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    Muzzleloader information for beginners

    Don't forget Todd at SouthernXpress, He builds a nice muzzleloader. Picked one up last year and my daughter shot her first bull with it about a week later.
  2. Great looking buck, congrats.
  3. olmos1010

    BH 209 in stock

    At bass pro today
  4. olmos1010

    First One

    Bad a$$, congrats. That's definitely a bucket lister for me.
  5. olmos1010

    WTB Cord Wood

    How much for a cord up there?
  6. olmos1010

    Last day buck

    Awesome buck, congrats. Love the light color of that coues.
  7. olmos1010

    Friends Matter

    Awesome buck, congrats to the young lady.
  8. olmos1010

    Last day buck

    Nice last day or any other day buck, congrats.
  9. F**k that Punk Mother Fu**er! Don't let his Bi**h A** bully you or give you s**t for not posting pictures. Post what you want not what others think you should. Congrats on the lion and deer.
  10. olmos1010

    My son's 2022 Elk hunt

    Congrats to you guys for an awesome bull. Nothing better than seeing your kids get it done. That time in woods together is invaluable. That's some of the best footage I've seen.
  11. olmos1010

    WTB Rain gear

    After hunting this past weekend in some heavy heavy rains I found out that my rain gear will not hold up in the heavy stuff. That being said I'm looking for Feedback on some quality rain gear being as I'll be chasing bugles for 3 weeks straight here in September. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  12. olmos1010

    Couple mounts recently finished

    Nice, keep up the good work.
  13. olmos1010

    Food vacuum sealer or the like

    I've got the same one and it's bad a$$.
  14. olmos1010

    Swarovski stx 65mm

    Great conditions Swarovski STX with 65 mm objective lens and marsupial soft case. Asking $2900 Will trade towards BTX set up.
  15. olmos1010

    Got my archery bull

    Very nice bull, congrats. Absolute stud!
  16. olmos1010

    Swarovski stx 65mm

    All pm's replied to, thanks.
  17. olmos1010

    Swarovski stx 65mm

    Ttt Price drop $2900
  18. olmos1010


    Been dead everywhere I've been in 27
  19. olmos1010

    Fantasy football 2022

    Paid on August 23rd "Happy birthday "
  20. olmos1010

    Swarovski stx 65mm

  21. olmos1010

    Heavier than my heaviest dream buck

    heck yeah buddy, congrats on a banger.
  22. olmos1010

    Optics for sale

    Posting for a buddy. Vortex 22-48x65 razor HD Spotter, The binos are the 20x56 Kaibabs $800 each or $1500 for both
  23. olmos1010

    WTB Rain gear

    I appreciate the feedback, I've got the 27 early archery and my daughter has the 22s muzzleloader that starts right after mine ends so I'll be in both situations this season. Good problem have I guess.