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  1. raisedin32

    (SOLD) Mystery Ranch Pop-Up 38

    Gotta give this a bump. This a nice pack.
  2. raisedin32

    Sig Kilo 2200MR Rangefinder

  3. raisedin32

    Quail Hunting: San Carlos Apache Rez

    I found out that if you don't have the proper permits on the reservation they will take your shotgun and make you pay to get it back.
  4. raisedin32

    Good luck

    Heading up to 21 Thursday to see if we can us a couple bruisers.
  5. raisedin32

    a few pics from 36B

    OH MY!!! Sorry couldn't help myself.
  6. raisedin32

    Proposition 109 - The Right to Hunt and Fish

    This is where I got my info on the bill. I will be voting yes. Just for laughs look who in opposing the bill and why. http://ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php/Ariz..._109_%282010%29
  7. raisedin32

    For Sale - Cast Iron Cook Set

    pm sent
  8. raisedin32

    Ready to build my first rirfle

    Thanks Tim Jeffro I just have the urge to build a hunting rifle and I don't have a .270. I don't want to do any bench rest shooting, I just wanted to shoot a deer with a rifle I built. The reason for the mauser action was I thought I could get a used one kinda cheap.
  9. I'm thinking I'm ready to build my first rifle. Thought I would do a mauser action, douglas barrel (in .270), richard's stock, and not sure on the trigger assembly. But I'm having a really hard time finding a mauser action without buying a whole rifle. Any thoughts?
  10. That depends if you like the way it shots if it is a good deal or not.
  11. raisedin32

    chiggers in az?

    I know this sounds weird but what I found that works the best for chiggers is cover each bite with a little of the wife's finger nail polish and it will go away pretty quick and it takes away the itch. I got em bad last year fishing the black river.
  12. raisedin32

    2010 coues

    That's a nice buck man.
  13. raisedin32

    Private land

    But shouldn't a responsible and ethical hunter know where he/she is while hunting and ask permission of the land owner to enter his/her private land to hunt or retrieve down game? Am I way off base here guys or do I need to exploit the law and just hope not to get caught by the land owner.
  14. raisedin32

    Private land

    So if your back yard isn't posted in the corners and at the back gate I can come shoot squirrels in it?
  15. G&F like to track the movement of lions see how far they range and see what kind of litters they have. Most lions that are taken out of populated areas get collared.