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    AZGFD paying youtubers?

    And, as previously said by someone…g&F will see their money tenfold??? I’m not seeing how game and fish gets any money back for paying youtubers? It’s tag and license sales, right? All tags are sold…Every year. OTC sales are the extra dollars. If we have to draw now for some archery units, we’re selling too many tags already. Now all the OTC tag holders will end up in no-draw units, overcrowding those areas. I think most of us understand the Tragedy of the commons!! We don’t need more recruitment for OTC tag sales! Go to Arkansas! I think the limit is 9 deer. Arizona isn’t a bottomless pit of deer.
  2. JVS

    AZGFD paying youtubers?

    The tags are sold! Every. Single. Year. Why are game and fish (we) paying for advertisement to sell tags? There is already a shortage. Good ol boy system at its finest. And yes, we all ought to take note as to how many of these youtubers get tags year after year. My clan sure can’t anymore!
  3. JVS

    Draw Results Posted?

    Yep, I was refunded like a week after the results posted.
  4. JVS

    Hits Started

    And that is the biggest issue with big govt. status quo is absolutely fine, even if it’s a shizzle show. Why was the postal service so under water??? Because there are private alternatives. Private-run Mvd offices cropping up all over because the govt-run offices can’t get it right. You nailed it…but it seems at some level any govt organization would have the drive to want to be the best in the business and find ways to do it. None of us see the potential politics behind this either???
  5. JVS

    Hits Started

    It’s interesting AZGFD hasn’t or didn’t just swallow pride and copy what another state has done with their draw system. Doesn’t it make sense to find the best in the business and copy them?
  6. JVS

    2021 Card Hits?

    Well, supposedly the last hold up was updating the portal accounts, right? Hopefully they got in front of that this time and they run cards tomorrow am.
  7. JVS

    Credit card updates

    One thing is for sure...the draw continues to be consistently inconsistent, and absolutely no one knows the answers. G&F probably doesn't even know when they'll ask for updates. Speculation regarding card update or card charging timeframes is basically dog water. OK, now drag me through the mud😂.
  8. JVS

    Tick Tock

    A lot of landowner agreements are for access. Take the money and blade a road around them. Simple. Then, don’t maintain the old stretch of road because it’s not public anymore. Maintain the new road around them. A lot will change if that mentality was pushed.
  9. JVS

    Any portal updates

    It will be the 32nd of Neverary.
  10. JVS

    Any portal updates

    Yeah - Don’t jerk chains right now. Stakes are high and emotions on edge. People get themselves hurt jerking chains.
  11. JVS

    Poacher gets Nailed!!!!

    It’s never the fine that scares me...it shouldn’t be for anyone. The big loss should be losing respect of peers. You can’t put a price tag on losing respect of others. Then there’s the integrity within yourself. That can be a big battle. Sad thing is, most guys that do these acts don’t really care and seem to get away with it.
  12. JVS

    Tipping Taxidermist

    The taxidermist tipping nazi.
  13. JVS

    Tick Tock

    No, he said to pass tags to adults. Yes, It does happen for kids. Could you imagine if adults could receive a tag? No way. That would start an all out race and war to find the most friends to apply and pass their tag. No thanks.
  14. JVS

    Tick Tock

    I guarantee if this were to be allowed, there would be 500,000 applicants. Bam. All at once everyone’s non-Hunter aunt, uncle and dead grandmother would be an applicant so they could pass a tag. Good luck with 500,000 portholes😂
  15. JVS

    Tick Tock

    Fact. Opinions are like buttholes. Everyone has one...and no one likes the next guys.
  16. JVS

    18,000 new elk apps

    Sad but true. Sooo, my economics class taught me when supply is low and demand is high😏....looks like its time to jack the out of state prices if cash is king. I understand that the supply is not low on the OTC tags, but it should be. This hunting craze is creating a huge demand...and the supply will/should respond. These animals are not going to magically and exponentially reproduce every year we increase tag sales.
  17. JVS

    Pissed off

    Maybe I'm spewing crap, but would it be a good idea to not require a credit card up front? Let G&F do the drawing, send successful applicants a message showing a successful draw, give us 3 days to claim and purchase the tags online. If the tags are not claimed in 3 days, back into the pot to be reallocated to other hunters. That eliminates the whole card being updated issue, or card charge being denied by the bank for multiple suspicious charges, etc. Maybe a good idea, maybe terrible...dunno, just popped into my head and I started typing.
  18. JVS

    Leftover tag

    Welp- you gotta know how to read between the lines. Apps must be there Monday. Tags are all issued Monday. That equals a one day window.
  19. JVS

    Leftover tag

    I think making the mail in window one day is a crock of crap. No one has a united States postal service crystal ball - especially anyone out of Maricopa county. I’ve asked a hundred times at the PO. They say 1-3 days. Good grief - that’s the difference between Getting a tag and 2 days late!.Why can’t AZGFD allow the application acceptance Window to be Monday-Thursday and the draw starts Friday? Just my 2 cents. Guys in rural areas share my frustration.
  20. JVS

    Left Over List

    Pfff - nevermind. There are 500 leftovers for 10,000 applicants. My dad tells me all the time “back in the day, we’d go buy our December coues rifle tags over the counter”. Don’t want to know what it will look like in another 25 years😷.
  21. JVS

    Fishing Forums

    Fishing reports in general are hard to find. AZGFD does a terrible job of updating the past few years. I think everyone in the past kinda counted on AZGFD to have updates on most lakes around the state - not the case anymore since they changed the format and only update any given lake once every 6 months or so. Anyone know of a good source for general fishing reports for smaller lakes streams, etc?
  22. It’s in really good shape. Matching numbers. I haven’t shot it much, but never had any problems with it. Just don’t shoot it so I’m selling it. I’m located in Safford. $700.
  23. JVS

    Proud Parenting Moments

    3 for 3 on the elk this last year. My kids ate up every minute. Lots of one-on-one time in God's country. They've been asking everyday if my card got "hit". I tell them if they're not careful they'll end up like their old man, lingo and all.
  24. Anyone know if the G&F will allow an application to be amended with a new license number? My son's old license number ended up on the application and the system accepted it. I realized after the fact the license I was looking at expired in February. Is there any hope that G&F will add the new license # for him if I call and ask nicely? Otherwise, my 11-yr-old might just disown me.
  25. Update...I called G&F and the lady in the draw section said that if a license expires during the open application period and a new license is purchased online before the draw, the license information on the application automatically updates. Fhew! I was not looking forward to telling my 11-yr-old son that dad screwed up his application.