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    Couple scope pics

    Not sure why they came up sideways. But those are the two best pics I have on my phone. Watched him for about an hour tonight and got lots of film. He looked like an impressive bull with no breaks. Maybe he'll be around next Friday.
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    Pigeon Problem

    Quit feeding. if they don't leave use the gopher bait from Ace Hardware. its about $13 bucks and you'll have dead pigeons all over the place. I would try to quit feeding for awhile and then use it and maybe you wont kill as many non target birds. Works great tho if you want some dead birds
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    24A help ?

    I was up there sunday and monday. A buddy tagged out on a small 2x2 in the pines on top of the pinals. Seen about 25 coues doe in 2 days and the one buck that he took. I did talk to a guy on the way out of town that said he was hunting the 7 mile wash area and he and his buddy both took a nice buck. One was probably going to go 100" and the other would probably break 80". Didn't get a whole lot of info out of him but he said he was really busting some butt up and down the ravines and glassing each one. I've never been in the 7mile wash area but I think I might check it out for my december hunt.
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    Need some expert Coues glassing advice

    I've had the same problem. Been trying to score on a coues deer for several years now. Wen't up to 24a to help a buddy on his hunt this weekend and seen 25 does and he ended up taking the single buck we seen (Small 2x2). I have the early December tag for the same area this year so maybe this will be the year I can tag out on a coues. I am starting to see where all the hype of coues hunting comes from and its slowly sucking me in. I know once I finally find success I will be hooked for good.
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    Things your huntin buddies do that drive you nuts : )

    1: Drunks 2: walking ahead of the tag holder 3: stepping on noise makers 4: No patience to glass 5: complaining about the cold 6: ready for a nap by 10 AM 7: crying about walking 8: someone who stands up during a coyote call while I am calling (i am calling, I'll let you know when were done) 9: leaving a spot we've sat for 2-4 hours 30 mins before dark 10: slamming doors 11: won't scout but expect to tag out and pissed if they don't 12: haven't shot since last season and miss 13: don't pitch in for gas/food 14: want to use my equipment 15: move the truck when they get back first
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    Who's getting excited about Sept?

