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  1. out4blood

    Coues Gunz!

    Add another 270 wsm to the list. Mines a Model 70 Classic Laminate, bone stock and accurate enough for me.
  2. out4blood


    Remington 700 in 7mm mag?
  3. out4blood


  4. out4blood

    WTT Remington 700 7MM

    Pm Sent
  5. out4blood


    SOLD I'm selling my 2012 Mathews Monster MR6. 26.5" Draw 70# Limbs Black Powder coat riser. Bow is in good shape, has been hunted with. $480 comes with a Mathews 5 arrow quiver and limbsaver SuperQuad Dampeners. I bought a new bow and just don't shoot it anymore. Bow is for sale in Chandler, you can shoot it at my house. PM if interested
  6. out4blood

    Game Management Units overlays for Google Earth

    www.gameplannermaps.com has a downloads section that has the GMU overlay and some other stuff like surface ownership. Its free, you just have to register to download.
  7. SOLD SOLD SOLD This quiver is like new with all the mounting hardware. Never had an arrow in it or been mounted to a bow. $100 I'm in Chandler, PM if interested. Thanks
  8. out4blood

    2A/2B/2C Archery Deer

    2B around Lyman Lake and south along the LCR. The northern portion around the Zuni river.
  9. out4blood

    Swarovski EL 12x50 Swarovision and SLC 15X56 WB

    Just thought I would follow up. After months of comparing the 12x ELs to every other top end binocular in 12 and 15X I decided the ELs were the right decision. I was close to going with the SLC 15x, but really wanted one pair of bino's to do it all, and I'm really happy with my choice. I found some good deals online and ended up purchasing a used pair on ebay at a huge discount off of retail. After a week of impatiently waiting they finally arrived this morning. I had them delivered to work and spent a few minutes with them looking down the street. I work with my hunting buddy who has never looked through swaro's before. His first comment was "Man these are clear!". I had a hard time getting them back from him after that. He's uses Vortex Viper 15X50 HDs and has always out glassed me. I think that's going to change. This year I have enough points to all but guarantee me the late Coues tag I want and new glass to find a big old rutty buck.
  10. out4blood

    2015 Wyoming Antelope units

    Forgot to attach the map. Let's try again.
  11. out4blood

    Wyoming DIY Hunt NEED HELP!!!!

    Here is a map i made that shows the Antelope Units and Surface Ownership. -Ed
  12. out4blood

    2015 Wyoming Antelope units

    Hunt Units and Regions Draw odds The Cody, Lander, and Green River Region have great access to public land but most of the tags require more than 3 points. These areas are regarded as trophy units. Wyoming antelope don't hold a candle to AZ though. The Casper and Sheridan Regions have the most antelope and decent access. If you look at the draw odds there are plenty of units you can draw with 0 points. Look at units 7, 15, 16,21, 22, 25, 27, 29 and 30. These are your best bet. They don't have the vast areas of public land that other regions have, but you can get a tag and hunt a lot of antelope. Converse county is generally regarded as the "Antelope Capitol" of Wyoming. I made a map that has the Antelope units and Surface Ownership. Look at the ones that have access and narrow it down to the ones you can draw. -Ed
  13. out4blood

    Swarovski EL 12x50 Swarovision and SLC 15X56 WB

    Thanks guys, there's a lot of great input here.
  14. out4blood

    Swarovski EL 12x50 Swarovision and SLC 15X56 WB

    This is what I'm trying to avoid. I do not want to buy another pair of big eyes.
  15. out4blood

    Swarovski EL 12x50 Swarovision and SLC 15X56 WB

    Will you be available today ~4pm?