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  1. rclouse79

    Out of State Buck

    Come on man, I didn't hunt out of state from California. I think I will stay away from horses, packing that little guy off of the mountain was quite enough for me. I do like that horse picture though and might print it out on a canvas.
  2. I drove a long way to hunt these tricky little buggers. I wanted to shoot my personal best, but only had a chance to check this guy out through my scope while he was running away. Turns out my excitement got the best of me, but I was still happy to tag a buck and to get back home before Christmas. Since I didn't get my personal best I still have an excuse to go back down for another try. Hope you all have a merry Christmas and get lots of hunting goodies in your stockings.
  3. rclouse79

    Late hunt whitetail

    I leave in two days to drive 20 hrs from Idaho down to southern az for my December coues hunt. I thought I was excited already, but your post really got my heart racing. Hope I am lucky enough to find his little brother. Nice job.
  4. rclouse79

    Range Finder

    I have been in the market for a new range finder and decided to pull the trigger on the sig sauer kilo 2000 after reading the reviews on here. I was a bit too late, as I got an email this morning telling me they are on backorder. Dang.
  5. rclouse79

    134 1/4" Couse

  6. rclouse79


    Muther effin cubbies!!!!
  7. rclouse79

    Camp meals

    For super quick and easy add granola, dried fruit, powdered milk and a plastic spoon to a ziplock. When you get hungry add a little water, stir and eat. No prep time and no clean up.
  8. rclouse79

    Idaho Antelope

    Hopefully nobody minds out of state posts. I have not found a hunting forum anywhere close to this one in Idaho. I had this guy come in to water with four smaller bucks the first day of the season around 1:30 and was able to shoot him at 20 yards from my blind. I can't believe I never hunted these guys before. It is a ton of fun and they are TASTY!
  9. rclouse79

    Never thought I would be the first

    Never mind about being the first. . . Didn't scroll down far enough. Still exciting though.
  10. I got on to see if anyone had made any fake or real posts about getting drawn for deer. Even though I didn't see anything I decided to check my credit card anyways and saw a charge to the AZ Game and Fish for $300 on July 9th. I taught in Tucson for thirteen years before moving back to Idaho last June. I made sure to buy a lifetime AZ hunting licence before I left because I couldn't bear the thought of never seeing my old honey hole again. I told my wife I only had about a ten percent chance of getting drawn for the 36C December Coues hunt. Guess Christmas came early this year! Good luck to the rest of you. Man I miss this site, I spent a lot of hours on here over the years.
  11. rclouse79

    Mine and my Little brother Bucks

    Congrats to you both! I will be coming back to Arizona one of these days for a hunt and will look you guys up. I would hope Steven feels obligated to lead his old teacher to a monster buck based on me passing him in physics back in the day.
  12. rclouse79

    Wildcats done.

    I might have to beg to differ on the analogy being dumb based on the results for the NBA point three contest listed below. Don't forget to take into account that money balls are part of the total. I know Curry could do it. I am just saying it would most likely take him a lot of tries and I doubt he would bet a years salary on doing it on his first try. I was bitter last night and still a little bitter this morning. Wisconsin was amazing. My original point was that they would have beat any team and coach in the country shooting the 3 ball like that. The cats just got in front of them on the wrong night. Season Location Player Team Final score / max 1985–86 Dallas, TX Larry Bird* Boston Celtics 22 / 30 1986–87 Seattle, WA Larry Bird* (2) Boston Celtics (2) 16 / 30 1987–88 Chicago, IL Larry Bird* (3) Boston Celtics (3) 17 / 30 1988–89 Houston, TX Dale Ellis Seattle SuperSonics 19 / 30 1989–90 Miami, FL Craig Hodges Chicago Bulls 19 / 30 1990–91 Charlotte, NC Craig Hodges (2) Chicago Bulls (2) 17 / 30 1991–92 Orlando, FL Craig Hodges (3) Chicago Bulls (3) 16 / 30 1992–93 Salt Lake City, UT Mark Price Cleveland Cavaliers 18 / 30 1993–94 Minneapolis, MN Mark Price (2) Cleveland Cavaliers (2) 24 / 30 1994–95 Phoenix, AZ Glen Rice Miami Heat 17 / 30 1995–96 San Antonio, TX Tim Legler Washington Bullets 20 / 30 1996–97 Cleveland, OH Steve Kerr Chicago Bulls (4) 22 / 30 1997–98 New York, NY Jeff Hornacek Utah Jazz 16 / 30 1998–99[a] Canceled due to the league's lockout[a] 1999–00 Oakland, CA Jeff Hornacek (2) Utah Jazz (2) 13 / 30 2000–01 Washington, D.C. Ray Allen^ Milwaukee Bucks 19 / 30 2001–02 Philadelphia, PA Peja Stojaković^ Sacramento Kings 19 / 30 2002–03 Atlanta, GA Peja Stojaković^ (2) Sacramento Kings (2) 22 / 30 2003–04 Los Angeles, CA Voshon Lenard Denver Nuggets 18 / 30 2004–05 Denver, CO Quentin Richardson Phoenix Suns 19 / 30 2005–06 Houston, TX Dirk Nowitzki^ Dallas Mavericks 18 / 30 2006–07[12] Las Vegas, NV Jason Kapono^ Miami Heat (2) 24 / 30 2007–08[2] New Orleans, LA Jason Kapono^ (2) Toronto Raptors 25 / 30 2008–09 Phoenix, AZ Daequan Cook^ Miami Heat (3) 19 / 30 2009–10 Dallas, TX Paul Pierce^ Boston Celtics (4) 20 / 30 2010–11 Los Angeles, CA James Jones^ Miami Heat (4) 20 / 30 2011–12 Orlando, FL Kevin Love^ Minnesota Timberwolves 17 / 30 2012–13 Houston, TX Kyrie Irving^ Cleveland Cavaliers (3) 23 / 30 2013–14 New Orleans, LA Marco Belinelli^ San Antonio Spurs 24 / 34[c] 2014–15 New York- Brooklyn, NY, Stephen Curry ^ Golden State Warriors 27 / 34[c]
  13. rclouse79

    Wildcats done.

    The original poster proved they were mentally deficient with their second sentence. How many of those three point shots were uncontested? Maybe one? Did Coach Miller have an opportunity to swat any of them away? 10 of 12 from 3? Are you freaking kidding me?? Do you think Steph Curry would put any money on going 10 for 12 unguarded? Maybe $1000 just because he is dirty stinking rich, and he would lose 95% of the time. They were on fire tonight. Did they deserve to win. . . . yes. Could they reproduce that performance again to save their their own lives? Maybe 1 out of a 1000 times.
  14. rclouse79

    kaibab under attack

    I would not be surprised to see hunting and gun ownership significantly limited in my life time. Freedoms are being dealt a slow death of a thousand cuts.
  15. Just water, because it is the heaviest and most necessary thing to have in the desert. When I was done I dumped anything left and packed out the containers.