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  1. olmos1010

    7mm-08 Tikka t3 super light lightweight tack driver

    Can someone please post the pictures of this rig, for whatever reason I can't open them.
  2. olmos1010

    Already over!!!!!!!

    Very nice buck, congrats.
  3. olmos1010

    2021 mule deer

    For sure, seems like you got them down to a science too. My daughter has a hunt here in a few weeks and I'm hoping to turn her up something decent. Congrats again.
  4. olmos1010

    2021 mule deer

    Hellofabuck, congrats. Love them desert muleys.
  5. olmos1010

    Wtb left handed bow

    I found one guys, thanks.
  6. olmos1010

    Wtb left handed bow

    Might be a little bit small but I appreciate the response. I'll take her to a shop sometime this week to get her draw length. She's going to be 20 in December and decided she wants to give bow hunting a try.
  7. olmos1010

    Wtb left handed bow

    Looking for a left handed bow for my daughter. Let me know what you got. Thanks.
  8. olmos1010

    Outdoorsmans pistol grip with panner

  9. olmos1010

    2021 AZ archery bull *story added*

    Very nice bull, congrats.
  10. olmos1010

    WTS Sightron siii 6-24x50

    I'm aware that this is the same wording and pictures from another members post but I figured since I was the one who purchased it from him it would be okay.
  11. olmos1010

    WTS Sightron siii 6-24x50

    I have a scope sitting here that hasn't been mounted in a while and may as well sell if someone is looking. These are great scopes, lots of reviews for them online and many people have switched to them from much pricey scopes. Glass is clear and clean of scratches. Tube has a slight ring mark which will likely be covered up when mounted anyways. I bought this scope a while back with plans but Have since changed direction. Asking $675
  12. olmos1010

    Henry Lever .22LR

    2nds if it falls through.
  13. olmos1010


  14. olmos1010

    Moultrie A-30 game cameras

  15. olmos1010

    Ruger American Predator 6.5

    I'll take some ammo if you end up splitting it up.