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  1. arn243

    Young ladykiller

    Brought in a camera for the summer and this young lady hit my camera for about 9 pictures. I love when I get good pictures! No worries, I have a plan to administer a sleeping pill!
  2. arn243

    Good Morning

    Brought in our cameras before the real heat arrives and this doe made a nice pic!
  3. arn243

    Locking Up Cams

    I also have cameras down south and although I set up way out of the way I still use the python cables so that I at least get the data recovered. Up to this point after several years I have had people get near the cameras and they never detected it. If they did they did not mess with the locked cameras.
  4. arn243

    Cams home for the summer

    Brought the cameras home due to high heat expected in May. Cant wait till August Got these cats on a remote water hole, Most deer were small in size in this set up!
  5. arn243

    $200 trail cam suggestions?

    In my experience, I have found Primos to be well operating units in the ultra versions but the best feature is they have holes for cables to be run through it which means you can buy a python cable lock. and its less weight to carry around.
  6. arn243

    Seeking Water

    My camera at a spot that almost always has water, This buck was smelling for water after seeing the video portion!
  7. arn243

    What rifle are your kids shooting???

    My son sits at 90 Pounds with a small frame and he shoots my browning 3006 with a muzzle break with no problems. This bullet can go fromm 55 grain for javelina and only needs 150 grain for elk plus the shells are not hard to find in most stores. The scope really helps him get out and knock down the whitetail when he has too also. I am a fan for a 243 but for long distance the 3006 has the advantage.
  8. arn243

    Mateo's First Elk

    A young one but I was not not complaining during the pack out! A big thank you to other hunters who helped us out when my brass split after the shot and left 3/4 of the brass in the chamber. The cow was hurt and I let it walk as I had no choice. I returned to the truck to attempt to free the shell in the chamber when two gentlemen (Gale and Glen) from Tucson with their grandson brady came along and offered an extra rifle they had and we accepted. We returned to the area and 100 yards into the burned forest I spotted the cow and she was put down for good. Hunters are always ready to help and that is good for anyone to know if they get into a situation! My 12 year old will never forget the bulls bugling and all the action for one morning. Life is good!
  9. arn243

    How often do coues deer drink water?

    Talking to a cattleman he stated the Deer body was too big to not have water and the moisture in grazing was not enough being that deer are cud chewers. Over the years I have found many tiny seeps and deer can smell them out when needed. Deer find the water that is available when it rains this is what determines how far a deer will travel for water. On four legs a mile means 5 minutes of walking!
  10. arn243


    Trying not to sound like the dummy, Who is "Omaha" ?
  11. arn243

    Just passing through

    Im using these products for taking pictures of deer because after Sept they will not pay attention to the mineral licks. I believe the writing on the new law says "For the taking of game" Like if they would set a stand on a salt block like Ive seen up north on elk. At least that is how I have read the verbage!
  12. arn243

    Just passing through

    Start your salt in the spring when they are dropping their horns with some Black Magic or something with scent and they will find it. Set your cameras up when your ready and replenish as you need to, the more cover the better and not at water but nearby or near a high use area just off the trail.
  13. BP dispatch in Nogales is 520-761-2567, Cell signals are getting better in the area Even though we are packing the extra weight of guns and ammo we still call in our intentions to go overnight to BP Dispatch before we go in backpacking so that they dont come investigating us. They are very good about taking the information.
  14. It is nice just talking with Jesse, Let alone his desire to help a person out. Store is on the other side of town but I make the trip due to the service! It is appreciated!
  15. arn243

    Horses in Unit 36B

    Everyone I have ever seen bring horses into the mountain areas, never seemed to return after a go at it. Although that goes for some places and not for others. Mule deer hunters hunt the lower areas and seem to cover some good ground. Ive seen hunters trailer their horses in a bit then tether them in the rest of the way but I rarely see them in the rough stuff. Once I saw hunters riding mules way back in but again I never saw them again. I let my eyes do the walking and with the right pack plus gutless method, it is not hard to get a deer out