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  1. olmos1010

    my 2019 12aw late mule deer

    Looks good, would like to see a couple more pics.
  2. olmos1010

    Shed buyer

    Josh's prices and grading aren't great these days. He also doesn't buy any chalk like stated before. Alan doesn't buy anymore either. Most buyers are still paying $3lb for chalk.
  3. olmos1010

    No sheds but a pretty nice Dead head

    So I did a quick rough score on him last night and I got him at around 98 1/2". Not sure if I'll be able to squeeze an extra inch and a half even if I take my time but we'll see.
  4. olmos1010

    ISO - Springfield Armory Hellcat osp

    PSA has them in the daily deals.
  5. olmos1010

    No sheds but a pretty nice Dead head

    I don't know much about scoring deer but I told him this one might break that Golden 100" mark. My boy could care less he's just happy that he gets to keep it. Lol.
  6. olmos1010

    No sheds but a pretty nice Dead head

    Oh yeah my little man was fired up to say the least. Within seconds of me finding it he said "can I have it Dad, can I have it Dad"? All I could say was "sure can buddy".
  7. olmos1010

    No sheds but a pretty nice Dead head

    I know it's hard to tell from pictures but any guesses on what he might score? I haven't scored him yet so I'm just curious on what some of you gurus think it might go.
  8. Took the kids on hike yesterday to let them get out of the house for a bit. We didn't find any sheds but did turn up a nice coues dead head.
  9. olmos1010

    Cylinder stove for large tent

    Still available?
  10. olmos1010

    2018 EXO MTN GEAR K2 2000 Pack

    TTT. Still available.
  11. olmos1010

    Looking for Chicken Coop

    You must live in my neighborhood.
  12. olmos1010

    Looking for Chicken Coop

    Wish I could see nice bulls from my back porch.
  13. olmos1010

    Credit Card Hit

    I've never been this sad to not have money missing from my account.
  14. olmos1010

    Cabela's bighorn 3 Tent

    Price drop to $575.
  15. olmos1010

    Cabela's bighorn 3 Tent

    Cabela's bighorn 3 Tent with vestibule. Tent was only used a couple times and is in like new condition. Does not come with stove. Price is $650