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  1. HICAP40

    Muzzle break 300 rum

    terminator t3 simply awesome john hiller
  2. If you ever get the chance to get Down to White Water Draw, do it ! When 20,000 Crane fly in around 10-12 in the afternoon its a spectacular site didnt get to photo much elk this year due to work, But Ive been hammering the eagles and osprey latey Enjoy the crane photos, I really enjoyed taking the pics Johnny
  3. HICAP40

    Long range scopes

    i know, i still like the 32 power on a long shot
  4. HICAP40

    Long range scopes

    How do you feel about an 8x minimum magnification for hunting purposes? All depends, when i am glassing for whitetail on the side of a mountain. i want all the glass i can get john hiller
  5. HICAP40

    Long range scopes

    sightron 8-32 and dont look back johnny
  6. HICAP40

    Hornady 140 eld-m

    im shooting berger 140 hunting bullets with 42.3 gr h4350 sub moa at 300 ruger rpr johnny
  7. headin out this weekend with some buddies to spend the day shootn. would like to get out to a mile, any suggestions? oracle, san manuel? johnny
  8. HICAP40

    Looking to team up

    what unit did you end up applying for?
  9. HICAP40

    Come test your skills

    been keeping an eye out on Battle Royale to see there was some info on the course of fire. Didnt really want to sign up if we had to sprint 250 yards then shoot 1000 yards. any info is appreciated. We shoot alot of long range. All info on the match is greatly appreciated ps..... We have the same sickness. Shooting at distance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and photographing Big Bull Elk John Hiller
  10. HICAP40

    $2500 budget to get into long range

    ruger precision 6.5 cm and 8-32 sightron 1800-1900.00 mine hammers if ya bump it up find a used 6.5x284 custom on gunbroker for about 1800 and a sightron 2800-2900, got a nightforce on mine and it really hammers johnny
  11. HICAP40

    Elk Show 2016

    I own Hiller and Sons Painting in Tucson
  12. HICAP40

    Elk Show 2016

    being a large painting contractor has its disadvantages sometimes, we do alot of new schools and school remodels. we havent had a day off in 6 weeks. now that school opens up today its time to head up north.. suks that the bulls start the rut soon. i noticed that around aug 15 the bulls start roaming alot. johnny
  13. HICAP40

    Elk Show 2016

    Not a bad weekend for elk pics, Prairie dog huntn was Hot.. The backup camera was shooting some pretty clear pics (canon 7d mrk ii with a 100-400 ii lens) anybody know of a good squirrel deterrent?, little B....rd is eating the cushions on the porch Enjoy One for the cow hunters
  14. HICAP40

    Elk Show 2016

    give me 2 weeks, wife is going outta town so I got to babysit 3 dobermans also prairie dog season opens that weekend I think johnny