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  1. 120carp


    Great bull good job!
  2. 120carp

    Youth turkey 6a

    You've done better than I have finding them. I have found tracks and sign but no gobbles. I just hope they haven't moved out of our spot for good.
  3. 120carp

    Lady Luck on the Kiabab, bull down 2018

    You need to try all strategies. I tried spotting and stalking, sitting trails and water for the first week on my own. I was even on some good track and had another hunter shoot a good bull 200 yards from me. So I ended up walking over there to have a look. I just wanted to see one dead or alive. I helped set this bull up to take pictures, Russ even had me in a few of them. I also helped put the bull in the back of Russ's truck. I still have the video of it. It was the coolest thing to watch. Something I want to experience again some day. Sitting a blind sucks though! I hated it but I learned I could do it if I needed to.
  4. 120carp

    Lady Luck on the Kiabab, bull down 2018

    I had this hunt last year with Russ, Chad and Brian. They know there stuff up there. Those guys are non stop almost 24-7 during those hunts. I couldn't thank them enough. I was lucky enough to shoot a cow with my bow with only 4 days left to hunt. I sat a blind for 12-14 days and those were the first and only bison I'd seen. That meat is the best meat you will ever have in your freezer bar none. Good job and I hope you enjoyed it! They are amazing animals. Ps. I was the only one in camp to only bring a bow to hunt with last year. Everybody else took both rifle and bow to the blind and everybody else that killed, killed with there rifle. If can only get on it was only going to be with a bow.
  5. 120carp

    Dorky question

    avian-x decoys make merriams.
  6. 120carp

    Sight and rest

    Don't like all those pins but a trophy taker of any kind will be great.
  7. 120carp

    What shotgun for turkeys?

    I have a Mossberg maverick 20g with a kicks choke and anything past 30 is a stretch.
  8. 120carp

    2018 Antelope results

    4B archery! My first tag.
  9. 120carp

    Results up!

    4B archery antelope!
  10. 120carp

    Results up!

    4B archery antelope! First antelope tag ever!
  11. 120carp

    Thinking about a cheap 20g for my daughter

    I bought a Mossberg maverick from sportsmans not to long ago for right at $200 including tax. It had an adjustable stock and had an short barrel. Its been a great gun.
  12. 120carp

    Day One Results

    100% no paper apps
  13. 120carp

    1 Day!!!

    First antelope tag!
  14. 120carp

    Sold please close

    170 tyd
  15. 120carp

    Sold please close