    I have been just about worthless at work for the last two weeks and my brother has the tags. Its going to be a long september for us hunting antelope and the archery bull tag all in the same unit. Seen some resptectable bulls running with cows the last couple weeks already and a few bugles here and there. Heading up tomorrow for another look back monday then back up again wednesday night before the lope tag starts. Good luck to everyone with a tag in there pocket. Hoping for an excellent rut this year but either way its gonna be a blast because of course its the best time of year IMO.
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    Spoke with the sheriff and went through the pictures of all the stolen goods recovered and of course no mounts. Who knows if he's sold them already or if he's got another place he's keeping them. It seems like it would be hard to sell them off to another hunter. But whoever has them I am sure they have a pretty awesome story to tell people when they ask about them. Maybe we will get lucky and they will find something if not everything. We are missing the buffalo and kaibab buck most of all. thanks for update guys i'll let you know if they find anything else.
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    Well my brother just showed up to our cabin this afternoon in Happy Jack to find out it was broken in and they stole all of our mounts and electronics. I ain't worried about the electronics but I am going to post up the pictures of all our mounts that was stolen. Its probably a long shot but if you guys would take a look at the pictures and just keep an eye out for anyone that might be trying to sell some it would be appreciated. There was a Buffalo from House Rock, A nice Kaibab Buck, another arizona buck, a turkey, 3 bass, a couple ranch sheep/goats, my whole shed collection, two of my arizona bull racks just skull capped. I dont know what the chances are on seeing any of it again but I have to try, theres a lot of time, effort, money, memories, stories etc wrapped up into our hunting sucesses that just can't be replaced and I am sure most of you know what I am talking about. (Still kinda fresh since I just found out tonight so sorry if i Rambled) gonna start posting pictures now I know I don't have a lot of posts on this site and I don't know anyone on here, or talk much but I am a fellow sportsman just hoping to get lucky with a little help. I have all my pictures posted on monstermuleys.com (i am not trying to advertise for the site what so ever please) I just found out the news and i spent an hour posting pictures of all the mounts stolen on that site and I don't want to stay up posting pictures for another hour. It is under the Arizona section with the same Topic Title if you want to take a look at my mounts that were stolen incase you come across them. I'll get on tomorrow if I can to post the pictures here as well. If anyone happens to see something please let me know long shot but kinda desperate. little upset still since i just found out everythings gone and could never be replaced. thanks for any help that you could provide or ideas on how I could possibly find any of the mounts thanks sorry for the rambling
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    Don't know what the chances are of ever seeing any of it ever again but it seems like it could be worth a try since animal heads are fairly unique and easy to spot. My brothers at the cabin now suppose to be helping out a couple juniors on the turkey hunt but instead hes talking to neighbors to see if anyone seen anything.
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    Ya its pathetic what people can do and I am sure it was just so they could get there next 20 dollar high TWEAKS ARE SCUM
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    here is the rest of what was taken other than the dvd players which i could care less about, If anyone happens to runs into these i would appreciate it if you let me know even if you think it could be mine on any of the mounts let me know i can come up with better angled pictures and prove there mine. I would even be willig to buy my mounts back if it came down to it, but I wont be payint the thief! any help would be appreciated just found out about it last night and still pretty devastated. It was a family cabin and all our families animals and trophies from over the years that can never be replaced and i know you guys understand that
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    Here is Two of the mounts ill get more up in a minute here but this is my dads kaibab buck and my first turkey just so you have an idea on what to look for if you see any mounts for sale
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    I think we are in the same neighborhood, and yes I have heard it is extremely "Local" as someone right in the neighborhood. We are in the subdivision off enchated lane. This is the second time its happened there last time they got two of our quads and trailer.
  14. GJMauro12

    Two Bulls Down

    Didnt have much time for a story when I put the pictures up but here it goes now. Friday morning me and grandpa split up, he went to an area we seen quite a few elk the morning before the hunt and I went to the flats. Grandpa passed on a small bull and I spent the morning racing across the flats to where my buddy had 6 bulls spotted. By the time I arrived he just had an idea where they were, we gave it a try with no luck. Friday evening I sat about 400 yards from a thicket where I hoped they would pop out while I glassed the flats. Well one stepped out, I took a look in the scope and he looked like a good bull so I moved to get a steady shot (Which ended up being leaning the barrel over my dads shoulder). took the shot and it sounded great but my dad seen the bull run off. He got up and started walking to him while I packed up the gear. Walking over, there was a small drop off between us and the bull that we hadn't noticed before with elk still standing there. the elk scattered before I ever got there and my dad found my bull. (the top picture) It wasn't the one I had seen in the scope but hes still a nice bull. The weekend came and went without seeing too much and Tuesday night I took my grandpa back to the same spot I had shot from and sure enough about an hour there and out step 6 bulls. I picked out the biggest one I could see and got my grandpa lined up for the shot. I was watching through the binoculars and all I seen was the bull disappear and then the legs start kicking. By the time we packed our gear from where we were sitting and walked over to find the bull it was dark and we couldn't find anything. We split up and went both ways from where we thought it should be for about a 100 yards with no luck. We came back together to mark about where it should be and go get some better flashlights. I went to mark it on the GPS and I heard the bull trying to breathe. we started walking to it and he took about four breaths before I shined my light on him. When I checked the GPS the bull had dropped 40 yards from where we had found mine. Turned out to be a good year.
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    We were at my buddies cabin in Happy Jack one year and we had brought up a few guys that don't exactly like the outdoors. Well my buddy has a Big Foot suit that he made and we were all drinking so I told him to sneak up stairs and get suited up and I would take everyone for a walk out to the water hole at the back of his property. I rounded everyone up and walked out to the water, I was the only one with the flash light so when we got close to the water I got everyone to huddle around me and look at some tracks on the ground with the light. While everyone had there heads on the gound you cuold hear my buddy start growling and just came out of no where and tackled one guy to the ground! They all freaked and ran back to the cabin. It was pretty hilarious.
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    does anybody know this person?

