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  1. olmos1010

    Draw Results Come Early this Year?!!

    Spot on
  2. olmos1010

    Spot Hogg Fast Eddie 2 pin

    Asking $250
  3. olmos1010

    Spot Hogg Fast Eddie 2 pin

    Asking $250
  4. olmos1010

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Deep frying a ham as we speak.
  5. olmos1010

    A few recent outings

    Cool cool, keep stacking em. Congrats.
  6. olmos1010

    A few recent outings

    Stacking fur, Nice. Are you putting up the fur or just leaving the dogs?
  7. olmos1010

    Black Friday buck

    Congrats on a Stud.
  8. olmos1010


    PSA has one for $549
  9. olmos1010

    Thanks to all for replies

    How much?
  10. olmos1010

    What it’s all about!

    Your the man Frank, congrats on a successful hunt and experience all the way around.
  11. olmos1010


    Heading out after work tomorrow to scout for my son's jr hunt. If we glass up a buck like that opening morning we are dropping the hammer.
  12. olmos1010


    On my Way up north to help a buddy out on his elk Hunt. He's been up there solo since the opener but it's been a struggle. I've never been in this unit so any info on possible spot to check out would be greatly appreciated.
  13. olmos1010

    Double Down

    Couple of Nice Heavy Bullz, Well done. Congrats, ain't nothing like chasing bugles.
  14. olmos1010

    First Bugle Of The Year!

    Spent all last week up there and started hearing bugles on Saturday and Sunday morning. Saw a decent bull layed up on my way out with about 30 cows. Going to be a good rut hunt.
  15. olmos1010

    Dry Ground Hound Puppies

    How big do they get any pictures of parents?