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    "most" of my control was done prior to 1971. none were adopted. quite a few members of the azgfd had '100' burro club lapel pins
  2. roninflag

    Colt Python is Back!!!

    I have had three colt pythons. and they are awesome. this is great news! the ones I had harvested a lot of game. including deer.
  3. roninflag


    the horses in unit 3 and other units do not belong there. neither do the wild burros all over the north western part of the state. historically I have done my part to keep the burro population and the corresponding damage down.
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    at least they can hunt something in Idaho . they sell 40,000 wolf tags in Idaho. they are terrible at controlling their wolf population.
  5. roninflag

    What Caliber For Rebarrel?

    my brother has 2 264s. awesome. Krieger barrels.
  6. roninflag

    WTB Coyote Rifle - 22Mag, .17, .223, etc.

    I have harvested ( killed) over 250 coyotes. the .22 mag is not a reliable killer. a .17 Remington is better.
  7. I used a .243 for everything- coyotes(80+) , antelope(2) , deer(18), elk(1), bobcat(1), fox. for many years. beware of the man with one gun...….. I would use a 55 ballistic tip or 70 grain ballistic tip and hope it stays in.
  8. the .17 rem is fur friendly. I do not have one , maybe a 204. i have shot over 250 coyotes more than half with a .243. I have shot one with an 80 fmj. it acted as though it was not hit even though we were only 20 yards apart. I was deer hunting, and a 95 nosler caught him on the way out. anything reliable to kill one is going to be hard on the pelts. making sewing necessary. a 70 grain of 55 ballistic tip will sometimes not exit. that is what I would use. why do need a fur friendly load?
  9. roninflag

    Which 10mm Bullet/Ammo for Javi

    155-200 grain expanding bullet, the one that shoots the smallest group at 50 yards.
  10. roninflag

    Unbelievable 2019 Late Bull Hunts

  11. roninflag

    22 south muzzleloader elk

  12. roninflag

    late bull elk

  13. roninflag

    seeking help on AZ-22N late hunt for bull elk

    that is a great bull elk. what rifle and load do you use for hunting bull elk?
  14. roninflag

    Unit 23 late rifle.

    Great Bull ! great hunting and shooting!
  15. roninflag

    late bull elk

    I knew it was going to be a good year. the thread below 4/4 bull hunt ….. great
  16. roninflag

    late bull elk

    GEE awesome job.
  17. roninflag

    Where are all the Kaibab Bucks ?

    I want to see it.
  18. roninflag


    unit 10 is a big un it with a lot of elk. doubt walking you could cover much.
  19. roninflag

    Help with northern access to unit with weather

    are you in unit 10?
  20. roninflag

    late bull elk

    The first time I only had a two wheel drive with chains. we had head lower each day to stay ahead of it. snowed Thursday night to Monday morning.
  21. roninflag

    Unit 27 Semi Live Late Bull Hunt

    Tremendous bull . what rifle and load?
  22. roninflag

    late bull elk

    Beaton - back in the early 80's we were under capitalized. I was thinking this morning how nice it would have been to be to prestart with a the fob!
  23. roninflag

    late bull elk

    Interestingly, the trailer I stayed in each time froze up . A different one each time. We still had good hunt success though. two hunts had more snow than this year. two were about equal.
  24. roninflag

    Hey! what is this white stuff?

    it is a great year to have a bull tag . Awesome!
  25. roninflag

    6A Snow update???

    Man , what a great year to have a tag!