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  1. olmos1010

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    This will forever haunt me as well.
  2. olmos1010

    Exo Mountain Gear 4800 First Lite Fusion

    What model, k2 or k3 also what size belt?
  3. olmos1010

    all gone, thanks all!

    I'll take the targets
  4. olmos1010

    Swarovski STX w/ 65mm objective spotter

  5. olmos1010

    Any Tile guys on here?

    I found someone, Thank you guys for the responses.
  6. olmos1010

    Any Tile guys on here?

    I've got a small bathroom job and looking to get done. Located in Apache junction. Please pm or text if interested. Thank you. Frank 4805218214
  7. olmos1010

    Thoughts on battery operated chainsaws.

    I've always been a DeWalt man and have alot of DeWalt tools including lawn mower, weed eater, blower and so on. That being said milwaukee is leaving DeWalt tools in the dust when it comes to the latest and greatest. Constantly improving and adding new stuff to their line up. I still would get a 20v DeWalt chain saw only because I've got so many batteries and other DeWalt gear but if I was starting fresh I probably would lean towards milwaukee. Either way both put out a quality saw for what you're looking for.
  8. olmos1010

    .223 ammo

    Just trying to get back the money I spent on ammo I was picking up for my brother-in-law who ended up backing out. Oh well if I get stuck with it but figure I'd post it here to see if anybody was interested. Asking $865 for a thousand rounds of 62gr. .223
  9. olmos1010

    Wtb some NL Pures or El 12's

    Wtb some Swarovski NL Pures or El's. (12's) Got Cash in hand let me know what you got.
  10. Couple of good ones, congrats.
  11. olmos1010


    My daughter is doing them now and is also licensed through azgfd. Draysen does do good work as well.
  12. olmos1010

    Mom fighting for her life with Covid 19

    Prayers sent, God bless.
  13. olmos1010

    Couple of Euros finished

    Daughter finished up a couple nice coues bucks today as well as a pretty good bear.
  14. olmos1010

    500 rounds Remington XM 193 5.56 ammo.

    Still available? If so I'm Interested.