    Wow! I am so pist I sat here and read 10 pages of this BS! this whole thread is pointless till I see something from the other hunters or at least some pictures of this "400 Bull" dead or alive I know there has to be some pictures floating around on peoples phones of him probably with a paragraph of don't show any one this picture cause he's going in the magazine crap. Well I just figured I would take up the space of the next useless post just to tease those people sitting around biting there nails waiting to see what the latest news will be. Does sound like a chitty situation though my opinion would be someone was right and someone was wrong.
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    Grandpas Antelope

    My grandpa drew his first antelope tag in 18B this year with 17 points. I have never hunted antelope before this year and it really is a blast. I had taken three trips before the hunt to get an idea of the area and try and find some antelope. The first trip we seen over 50 so we thought we would be able to be some what selective before we took a buck. We drove up thursday night and set camp up in the dark and left camp pretty early before the sun came up to try to be the first ones out there. Opening morning around 8:30 we seen one buck by him self that we ended up passing on. We went the rest of the day not seeing any antelope at all which got to be a little discouraging because my grandpa doesn't like to take much time off to go hunting cause someones got to take care of the business. So I wasn't really sure how much time I was going to get out of him before he had enough. About 530 opening day I pulled over to do some more glassing and as soon as I looked through the scope I seen about 15 antelope all lined up on the top of the far ridge. I got my gear all packed up and ready to head out after them when they all moved along the top to the west. We drove the truck down the road a little ways to get a little closer before we started walking. parked the truck and started walking. When we finally ran out of cover we found the antelope out in the middle of a big flat and too far for a shot. We backed out and went all the way around hidden in the cover to a small hill that they were feeding next to. We got on top of the hill and was on the antelope from the opposite side than where we started. When we peeked over the edge the antelope had fed right into where we popped out. We dropped the packs and I got the video camera set up while he found a comfortable spot to set up one the bipod. We had time to sit and watch them a few minutes and then I gave him the range. 270 yards. He found the buck got a good rest and took the shot before i even knew what happened. The buck only went about 60 yards before falling over. He's not a big buck but it sure made the old man happy and the whole thing was great time even though it only lasted a day. The video didn't turn out the best but i'll try to post it up once I figure out how to do some editing.
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    White Tail Hunting shows

    Does anyone else get tired of seeing the white tail hunting shows of them sitting in there tree stand or big box blinds in the middle of the road usually down in Texas or back east? Half the time the herd doesn't even spook out after the shot. Maybe its just cause i've never been back east anywhere to hunt white tail but it sure doens't look too much fun!
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    Hunting mistakes and misses

    In 2009 I drew my first archery elk tag for Bull in 5BN. I had already taken two good bulls with my rifle so I went into it set on taking a 350 class bull. I spent 19 days straight on the hunt going it alone which made it tough for calling so I just chased a lot of bugles. I was in elk everyday and passed up 20 bulls withing 60 yards. One evening I got into some elk and seen one that I would be interested in taking. I ran out of light that night but was there in the morning about an hour and a half before light located his bugle and got in as close as I could before light. My heart was pounding and I couldn't control my breathing being so close to the bugle and knowing it was the bull I wanted. When I had just enough light to finally see I could see there legs in a small clearing just on the other side of the cedars I was on. My wind was good and I was just sitting still trying to decide how to get through the trees for a clear shot. Then the herd kicked up and came right for me. All the cows came trotting right by at about 15 yards and then the bull. I was already standing and ready for the shot I barked at the bull and he stopped PERFECT for a broadside shot less than 20 yards and when I drew I was shaking so bad the arrow fell off my rest and the string and hit the ground. The bull let me knock another arrow take a shot and I hit the ground under his belly. Pretty horrible and I am still haunted by that shot. Ended up eating tag soup drew the same tag the next year and ended up taking a rag horn just to take my first elk with my bow. I'll have to wait for the next tag to get a good bull with my bow.
  20. First time I ever put out a trail cam I got this, Don't know much about them but I have seen about 10 lions already never had a shot tho! hopefully one day. Do you think this would be a male or female?
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    wondering if these patches are typical

