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    WTB 300 Weatherby mag ammo

    are you in phoenix? flagstaff?
  2. roninflag

    Help with Kaibab 101

    THE .280 great round for 12a. you will see alot of deer. on the late hunt i saw 33 four points in one afternoon. it could snow. if i was you i would pray for it. it will be better if it does. and likely only a skiff. to 4 inches. right on top . post your deer when you can. PM .
  3. roninflag

    9mm for Coues Deer.

    I would load about 7.0 of 3N38 and a 147 grain hornady crop.
  4. roninflag

    7mm RM Bullet Choice

    120 grain ballistic tip and either n560 or re-19. nosler or norma brass.
  5. roninflag

    San Carlos Predator Management Hunt

    did you harvest any predators?
  6. roninflag

    300 win mag ammo

    that is good unit for bull elk. very luck to draw it. what rifle? do you have empty brass from your rifle?
  7. roninflag

    I heard the hits are coming.

    are all the tags left over this year?
  8. roninflag

    FC HE headstamp?

    I have a couple boxes each of the bonded bear law and nosler partitions. 180 grain 30-06. The partitions shot .6 and clocked 2888 out of a Remington 700 mtn rifle with a 22” barrel . Worked real good on a 6 point bull elk. I would love to know their recipe.
  9. roninflag

    10mm Loads?

    The article in handloader magazine is long includes some aa-7. worth the 15$
  10. roninflag

    Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

    Kidso told me he calls the lions in when trying to call bears. Kidso?
  11. roninflag

    Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

    i have not called one but others have. some with a cow call in archery elk season, some during turkey season in april ; some with regular predator calls . i have been targeting lion not having as much success as recurve .
  12. roninflag

    2021 buck opening morning

    that is awesome! i think the buck dove in? is that ice around the edges?
  13. roninflag

    10mm Loads?

    AA9 - 165 ( 15.5).... 180 (15.0) save yourself a lot ... get handloader magazine june 2008
  14. roninflag

    Bird gun

    your eye is the rear sight so fit is important. also with the loads they make for turkey now a 20 can be very effective. i have killed both merriam and goulds with my 20 ( savage model 24). i am still shooting the 12 and 20 guage beretta autos i got in 1972 and 1982, plus a citiori o/u 20 i got more recently. they last a long time get a good one.
  15. roninflag

    Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

    Catfish kev- in the washington videos i was impressed by their tracking the wounded lions. especially the one with no snow. interesting they use rifles which is what i use, but many here use 3' 4 buck and it in many cases woud be better. for sure i would use it for following up a wounded one. ron
  16. really nice whitetail with the glock! what load do you like and where do you aim ? neck? lungs? thanks. ron

  17. roninflag


    nice ones
  18. roninflag

    Late Kaibab - Almost Time

  19. roninflag

    Unit 27 Late Bull Hunt - Year 2

    that is a great story! great job! what rifle and caliber do you like for bulls? thanks ron
  20. roninflag

    Muzzleloader Madness

    nice one
  21. roninflag

    9mm for Coues Deer.

    i am of the lighter faster group of .357 shooters. i like 125's best.
  22. roninflag

    9mm for Coues Deer.

    i read buffaloe bore 124 get 1300 out of a 4". even more from a 5". the mule deer i shot 2 in the heart/lungs, 12 -25 yards. the other under the ear closer.
  23. roninflag

    9mm for Coues Deer.

    Elk- what ammo/load? 5" beretta?
  24. roninflag

    Muley deadhead

    nice buck!
  25. roninflag

    Unit 36A help

    what rifle and binos are you taking?