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  1. coues

    This post is for the dogs

    Here's my latest pups first point... he was 7 weeks old.
  2. I second the recommendation for Sara at Wildfire. I have one of her pups and he has it all... extremely birdy and the conformation to back it up. I've raised/trained Pointers, GSP's and Britts and this is the best dog I've ever had! This is him at 7 weeks pointing
  3. coues

    Terrible accident

    Thanks folks. I guess the people were from Camp Verde. It sure rattled my wife and her friend. Truely a sad story...
  4. coues

    Terrible accident

    My wife was trailering our horses up on the 26th and came upon a terrible accident at the Sedona exit. The driver (dad) was in full camo so we assume he was a fellow bowhunter. They rolled their small SUV containing mom and 5 kids. She had to witness them recover the body of a 5 year old boy and the extrication of the wife/mom in grave condition. We're praying for this family. Anyone know who they are?
  5. coues

    Arizona Strip

    Thanks so much to all who've responded! I really appreciate all the good advice!
  6. coues

    Arizona Strip

    Wow, thank-you all for the good advise! I will definitely go for the strip and not spend my points on anything else. After all the great feed back, I think I will just go DIY. Ya'll will surely know it if/when I get drawn. Thanks again! ~Gary
  7. coues

    Arizona Strip

    When the AZGFD began the point system for deer 12 years ago, I had the foresight to jump in at the beginning to have a once-in-a-lifetime chance at a strip tag. I love to hunt coues deer the most, but we have the best mule deer hunting in the world right here in our backyard, and I've always wanted a trophy mule deer as well. I'm one of 38 residences with maximum points. I'm in a position now where I have a realistic chance of drawing the tag, but I have two problems. 1, I don't have the time to scout/develop the area for myself. It's simply too far, and figure after expenses and time, I might as well higher a guide, which brings me to my second problem. I don't have the $6000 for a six day hunt with a guide. I spent the last weekend with a gentleman who has hunted the strip many many times. He goes every year and has hunted with almost every guide up there. I picked his brain for 2 days. He really opened my eyes up to the Strip. Just a couple of the things I came away with were, first, they do more tracking than glassing. This blew me away, I haven't done much research on the strip, but I always assumed it was strictly spot and stalk. The second thing he mentioned that really surprised me was, according to him, there is not a mature buck up there that the guides don't know on a first named basis. He said that there are at least two trail cams on every piece of open water north of the Grand Canyon 365 days a year...literally. He said that every year or two, someone manages to get one of the giants by accident, but to go up there without being connected with a local guide is really rolling the dice. I'm thinking about bagging it and taking my wife with me on a late season wt hunt next year, but if I do, I'll never get to max points again. Anyone have any input? Tony? I appreciate all your responses.
  8. coues

    Late Coues or Javelina

    Hi Folks, I'm a licensed guide here in AZ (over 20 years) and would be willing to help out on your late season Coues hunt, of spring Javelina hunt. I have tons of references, including Greg Krogh, Noel Arnold, Marc Plunkett, and Bob Valenti, etc. I can help you find a last minute buck or Javelina, any weapon. I'm looking for a nice new or used Taylor, Martin, or Larrivee acoustic guitar as trade, but will consider other makes as well. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you're not happy with my work, you will not owe me a thing, period. I'm very familiar with units 21, 22, and 23, and most of the southern units. I'll be happy to help a child or lady as well. I'm an excellent instructor and patient teacher. Please feel free to call if you'd like to discuss the possibilities. I'm honest to a fault, and if I'm not 100% confident I can help you, I'll tell you so up front. Thanks for you consideration. ~Gary French (602)510-9200
  9. coues

    opening day 4x4 carp

    Congratulations! That's a dandy mule deer. (Not a carp in my book!)
  10. coues


    Awesome buck!!! Thanks for sharing. Don't forget to post the "after" pics as well!
  11. Not the best pic of the lion this time...
  12. coues

    Lion family and 2 small bucks

    Rancher says if they are still showing up after the season opens he has someone who can catch one for me. Stay tuned...
  13. coues

    cant wait!

    Very cool! Should be a great year for you!
  14. coues

    Neighbor's yard

    VERY cool pictures!!
  15. coues

    Premonsoon photos from the Covert II

    These are some great pictures! Thanks for sharing!