    It kind of reminds me of a hot spot. my dog got one last year the vet said it was common in the summer with the heat causing some kind of skin infection. Don't know if it would be the same with deer but it just had to be cleaned and kept dry and healed up to where you couldn't notice it in a couple months.
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    In 2006 my grandpa, uncle and myself drew a limited opportunity any elk hunt in 5a. We have a cabin in clear creek so the whole family went up while the three of us were hunting. The day before season we had found 3 good bulls on a water hole on the east sunset. Opening morning we rode together around the mountain at dark to get to where we needed to walk in. as we came around the mountain we had tail lights ahead of us and head lights coming at us from the other side of the mountain. Of course everyone parked at the same gate and basically walked in single file up the same road. The next day my uncle went on his own to try out a new area while me and grandpa did our own thing. Well, late morning we were heading back to the cabin to see how my uncle did and we seen his truck parked out in the flats. We drove over to the truck and seen his tool box was gone and quad tracks going off the road. (my uncle doesn't do much hunting) We started following the quad tracks and found him driving back to the truck, he stopped and said he had a cow down a little ways out but he had pulled his trailer with his quad and had dropped it some where to drag the elk to it with the quad but couldn't remember where he left the trailer. He took us to the elk and of course he didn't gut it so we got that done for him loaded the cow onto the quad and headed for the truck. I decided to look for the trailer with the quad and elk while they walked back. Found it just across the wash from where the elk was headed back. For that evening hunt my granpda went on his own and my uncle came with. I took the quad up the mountain parked and walked through the meadows toward a water hole.It was a Mid October hunt but we started to hear two bulls bugle on both sides of the meadow so we just sat in between the bugles and waited to see what happened. The bugles just kept getting closer and closer and we started to get excited. With barely enough light left I seen a Bull step out of the thicks maybe 120 yards in front of us. Whispered to my uncle not to move raised my gun and took a shot. The bull reared up on his hind legs and spun around ran maybe 10 yards turned back around to come back and stand in the same spot. I racked another one in took the second shot and down he went. That was my first bull, a decent 6x6 and we both just went crazy with excitement. We walked back to the quads to wait for my grandpa and we finally seen him pull up at the bottome of the mountain waiting for us to come down. I got on the radio to let him know that we had a cow down and to come up and help us out. He drove up and he followed us to where he was. When I through the head lights on the bull I thought he was gonna have a heart attack. Well it was my first bull and I wanted to do the cutting my self but my grandpa doesn't really know how to just watch someone else work and two knives inside an elk deosn't work so well. He ended up slicing my middle finger pretty good. Finally got the bull loaded on the back of the quad and it wasn't easy since there were no trees around. On the way down the mountain we had to have one drive and two holding the back of the quad down cause it was wanting to roll over with the weight of the bull on the back. When we got back to the cabin around mid night my Grandma, Aunt and Mother were ready to call in the rescue, but were happy to see the bull. My uncle got a lot of crap from my aunt since he had shot the cow that morning and she wanted some antler to take home and he was a little jealous since he sat and watched me shoot the bull with his tag already on the cow. Well, the night wasn't over. I couldn't stop the bleeding on my finger so they had me go to winslow for stitches. It was a pretty exciting hunt hopefully the story ain't too confusing heres a couple pictures
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    Drawing Results Contest "OVER"

    Me and my brother got 24 a early wt, Grandpa got 5a/5b and dad got 20a. Busy year if you add the antelope and two bull tags between the four of us!
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    5A Archery Antelope

    looks like you ain't getting much help! LoL Have you decided which water your gonna sit yet?