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  1. 116inchazcoues

    first coues down!

    that is a great buck. congrats
  2. 116inchazcoues

    My first archery coues

    good job and buck. congrats!
  3. 116inchazcoues

    Hoyt ignite?

    great bow and good price. bought one for my girlfriend a few months ago and she loves it. I recently had it set up for me for my back up for archery bull elk hunt coming up so I just started shooting it and I love the way it feels and shoots. cant go wrong in my opinion.
  4. 116inchazcoues

    Post em up

    I believe they are different bulls as well with same genes. both shooters. good pics and luck on your hunt
  5. 116inchazcoues

    Catfish Time x2

    love the Black River. always have a great time catching tons of smallies and protecting camp from the bears. last time I went was a few years ago and we had a problem bear that actually made everyone else around us leave so it worked out because we had the place to ourselves. the ranger came I and were we bs ing with him when the bear came in and the ranger shot him with bean bags. sure enough the bear came back in to mess with us. ranger came back next day with a big ole stinky metal trap. sure enough the trap worked and mr bear was relocated.have had quite a few close calls with bears on the rez-memories that will not be forgotten for sure.
  6. 116inchazcoues

    Flower eating bull!

    beautiful bull
  7. 116inchazcoues

    Like Mass?

    beautiful buck. good job. a friend of mine killed a buck very similar the same year I shot the buck in my avatar. would like to hear the story as well.
  8. 116inchazcoues

    AZ Bucks and Bulls of early June!!!!

    love pics of antelope in the forest. I finally pulled an antelope tag after 19 years in 2011. pulled tag #2 in 6A and hunted in the pines as well. 2nd morning should have had a monster but his does stayed around him like a shield and didn't want to take the chance. shot a nice buck 2 hours later from 335 yards-looking back the way I was shooting I should have hammered the big buck earlier in the morning. great hunt, pretty good buck-seemed to be fighting a lot cuz broken tips and prongs and he had prob 25 to 30 does with him, and great meat. I love eating antelope and cant wait to get an archery tag in the future. thank you for the pics. have an archery elk tag and love the bulls as well!!
  9. 116inchazcoues

    Velvet Bulls pics

    good pics. cant wait to take my daughter who just turned 8 up scouting with me soon and hopefully get some pics. she says "daddy-I am going to bring my bow just in case okay?". she is my world.
  10. Your profile pic is awesome. Watching a hunting show on TV with your pet who happens to be a monster whitetail. That is some funny %$#&.
  11. 116inchazcoues

    Neighborhood bull is back

    beautiful-wish I lived there!!
  12. 116inchazcoues

    5A Archery Bull hunt

    Thank you for the responses guys and will keep in touch once the hunt gets a bit closer. I will let you know how my scouting efforts pan out as well. I have attached the coues I killed in 36B years ago. Shot with a rifle at 70 yards at last light. Gutted him out and took a leak all around him and headed the 2.5 miles back to camp through the nastiest country I have hunted in the dark. Hiked back next am and luckily he was just as I left him. Like I said I appreciate the responses and will keep in touch.
  13. 116inchazcoues

    5A Archery Bull hunt

    I will be posting the buck as soon as my woman sends me the pic. killed him in 36B near Pena Blanca lake years back. 5X5(w eyegaurds) perfectly symmetrical. first and only coues I have killed. have hunted them one other time and saw some bucks but nothing I wanted to pull the trigger on. was thinking about 6A late rifle this year because I have some great spots but went with 12A W late instead. coues scored 116 3/8ths and will be posted very soon. have a good one BTW-it is not that I don't have friends to go on my hunt its that they drew tags in other units. take care.
  14. 116inchazcoues

    5A Archery Bull hunt

    Long time reader but not many posts. I have been lurking for years and years-my woman thinks I am nuts. I would like to say this is the best hunting site on the web. Lots of great people on this site. To the point-I have a 5A archery bull tag this year and my old man just told me he is not going to be able to come up with me now. Most likely I will be hunting alone and have taken the whole 2 weeks off for the hunt. Not asking for any spots because I have my own, but am looking if anyone on here has that may be in the same situation as me. If anyone on the site would like some hunting company because he/she is also hunting solo let me know and maybe we can exchange numbers. I have done a few solo hunting trips in the past and it gets kind of boring talking to my bow and not too mention kind of unsafe if anything bad was too happen. I want to say good luck to all tag holders and shoot straight. Take care.
  15. 116inchazcoues

    6A Rifle Antelope

    thanks for the responses to my post guys. i have been hunting 6A for over 15 years now and have seen some pretty good goats, one in particular while archery elk hunting near buck mountain, he was in the high 80's with 25 does. very cool to see them in the pines! have taken many bulls near the maid and have witnessed quite a few antelope there as well. up 260 as well. glassing is going to be the key as always and am thinking water too - its been very hot down there during the archery deer and elk hunts for as long as I can remember. going to stay mobile as possible on the hunt and get as much scouting done as possible before opener. this hunt actually goes into the first 3 days of the archery elk -which i had 6 points for. i thought i would get a bull tag for sure and was unsure about the goat but was trying to get both hunts - would be nice to be up in the woods for 3 weeks straight, rifle antelope first then right into the archery elk - AZ dream hunt to me! sorry for the rambling and i will try to post the pic of the coues i bagged. thanks again for all who have replied to my post.