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  1. WhtMtnHunter

    Anything I should know before buying a trager?

    Got an Ironwood 650 on sale about 6 months ago. Absolutely love it! Never realized that it would completely replace our oven, literally haven't used the inside oven for months. Has a max temp of 500 which is great. It does eat lots of pellets though, kind of a unexpected expense but totally worth it.
  2. WhtMtnHunter

    ISO/WTB Mathews Switchback XT

    Still shoot my 20 year old Switchback LD! Love that thing. Good luck with your search.
  3. WhtMtnHunter

    Mathews Mission kids bow

    Bought this bow new, both kids started on it and quickly moved to full size bows. Adjusts from 17-30" draw. Can drop the weight down to about 15# i believe, and up to about 50#. Comes with the sight shown, 5 pin. No rest. Shoots nice. Have some older arrows if you want them. $100 Flagstaff.
  4. WhtMtnHunter

    Results are up.

    I drew a leftover unit 1 Antelope Mtn cow tag about 10 years ago. Nothing since, gave up a few years ago. You get lucky?
  5. WhtMtnHunter


    Lo Jack.
  6. WhtMtnHunter


    I've had 4 SuperDuty's stolen. 3 went to Sasabe/Three Points to run drugs and were recovered in west Phoenix 3-4 weeks later. Cartel gangbangers love them because they are easy to steal, tough, and haul lots of fentanyl/cocaine! I put a tracker on the 4th one stolen and DPS caught the bastard. I don't think he served any time though. Car theft isn't a big deal in AZ.
  7. WhtMtnHunter

    Shipping container garage

    These guys out on the west side of Phx make something similar. https://www.esparzascontainers.com/canopies
  8. WhtMtnHunter

    Remington 700 receiver for sale

    LOL https://www.gunbroker.com/item/968762084
  9. WhtMtnHunter

    PSA 10.5” AR Pistol 556

    New ATF rules are kind of ambiguous but I think the buffer tube now has to be incapable of having a brace attached(ie a straight tube) for it not to be considered an SBR. Of course it probably all depends on the ATF agent.
  10. WhtMtnHunter

    2023 Buffalo

    With the snow level this year that early hunt might be tough again! Is AZGFD still running cameras up there?
  11. WhtMtnHunter

    Anybody use Butler Bags

    My old man bought me a butler bag about 30 years ago when they were still based in Kingman. Have spent hundreds of nights in it and its still going strong. Love it
  12. WhtMtnHunter

    Elk Processing from MIllers 6-8 Weeks

    Casey's is the way to go. He has never taken more than a week to call for pickup, usually 3-4 days even when busy like now. Plus I like his old school butcher paper wrapping, lasts forever in the freezer.
  13. WhtMtnHunter

    Go Vote

    The AZGFD commission is gonna look a lot different in 4 years with the new woke wolf lovers in charge.
  14. WhtMtnHunter

    Ethically Hunting Arizona Points*

    Guess I missed this. New section of the portal bonus point breakdown. $150 for residents, $300 for non residents to watch basically a youtube video and get a permanent point? wow. https://www.azgfd.com/hunting/eha/
  15. WhtMtnHunter

    They are hitting cards

    Got charged for 44 turkey tags, all at once. $1100!