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  1. Eliteshooter

    Hornady ELDX 212gr 300 PRC Ammo - 2 Boxes

    Do you still have both for sale?
  2. Eliteshooter

    300 PRC AMMO

    Where are you located? I'm in peoria?'
  3. Eliteshooter

    6.5 Creedmoor 143ELD-X

    Are they all sold?
  4. Eliteshooter

    Nightforce NXS

    Have you sold it yet?
  5. Eliteshooter

    300 PRC AMMO

    How many boxes are left?
  6. Eliteshooter

    CRISPI SUMMIT 9.5 NEW-275.00

    Where are you located? Interested
  7. Eliteshooter

    F/S vortex viper 6-24x50 ffp

    Where are you located to see the scope?
  8. Eliteshooter

    F/S vortex viper 6-24x50 ffp

    Is the scope still for sale?
  9. Recently bought a 257 weatherby and as far as scope setup, i was looking at Vortex, Leupold, Nikon.
  10. Eliteshooter

    crossbred buck

    Thanks for the clearing up... So i shot a hybrid and which is my first buck.... So how many sittings have there been. Anyone?