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  1. SO I HUNT

    300 PRC ammo

    One post wonder!
  2. SO I HUNT


    Location-price-any trades?
  3. One of my hunting buddies is looking for Swarovski 80 HD STS with eye piece.. please p.m. me with what you have and I’ll relay it to him, also please add your phone number so you guys can work it out. Thanks
  4. SO I HUNT

    Sold Please Delete

    🤥 say what? LOL 😝
  5. SO I HUNT

    Covid, whos had it and how are you recovering?

    I got it being of December should of went to the hospital, but I fought with my wife I told her I’d rather die at home! I’m now what they consider a long hauler walking a block if I’m lucky, vomiting one or two days a week, racing heart beat, no taste, no smell and always tired. Doctors have no clue how to help me, but on good note chest x-rays for the last three times show normal. I have read where long haulers a year later are still fighting this. I missed 4 weeks of work went back to get laid off two days later lol. My wife tested positive for antibodies so she had it but never showed any sickness, god was watching over her to take care me and that I am great full for. I have read getting the vaccine as help with the long haulers feeling better and some have said that they feel they’re back to 90 % and I’m scheduled for my first shot this coming Monday I’m hoping for the same results, but not holding my breath lol.
  6. SO I HUNT

    RL 26 and RL 33 for sale or trade

    Over on long range form he’s asking $400 on the 8 pounders
  7. Selling CCI 400 small rifle primers 1200 total selling for what I paid, found federals primers that I prefer.. $130.00 Gilbert Az.
  8. SO I HUNT

    Franchi 48 AL 28ga

    Congratulations on the sell this was killing me! lol 😆
  9. SO I HUNT

    WTT 210M for 215M primers

    Too bad you’re in Tucson..
  10. SO I HUNT

    FS: Swarovski STS HD 20-60 X 80mm spotter

    Pm sent
  11. I have 1 pound of IMR 4831 unopened that I won’t be using (sold the rifle) $45.00 I’m in Gilbert....
  12. SO I HUNT


    No problem 480-236-4195 call when you can?
  13. Selling for a friend Federal Match Large Rifle Magnum Primers (1000) he thought he was buying match large rifle primers so he looking to sell these since he doesn’t reload any magnum calibers. He paid $115.00 plus tax, but will sell for $115.00 or trade for large rifle match primers? Don’t offer less he won’t sell. 😝 I’m in Gilbert....
  14. Thread size 5/8”X24 used this on a 300 RUM and shooting suppressed so this for sell. 30 cal. and under, works great! $125.00 I’m in Gilbert