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    Should you get a tag if you can't read English?

    Please don't forget this is America. Everyone is an immigrant, even the natives. We are better for it and always will be.
  2. Whitesheep

    rv solar panels

    Hey NTS, where do you plug it in?
  3. Whitesheep

    Never give up

    Real or Photoshop? #2 has my vote. A snake can't regurgitate anything if that is a hint.
  4. Whitesheep

    Boys of Fall

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to put my tag to use. Even if it is just hunting and not getting.
  5. Whitesheep

    6b Stolen gear

    What type of vehicle was the gear in? Open backed pickup, SUV or locked camper shell? This worries me when I hunt in populated areas.
  6. Wow Big Browns, that is fantastic. Way to go. Are there any left? Carefree Highway by the G&F office was a downer for me again this year. Jumped 20 or more right off the bat and took one with my first round out of my 870 after not firing it for two years (total skunk in 2015). I thought this was auspicious, but boy was I wrong. This was the only bird I got to shoot at. I only saw one other in 2 1/2 hours of walking. Didn't even set up the decoys as nothing was passing. I need another spot. Anyone willing to share or need a buddy as I am hunting solo now. Thank you and good luck to all.
  7. Whitesheep

    Looking for opinions on where to live in AZ

    Ha Ha Ha. Anything in AZ is better than OH. Just move. You will figure it out once you get here
  8. Whitesheep

    Is AZGFD giving out our personal information?

    Actually I don't mind being contacted by potential service providers in the area I was drawn. In this way I may find a taxidermist or outfitter or guide I didn't know about. Marketing is important and adds value when done with respect to the potential client. Everyone of us who works for a living benefits from marketing. If no one buys the product your company sells, it is rather hard for your company to make payroll. Unless of course you work for the government. Then making payroll is easy. Just tax the citizens whether they want the service provided or not.
  9. Whitesheep

    water softener...

    There is another alternative: Ecosmarte http://www.ecosmarte.com/. Their whole house system has been on my house for 20 years and I have a similar system for my pool. No chlorine at any tap on my house including the outside. This copper based technology is backed with a deep media carbon filter. My pool and house are completely chlorine free. This is so much better than a salt pool if for no other reason that I have 20,000 gallons of drinking water in my back yard. I take all the camp water for our group from my tap because the stuff my buddies bring is tastes like crap and it takes too long and too much water to use RO. If you ever eat at a Manuel's Mexican Restaurant try their water as they have been running these systems longer than I have. No, not cheap, but worth every penny in the long run.
  10. Whitesheep

    Truck tire load ratings

    A good tire thread is hard to beat. According to Hankook's web site Dynapro AT's in 315/70/17 have a load index of 118 http://www.hankooktire.com/us/passenger-cars/hankook-dynapro-at-m-rf10.html. This equates to a load rating of 2910 lbs per the Tire Load Index Chart from Tires Plus http://www.tiresplus.com/shop-for-tires/tire-buying-guide/tire-load-index-chart/. For for this is a total GVWR carrying capacity of 11,640 lbs which is actually a load range "margin" of 435 lb's per tire given the 9900 weight you supplied. This should still be plenty of margin if you don't overload your truck or tongue weight. As for the "D" vs. "E" thing, you are correct that it isn't very helpful for exactly the reasons you stated. I would go with the index and not the old alpha rating. Here is my personal example of why this is so: My '04 2500 Ram currently runs GY MT/R 285/70/17 and they have a load index of 121 or 3197 lbs at 65 psi nominally rated "D." The BFG Long Trail T/A's in 265/70/17E that came with the truck from the factory (note the "E") have a 3190 lb load rating at 80 psi. Yes these are rated "E." The BFG's blew up with less than 20k on them because I actually took them on several "long trails" before carrying a load of Boy Scouts to Philmont where one on the front blew out a 6" pie slice from the side wall at 65 mph outside Heber. I have run two sets of the MT/R's and they never let me down. If you ever see my truck you will note it gets used for what is was made for. So which is better? "E" or "D?" In this case it is pretty clear. Moral of the story? Go with the weight index not the old letter rating. Worry more about construction than the rating as long as they are indicated by the manufacturer to "fit your truck." The number of plies in the sidewall and what they are made of really do matter. The Hankooks appear to be a single ply side wall. I would carry at least two spares if these were on my truck and maybe three just because of the single ply, not the "D."
  11. Whitesheep

    Chiricahuas visit tips?

