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  1. hunterdude

    white mountain Apache cow hunt

    I have a 60year old friend how has a tag on the west end for cow in November. He asked if I would take him but I've never hunted the west end, only the east side. Can anyone give me some pointers on where to go? We will be staying in showlow at my parents place.
  2. hunterdude

    My buddies muzzy elk

    That's a nice wide bull
  3. hunterdude


    Good job!
  4. hunterdude

    Limited Opt Archery Gold

    Awesome bull ! Heavy and lots of character.
  5. hunterdude

    Furthest south you have seen elk?

    Yes that was about 8 years ago. The rancher started having problems with it gouging his live stock so G&F took it out and donated the meat to a homeless shelter in Tucson.
  6. hunterdude

    Son's First Archery Bull

    Nice bull. I'd mount it.
  7. hunterdude

    Furthest south you have seen elk?

    North side of I-10 across from Picacho peak. Small 6x6 running with cattle
  8. hunterdude

    Honda recon

    No sir its 2 wheel drive
  9. hunterdude

    Honda recon

    No one needs a quad for hunting? Make me a reasonable offer!
  10. hunterdude

    Honda recon

  11. hunterdude

    Honda recon

    2004 250cc runs good good tire olive green in color low hours. $2150obo
  12. hunterdude

    Minox 15x58 ED (with issues-see post)

    The German models should have either a 20-30 year warranty on them. A buddy just sent his Japan minox in for repair and that's what they told him.
  13. hunterdude

    good year for goats?

    Is that in mexico😂😂
  14. hunterdude

    Goat scorer

    Yes a b&c measure. Yes it's over 15". Mexico???
  15. hunterdude

    Goat scorer

    Who can score a antelope in tucson?