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  1. huntscout

    New Mexico draw results

    OIL Oryx for me!! 2 Deer tags for the kids. Woohoo!
  2. huntscout

    Second day success

    I have to send out a special THANK YOU to Explorer! We had been hunting for a few days on the youth hunt and having a hard time finding a buck. We were hiking the hills hard, glassing, and seeing a few does here and there, but struggling in an a hunt area that we were very unfamiliar with. We went to town for gas and I happened to take a look a the Coueswhitetail.com youth posts and saw Explorer's post. He mentioned contacting him if we were having a tough time, so I did. Wow! I can't tell you how glad we were to hear from him. He told us to try out an area where he saw quite a few deer. Our hunt went from famon to feast in one afternoon! Thanks Explorer for helping us out on this hunt. My boy turns 12 today and we couldn't ask for a better birthday present! Thanks Coueswhitetail.com for providing a platform for hunters to help each other out!
  3. huntscout

    Panguitch Utah General Deer

    Just spent a week up in the unit on a family vacation. I drew that hunt too this year! We stayed at Brian Head. Tons of snow up on top still. Seemed like there were deer everywhere we went below the snowline, but I didn't see any bucks. We fished Panguitch Lake and it is now one of my new favorites! We all caught fish and a few of us caught some big ones. We had the most success with yellow garlic power bait balls. Fished from the shore and no matter where we went, we were catching fish! Awesome lake! Not sure where I am going to start when it comes to hunting up there. Will need to do some more research and topo surfing!
  4. Vortex Diamondback 4-12 x 40 Scope with Dead-Hold BDC (MOA) reticle. BRAND NEW - NEVER BEEN OPENED. $200 Received this scope as a gift for my AR, but have never used it. I will ship FREE anywhere in AZ. Thanks, Bryan Yorksmith byorksmith@gmail.com 928-521-2063
  5. huntscout

    2017 Bison Tag

    I'll be there! Looking forward to it.
  6. huntscout

    Jumping the fence?

    Wow! Thanks for all the great feedback. Loved watching those big brutes hop that fence. Just amazing! i didn't realize that there wasn't an actual fence along the border of the National Park up there. Good info. Thanks all.
  7. huntscout

    Jumping the fence?

    Got a question for any of you that may have some experience hunting buffalo on the North Kaibab. Do the buffalo actually jump the fence bordering 12A and the National Park or do they use breaks in the fence or low spots that are easier to cross? I can't picture a 1500-2000 pound bull jumping a barbed wire fence, but maybe that's what they do. Any experienced buffalo hunters out there with an answer?
  8. huntscout

    Buffalo tag

    I got the early hunt... 1/1 to 6/1. Trying to round up info myself. I can fill you in with my experience once I get into it. Would love to hunt them without sitting on salt or in a blind, but it sounds like that is how most successful hunters do it these days. Email me and we can share info.... byorksmith@gmail.com
  9. Selling my NOMAD 20x60 Vortex Optics Spotting Scope. With Vortex Pro Gt tripod and the iScope adapter. Asking $450 OBO. Call or text Trent if interested. 928-368-7538.
  10. huntscout

    Vortex spotting scope for sale

    Selling a NOMAD 20x60 Vortex Optics Spotting Scope with Vortex Pro Gt tripod and the iScope adaptor. Asking $450 for all OBO. Free shipping with full offer. Email: byorksmith@gmail.com or text 928-521-2063.
  11. ITEM HAS SOLD. Thanks for the inquiries. I have a brand new Vortex Rangefinder 1000 BRAND NEW in the box (never been opened). First $300 takes it. Free shipping. Thanks, Bryan Yorksmith byorksmith@gmail.com
  12. huntscout


    Unit 1 Archery Bull for me! Woohoo!
  13. huntscout

    I found a GPS

    My buddy lost his Garmin Rhino in 3C this last elk season. Let me know if that is what you have and I can have him contact you. Thanks.
  14. huntscout

    Back from 13B

    Way to go buddy! Loved the write up... I 'd pay subscription dues for this story!!! Thanks for letting me hold that awesome rack! You da man!
  15. huntscout

    sixteen days - self guided 13B

    Tease, tease, tease!!!!! I got a text last night from Coach that said Buck Down.... No picts, details, etc. C'mon Jason... get that cell booster running. You're killing me!!!