    Wow cramerhunts, that's right down terrifying and exactly what I want to avoid.
  12. Whitesheep

    Backpacking Holster Question

    My carry is the same as pwrguy; holster attached to pack hip belt. I carry left side so as not to interfere with a rifle on my right. While I agree with firstcoues about having the weapon attached to me, this is the best compromise I have come up with. Drop carry doesn't work for me as I don't like the strap around my thigh. Chest carry is out since my bino's are there already. I am open to other ideas.
  13. Whitesheep

    Camp Cook Box

    Wow, I want to camp with you guys who run multiple dutch ovens and skillets. We go dutch when leisure camping, but rarely have time to run one when hunting. I have on occasion when we have taken the afternoon off to goof off and eat well, but normally it is fast and easy prep so we can focus on hunting and hydration. We do have a "camp b*tch" lined up for this year's deer hunt since he can't walk far, but I don't know if he can run a dutch or not. I hope he can at least keep the beer cold and not drink it all himself. My "bug out bin" has everything needed for a camp kitchen except the stove, fuel and food. (There is a back packing lantern and stove with fuel if it is really needed.) All the stuff fits in one Rubber Maid tote and has held up to snow and rain, but not fire (don't ask). I go through it once a year and replace spices, fire starters, etc that go bad or get used up. The best way to make one is get a good container and during a camp just place everything you use in the bin after your done with it. If you overflow, pick out what you really don't need (boom box, sat phone, portable toilet, shower, etc) and stick with what will keep you alive.
  14. Whitesheep

    Chiricahuas visit tips?

    Honestly I was having a little fun, but seriously my group has seen illegals coming over silver peak (they freaked at my white capped Ram 2500 even without a green stripe). We have also seen camps, bales of something, spent military flairs, discarded water bottles/cloths/shoes, etc. We do hunt separately, but group up and stay at Cave Creek Ranch for the night. I wouldn't camp there outside of one of the improved CGs, let alone remotely alone. It just isn't worth it given what has happened down there. Turkey creek is one of the more populated areas with some traffic, so hunting that drainage we haven't ever seen anything and a camp there MIGHT be safe, but..... The Chiricahuas are beautiful and I have seen some cool stuff down there both back packing and hunting. Yes, I would backpack again, but up on the spine around 9k. The illegals don't appear to stray up that far. They are trying to get somewhere you know. I would pack heat though.
  15. Gunbroker.com is also a good place to get an idea of what price actually transactions are being completed.
  16. Whitesheep

    Phoenix CB Radio Repair Shop

    Apollo Communications on 43rd Ave and Northern is permanently closed. For many years this was my go to shop for repairs. I know there aren't many of us who still use a CB, but in some situations having AM communications is a real asset over FRS. What do you guys recommend for a Phoenix CB repair shop now that Apollo is closed?
  17. Whitesheep

    Tell me about Girl hunters

    Really inspiring thread. Other ideas are to join some of the "critter groups" such as the AZ Deer Association. Sure, there are a bunch of male hunters in these groups, but they are a great bunch of people concerned about conservation. You just might find someone to hunt with! https://azdeer.org/ https://www.arizonaelksociety.org/ https://www.adbss.org/ http://www.azantelope.org/
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    Sleep in hunting clothes when backpack hunting?

    Boy Scout Leaders + Nude Boy Scouts = Makes Sense
  19. Whitesheep

    Sleep in hunting clothes when backpack hunting?

    Sleeping with elk or deer pellets in your bag, or even adding them to your breakfast cereal, creates a natural cover sent.
  20. Whitesheep

    Blissful Ignorance

    WoW... That can't be real can it?
  21. Whitesheep

    AZGFD Ammunition Testing Event Today

    Thank you for the nice detailed write up. I believe non lead ammunition has a place and I use it when on the Kaibab. However, my experience with this bullet shows it is a different animal. I Shot (at) a small mule deer with a Barns out of a .243 at about 100 yards. He went back to feeding so I figured I missed. When he turned 180 degrees while I was setting up my follow up I saw blood pouring out of his side. I shot him in the neck (was much closer by then) and that ended his day. I am sure he would have eventually passed out and died from blood loss from the first shot, but he was not DRT right now. I contacted Barnes and they indicated what I experienced was by design. Go figure.
  22. Whitesheep

    Awesome Africa Adventure Video

    Excellent. Thank you for sharing GB. Someday I want to be in a video like this. Glad I did AK when I was younger.
  23. Whitesheep

    Cherry Creek Road FR 203 Permanent Closure

    Thank you for the map Swivelhead. I had to stare at it for a while to take it all in. Mostly I support road closures when every ridge has a road and frequently a quad, but Cherry Creek? We all really need to be together on this. Fighting among ourselves just means we lose. There is a considered way to close roads that need to be closed and keep open the ones that give us access. It will be sad to see Cherry Creek go, but I will admit I would love to backpack it once the trucks and quads are gone.
  24. Whitesheep

    Gotta love this "new" Nation

    roll'n roll'n roll'n, more ammo that is......
  25. Whitesheep

    Spare tires

    I additional to checking for the presence of an actual spare, check every lug nut to make sure you can loosen it. Many times the kids at the tire shop put the pneumatic impact wrench on 11 and let fly. Generally I remove and reinstall flats myself and just have the shop repair them so as to avoid over tight lug nuts. Consider a German car. BMW's come with run flats, but VW's have a real honest full duty spare tire with the proper tools in the trunk. Don't let the colored stickers fool you, read the tire. My wife and two kids drive VW's and for this reason I am glad they do.