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  1. kennyt

    Northern AZ bow shop

    Like a lot of people I’ve been shooting a bow for most my life. I would recommend learning to take care of your own bow. Having a press is the hardest part. No shop will take the time to properly set up and tune your bow.
  2. kennyt

    Current conditions - Perfect timing

    We need 5 years of rain like this in 19a so it can have some fawn survival.
  3. kennyt

    new to shed hunting, advice?

    Yup, 1-2 every 10 miles is what I find. Some guys find pockets of sheds but I never have. Even if I watch 10-15 bulls during winter it seems they start moving around the same time they drop and scatter them everywhere.
  4. kennyt

    How is YOUR coldbore?

    My last 3 kills have been 300, 440, 450. All one shots kills. One miss at 550. I hand load and shoot as often as I can.
  5. kennyt

    2018 elk rut

    I have seen some good action in years past at this time. I think this is when they start to separate from the summer herds. It will quiet down a little then pick back up as the rut peaks.
  6. Lots of good info. After a ladder what depths do you adjust seating, .01, .001?
  7. I have 2 model 70s. Both shoot 3/4 MOA or better with hand loads. I dont know why they are so hard to sell.
  8. kennyt

    AR 15 up for trade

    Shoot me a PM. I cant figure it out on my phone to send you one.
  9. kennyt

    AR 15 up for trade

    Does he have interest in a 300wsm?
  10. kennyt

    Primos Cam in 23N

    Radios result in far more dead animals than trail cams ever will. Trail cams asssit in targeting specific animals.
  11. kennyt

    Elk behavior

    The calf crop this year was great. Some heards were almost %50 calfs. I completely lost the elk during the first cow hunt. My daughter had the tag and we were on themopening morning then one more day that she could hunt. I was able to get a few heards patterned prior to my hunt. I spend a lot of time in the unit and can tell you they over hunt everything. This deer season was dangerous with the amount of people.
  12. kennyt

    Elk behavior

    If you see this before your hunt ends PM me. I killed 15 min into the hunt and will put you on them.
  13. Get to know the units around Prescott and have a quality hunt every few years and fill in with hints in Colorado
  14. kennyt

    Opening day archery Az Strip buck!

    When did a 200" or just under typical become not a giant? Sure larger are killed but that is a special deer.