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  1. MangeyJoe

    Night Hunting proposal

    +1, I didn't come up with anything on google search, I'll keep my fingers crossed though.
  2. MangeyJoe

    Foxpro Spitfire

    I have the Primo's Power Dogg for about 3 or 4 years and never treated me bad on the field.
  3. MangeyJoe

    April Fools Lion

    Nice Lion
  4. MangeyJoe

    30 out of 43 bobcats

    Excellent job!!! I wish I got a bobcat this year. I've only shot one bobcat in my life. keep us posted on how your fur turns out, I might buy one, if your going sell any.
  5. MangeyJoe

    foxpro calling sequence

    It's like fishing, you have to find out what there biting on. Yesterday's call probably won't work the next day... I have the "Primos Power dogg" and I always start with a lonely howl or female invite, the coyotes usually respond after a few calls that are spread out about a minute or two in sequence. My main call I use and get coyotes charging in is the fawn distress, because coyotes will B-line right to the call, especially after rain fall or snow fall. I shot my first and only bobcat with the fawn distress and loved that e-call ever since. -Happy Calling
  6. MangeyJoe

    To all the single men

    Congradulations Justin, I also am engaged to get married (next month) on April 15th. Her name is Jen and she loves and respects the outdoors as much as I do, and loves dogs which is a major plus since, I can't live with a dog in my life. She loves fishing, but is not a hunter but wants me to take on a hunt and is into guns though, especially classics. I know she will never tell me I can't go hunting or shooting. Never thought I would get married, until I met her, we knew we were going to marry each other as soon as I asked her out to dinner. I took her flying one day over the superstion mountains and that is where I knew I better start saving up for a ring.
  7. MangeyJoe

    Black lab female

    Does she hunt, track, point or retrieve? Is she just a companion dog?
  8. MangeyJoe

    CO Lion

    Look At That Beast !!!
  9. MangeyJoe

    Poachers beware

    +1 I thought Bighorn sheep especially would be a definate felony. I would also want that to be enforced.
  10. MangeyJoe

    Nice Fox

    My hunting partner had the 870 12 gauge but it was really young and we both felt we should leave him alone. I brought my .270 because it's the first hunt its been on I also have a old savage .22LR/12 gauge combo single shot that stayed home. The only thing why I didn't use it is because it belonged my father in law and is rediculously old and belonged to his father who died a long time ago. He gave it to me since I'm into guns and hunting, and not his son because he is into video games and has no appreciation for the outdoors at all. His loss is my gain.
  11. MangeyJoe

    Nice Fox

    Nice Fox, excellent colors. I called yesterday (saturday morning) and had a young grey fox (smaller then that one) come to our calls and the fox actually mocked the cotton tail distress from my electronic caller. I got a kick out of it. It got in sight but we let him go since we were trying for a coyote or bobcat and my .270 would of blown it up. It seen me move but didnt run off as we were leaving the stand, it was curious and followed us while maintaining a distance as we went to the car. At the car and I tossed my ham and cheese sandwich I packed for lunch so it had something to eat. It actually ate it in front of us and then went on with its day. It was a sight to see and I never seen a wild animal so curious to follow humans, or attempt to mock my a cotton tail distress like that.
  12. MangeyJoe

    San Diego area fishing guide/charter

    I have had a private charter out of San Diego so I can help you. What species are you trying to catch? How long of a trip? If you don't mind what is your price range? PM ME and I can help you
  13. MangeyJoe

    The look...

    Beautiful Lion!!! Looks Really Healthy Too