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  1. AZbomb

    FS closed roads

    I've had this happen multiple times.
  2. AZbomb

    FS closed roads

    Has anyone been ticketed for driving on a FS closed road? Not offroad, but a road previously traveled and still a road but not on the Motor Vehicle Use Map as being open?
  3. AZbomb

    300 WSM

    That's a really good thought. I would've never thought of the dirt/dust implications. I usually am prone or over a day pack. Thanks
  4. AZbomb

    300 WSM

    I have to admit I have a bias against these. A couple years ago I was on the range and the guy about 4 benches down had one and I thought it was the most obnoxious thing I'd ever heard. Several have suggested these. Did you add yours aftermarket, have gunsmith do it?
  5. AZbomb

    300 WSM

    What grain weight were those 3 deer shot with?
  6. AZbomb

    300 WSM

    I guess what I was trying to say is that I don't need to put up with more recoil if all it does is the kill the animal more dead. But if I can get much flatter range at long distances (I guess I think 500 yds is long) then I would put up with it. So I don't care to add a brake, but if i can get something out of the 130's at 500yds, I'd go with it. Thanks
  7. AZbomb

    I've done it!!!

    I told my girls that I wanted them to try it. If they didn't like it I said I'd never mention it again. They bought that rationale and both had great times hunting. Now they're into "slow food" where even to the left-crowd natural game meat is respectable.
  8. AZbomb

    300 WSM

    Were the deer shot at close range or long range? I'm wondering if they were at very hi velocity and the petals tore off, or very long range and the bullets failed to expand much at all?
  9. I was hunting in NM last year, glassing from a hillside several hunderd yards from my truck. After a while a whole herd of cows wandered over to my truck and were clustered around the tailgate. I finally put my camera up to my Leica's and took a series of pictures 'cause it was so weird how they were clustered around the truck for so long. I'll try to upload a couple of them. Meanwhile, when I got back to my truck, (the whole truck was covered with dust from a couple days' hunting) the tailgate was LICKED clean. The cows gave the tailgate, and only the tailgate, a tongue bath! This was seriously weird. All I can figure is there was some mineral had accumulated there in the dust that they wanted. The rest of the truck was still dirty. Go figure.
  10. I won a Kimber 8400 Montana in a raffle a couple years ago. Its a very nice rifle and is ridiculously light weight. I thought this would be a good elk gun and dialed it in with 180g bullets. A good plan, except that it kicks the livin' snot out of me off the bench. I shoot a .270 that has been the hammer of Thor for 20 years, so I haven't been very motivated to shoot the 300 WSM. It's been sort of the solution without a problem. Here's my new plan: Barnes 130g TTSX has a pretty good ballistic coefficient, and you can buy/reload loads at 3500fps! So instead of being an elk gun, I'm thinking this could be my Coues gun. A dream to carry in the steep stuff, and only ~21" drop at 500yds with 4" midrange rise. So the benefit being way less drop at longer ranges. I'll live with the bench recoil. Anybody have experience with this lighter weight bullet at range? Thoughts? Thanks
  11. AZbomb

    Just two weeks to go

    Mulie hunt in NM on the 5th-9th. Get back just in time to set up camp for Nov 11 whitetail hunt in Unit 33!!! Now that's what I call a good two weeks! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ah mulies, just got back from my mule deer hunt. Took a heavy horned 22" 3 point, he was the best I could find. Fills the freezer though so I can concentrate on big horns on my coues hunt. AZbomb, I'm huntin coues Nov. 5-9 in NM. What unit you huntin? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Unit 37. Going with some guys who have hunted there for years. I've never been there. It is a private ranch, so the pressure is limited.
  12. AZbomb

    Just two weeks to go

    Mulie hunt in NM on the 5th-9th. Get back just in time to set up camp for Nov 11 whitetail hunt in Unit 33!!! Now that's what I call a good two weeks!
  13. I think it is in unit 33, east end. I'll leave it at that.
  14. I am amazed Mr. Montoya thought this letter would help his case. He obviously just doesn't get it.