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  1. ggpwr

    Quick Processing

    Hey All, Been a long time since I have posted because it took 9 years to get a tag again, and it only took me moving to Colorado right before the draw to learn I had finally gotten drawn for a rut bull tag. That being said, driving back down to hunt the last 2/3 of early archery in 4A from Denver. If I am lucky enough to get one with a few days to spare before heading home after the 28th, are there any processors in Rim Country that can do a quick turn around? I would prefer not to cooler and ice everything back home on a 12 hour drive, but will if needed. Good luck to everyone and hope to meet some good folks in the field!
  2. ggpwr

    3/17 CC Hits?

    Hit! Early archery for me! Only took 10 years!
  3. ggpwr

    First Bull

    Great story and congrats on the bull!
  4. ggpwr

    5B North and South

    Yeah it is all of 5B. Just from what I have read and heard, sounds like there is more opportunity to get an animal in 5BS. N can get really nasty with the weather, and we fought the worst of it a few years back. 6 inches of mud on your boots, too much mud for quads, etc. I'm all about the hard hunts and the miles, but I don't think my dad can hang with that anymore. Hence, why I have been scouting S. He is also not looking for a trophy, just meat in the freezer.
  5. ggpwr

    5B North and South

    Just got back from scouting 5BS for my dad's late season rifle hunt. We have hunted 5BN before but never 5BS. Saw a few bulls and cows, and sign everywhere. The weather can change and make everything a muddy mess in the late season. Not as much glassing ability in the South from what I have seen. There is water everywhere and almost all of the tanks are full if not overflowing. I don't really know what kind of strategy to go after this year and would love to talk to some others about it. It's my dad's 60th this year and he has never gotten an elk in az. It would be great if I could help him find one. I don't think he can handle hiking miles and miles through the terrain anymore, but he's also is not the road hunter type. Any help would be much appreciated. I'm open to telling what I know of the unit and buying beers for other good info. Good luck to everyone, should be a great year!
  6. ggpwr

    Elk/Moose Hybrid?

    Hey all. Wasn't entirely sure where to post this. My friend in Colorado sent me this pic asking if it was photoshopped. Story is that someone he works with came across this while elk hunting near Red Feather, CO. I know wild stuff can happen in nature, but has anybody seen or heard of an elk/moose hybrid? Can moose grow non-palmated antlers that resemble elk antlers? Just curious and though I would ask the experts!
  7. ggpwr

    December 36A Hunt

    +1 Pine Donkey. We took an out of town friend javelina hunting down in 37 one year. He walked right over the top of a smaller cholla like it was brush not knowing what it was. I swear he was picking spines out of his beanbag for months after that!
  8. ggpwr

    December 36A Hunt

    We are planning on taking a toy hauler. We would normally tent it but we thought that with the activity in the area it might be better to have something to lock up.
  9. Hey All, I know this topic has been covered in the past, and I have read through what I can find, but I am looking for a little info on 36A for my December Coues hunt. I am not looking for honey holes or the best spots to hunt (unless you really want to share, then by all means PM me!) but more about the terrain, the illegal situation and best places to camp. I have never hunted in the area before and hope to get a scouting trip or two done before I go down for it. I would like to know more about where to camp, where the most smuggler traffic is so I can stay away, and any other tips on the unit. From what I have read, it seems pretty likely that I will run into or glass some unfavorable characters, which is fine because I have BP's number in my phone and will make sure to report it. How have the deer been down there the last few years? Bigger bucks in the flats or mountains? I have never hunted in the December hunt either, what are the best times of day to be glassing and hiking? Thanks for any help!
  10. ggpwr

    Results Are Out!

    36A December for me and my dad. Didn't think we had a chance at it but now I guess I better learn the area and figure out how to deal with the border issues!
  11. ggpwr

    Weird deaths!

    About five years ago, my dad and I were hunting a private ranch around Bayfield, CO during elk season. The whole week we were running across bears. Some on the trails, some in the woods and a big cinnamon one came down near camp and watered in a tank for about 30 min while we all stood and watched. Saw 13 bear that week. All that aside, the best story of the week came while we were sitting about 80 yds above a game trail. About 8-10 turkeys emerged from the scrub oak on the trail and were moving along. As they got right below us, a 200lb+ black bear dove out of the bush and pounced on one of the largest turkeys. An explosion of feathers and dirt erupted. When it cleared, the bear just moseyed away with a gobbler in his mouth. Not a bad dinner for him! So watch out for those Ninja black bears in Colorado....
  12. ggpwr

    Draw results out on phone

    Not drawn! Results are also available online...
  13. ggpwr

    Woods Canyon Lake Info?

    Hey All, Me and about 8 buddies are going to Woods Canyon Lake April 29-May 1 for my birthday and some fishing. Anyone been up there recently? I know they were supposed to stock it yesterday. I would love to go somewhere a little more secluded but some of these guys don't get out much and I don't want to hear anyone whine that they got their pink truck and shiny loafers dirty. Anyway, if you have been there, what are they hitting on? I am also open to other suggestions to camp/fish that weekend in the surrounding area if you have a better idea than Woods Canyon. Thanks for the help!
  14. ggpwr


    CMC, Yes it was here in AZ. I did the games Mesa games from about 2001-2005. I did the Tucson games a couple times and the Camp Verde games once. My name is Matt Hendricks, and my good friend Glen Adams did them with me and still competes. What's you brothers name?
  15. ggpwr

    Sunflower seeds

    Zotes beer baked seeds are the best. Bigs bacon #2