left or more total of 12 rounds of 6.5 prc was loaded out it. ($35. HMR17 HORNADY 17 GR. V-MAX (5 BOXES) SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Box
  11. SO I HUNT

    In need of 6.5 PRC BRASS

    Post is from 2020
  12. Looking to buy .223 that you can use AR magazines I know Mossberg and Ruger makes them just checking if anyone has one they want to sell? PM ME PLEASE
  13. SO I HUNT

    Pre 64 Winchester model 94 question