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  1. ACTS_238

    Unit 8 success!

    We harvested 2 out of 3 cows this year. It was a great hunt with much miles covered. I think Mulie Hunter posted the pics already in another post. What I wanted to say is that we had 1 game camera stolen and another turned off and spun around on its mount. From now on we will place 2 cams so maybe we catch the jerk and post thier pics here on this site.
  2. ACTS_238

    Opening morning sucess

    Great Story Brother, and congradulations. Now how bout some PICS!!!!! Im sooooo jealous....
  3. ACTS_238

    Daughter has first Elk tag, 6A in Oct

    Hey Thanks guys for the advice, Just logged in this morning as I was filling my Archery Deer tag up in unit 7 this weekend, Got it done monday morning. Yes we will be hunting the quite area north of Morman lake, I just wonder how were going to pack out that ELK! Just my Daughter and I! But I cant wait it will be fun seeing her take her first Big game animal, and she will have to do the field dressing! HAHA I will help of course... When She puts one down, maybe my buddie MulieHunter will come over from unit 7 and helps us pack it out! He will be helping his boy on his deer hunt that same week.
  4. I know labor day weekend is probally the worst time to be scouting. There were a TON of dirt bikes, quads, and APV's. But over all we had a good time. We took the time to just move around the northern half of the unit an explore some areas that looked promissing on the Topo map. Met some great people who were more than willing to share thier history hunting the unit, which we were very greatful for. Big thanks to Bob and his wife Diane for sharing thier knowledge with us.!! I do have a question; The Elk in Morman lake, do they just stay out there? We ran into some guys that were telling us they have watched people trying to belly crawl in for a shot and had a great laugh! I bet that would be hilarious to see. Anyway they are awesome to watch, just wish I had better optics to really see good.
  5. ACTS_238

    Lowe 14 ft aluminum boat

    Is this still for sale?
  6. We spotted this buck with 2 does Monday morning just after 7am, We had hunted for the previous 3 days only spotting a few bucks very far away from a hill we had been using to glass from. This was a great time with some great friends out hunting. It sure is great to be out and see these kids get excited about hunting. He is a 3x3 with a 29" spread, definitly excited!!. Now it Dads turn to harvest a nice Buck! hopefully this Jan I can arrow a good one.
  7. ACTS_238

    Coconino County Elk Hunters

    This is a huge problem no doubt, maybe some guys dont want to have to tow thier trailers up from the valley more than once during scouting/hunting. However then they should leave it at a storage place like most people do, just pay the 40 bucks to have a secure place to store it. It is annoying to say the least that camp sites are "Claimed" by these who leave thier trailers/tents set-up and leave to go home. The same problem exist on watertanks where people place thier stands or blinds and think they "Own " that spot because thier stuff is there. One year in 7west we were elk hunting, went up 2 days early to find a tent in the spot we came up early to camp at. The only thing there was the 2 man dome tent. I suspected they left it to claim the spot, so I looked inside the tent and sure enough there was a rock in the middle of the tent to hold it there. So we just left the tent and setup our camp anyway. The next day the owner showed up, he began to remove his tent. I went up to him, introduced myself and told him he was welcome to camp with us. Of course he did not want to do that.... So my advice is this, If you find a spot you like. And nobody is actually camping, then just go ahead and camp there. If they show up, welcome them to stay. If they become angry, go ahead and call the sherrif/forest service. Public Land is PUBLIC LAND, we all pay our taxes to have use of the land. It is UNETHICAL to "Claim" some spot that belongs to us all, weather it be a camp spot or a watertank. --just my two cents--
  8. ACTS_238

    results are up

    I just checked again, it now shows the correct name?? I got to excited...man I need to calm down....haha
  9. ACTS_238

    results are up

    Website is now CRASHED!!!!!!!! and it showed my son and daughter got drawn for a jr hunt, but had my sons name on both tags with different birthdays and hunter ids, ???? G and F really need to hire a different contract company to handle draws, after the dibacle with the ELK / credit card fiasco......now this
  10. ACTS_238

    Where will you be huntin Elk?

    Just curious to know where others will be come time to hunt Elk this year. I will be in Unit 8 with archery cow tag in hand. Good luck to all.
  11. ACTS_238

    Archery cow VRS Archery Bull

    http://forums.coueswhitetail.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=32275 This link shows the history of the last draw cycle, game and fish and thier contractor somehow between them the expiration date on our card was changed by 1 month, therefore the back rejected it. However when we called g and f, they had the correct info on file. They made it right and we have our tags, but man it was rough on the emotions going for the ride.
  12. ACTS_238

    Archery cow VRS Archery Bull

    Finally got a tag from game and fish after all that credit card hoopla, man what a wild ride that was. Anyway, we ended up with second choice archery cow, which is fine with me. I am estatic about being in the woods chasing Elk!! Just wondering if anyone could offer any tips as to the best approch to getting a shot at a cow during this time of year, they seem to be in groups and would be difficult to stalk close enough for a shot. Maybe sit water/salt lick? What say you?
  13. ACTS_238

    Credit card Issue in draw equals no Elk tag!

    Finally!! we are going ELK hunting!!, After all the headaches and turmoil, we will be able to get a tag this year. The letter came yesterday from Game and Fish, we were included in the credit card fraud dibacle... Any way I cant wait to get into the woods and start scouting!! What an awfully tormenting emotional roller coster ride, but it was worth the fight. It is a Unit 8 cow elk archery tag, our second choice, but it dont matter to me, I am thrilled to be in the woods with my PSE bow madness chasing ELK!! ya baby!! Thanks be to the Lord Jesus, He owns the cattle on a thousand hills!! and all the potatos under it!!
  14. ACTS_238

    Early vrs Late Season Hunting

    I would like to pose a question to my fellow hunters. Question: What are the advantages/disadvantages to early season and late season Elk Hunting This would be Archery related as to difficulty of hunt, stratagey, scouting methods I now the rut is the primary advantage to early season, What say You??
  15. ACTS_238

    Change of the Rules

    Hey! This is great feedback, you all make some great points I had not considered.