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    So Where's the Official Countdown to CC Hits

    On 7/7/2017 I received a text message at 7:11AM with a $45 game and fish charge. Ill bet they make me sweat a little this year and wont charge my card until 7:16AM This Friday.
  2. GJMauro12

    Food for Thought

    I can hear another game and fish fair chase committee being formed already. I Wish people would quit wishing for more regulations because you might get your wish and then some.
  3. GJMauro12

    Low life Camera thiefs

    Maybe it was Regina Cobb since she didnt get her way on the trail camera ban! (Sarcasm)
  4. GJMauro12

    Blinds & Hunting Ethics

    I dont care for signs in some situations. I ran into a sign one year that was at the beginning of a road, maybe a half mile from Water, but there was a whole network of roads passed the tank with another handful of tanks beyond it. I ended up turning around and leaving the entire area, but I dont think a sign should give you rights to everything. Really theres no point in having a sign there because if someone drives to the water and sees you they could just continue on to the next. I dont mind a sign on a dead end road but if I see your truck parked at the beginning I would assume youre on the water anyway.
  5. GJMauro12

    2017: What is your bull goal this year?

    Met my goal over and over again. Drew a tag this year but Ill be realistic with a late archery tag and would be happy to kill any 6x6. I wont be counting inches for that hunt.
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    The Trail Cam Celebration

    I wonder if John Stallone with hunt with the masters would hear you out on your ideas and concerns? I never thought jay was doing the hunting community a favor by telling us about the proposal, he just gave them a flatform to advertise. It would be nice to see the other side represented somewhere.
  7. GJMauro12

    The Trail Cam Celebration

    I can agree with you that its everyones problem but I believe the department will benefit from this education/marketing program financially. Spreading the word on who, what, why and how the department exists will increase there license sales and they will do it by selling public tags.
  8. GJMauro12

    The Trail Cam Celebration

    If you cant set aside $300 a year I would advise you not to waste your money on a raffle ticket. This argument isnt very strong.
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    The Trail Cam Celebration

  10. GJMauro12

    The Trail Cam Celebration

  11. GJMauro12

    The Trail Cam Celebration

    I dont know much about the Utah model (expo) that Pete refers to multiple times in the podcasts other than comments Ive heard on this site. I take most of what I read on this site with a grain of salt because everyone has their own bias and sarcasm. I dont have any first hand experiences or knowledge of the Utah model. I decided to take a look at the Utah section on the carp deer website, which of course comes with the same bias, but there are multiple threads regarding their expo. I havent read through all of them yet but there seems to be a lot of negative comments and accusations regarding the expo but it also has its supporters. Obviously, Internet forums are not a strong research tool but you can get an idea of how some Utah residents feel it has affected them wether it is positive or negative. There seemed to be a lot of negative but that could be from your standard conspiracy theorists. After listening to the meeting on Friday, I believe the commissioner that took the time to reach out to other state organizations to ask their stance on trail cameras played a huge role in how the vote turned out. That same tactic might be the best way to beat this thing. That is if the critter groups of Utah see the expo as a negative for their state. Ill be doing some more research and reaching out to some Utah critter groups to see if they have a stance on the expo.
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    RaffleTags and Trail Cams

    Probably gave us this ruling so they can vote yes on conserve and protect.
  13. GJMauro12

    RaffleTags and Trail Cams

    The new commish sounds like hes flipping his vote
  14. GJMauro12

    RaffleTags and Trail Cams

    Things are looking positive!
  15. GJMauro12

    RaffleTags and Trail Cams

    Interesting that Regina Cobbs letter gets read out loud by the commission, but not one email from the hunters that are against it gets read in. If Regina wanted to be heard she should of showed up. Not surprised by the person who read it into the record since he emailed me back saying he was in favor of the ban.
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    RaffleTags and Trail Cams

    Some great arguments being made by the people that showed up. Itll be interesting to see the vote.
  17. GJMauro12

    RaffleTags and Trail Cams

    Im a little confused with that part also with the new critter groups requesting auction tags.
  18. GJMauro12

    RaffleTags and Trail Cams

    No Im watching online. Currently 127 viewers online. I dont believe item 29 has ties to Pete but it is about dedicated funding for outreach and education
  19. GJMauro12

    RaffleTags and Trail Cams

    29 passes 5-0
  20. GJMauro12


    Theres a fire burning 20 miles east of camp verde right now.
  21. GJMauro12

    Conserve and Protect (Tags) Presentation at G&F Mtg

    I dont like the language he uses at the end when he says this program has the potential to turn into another Utah outdoorsman expo in the future. Which makes the comment from grey ghost sound very realistic. Once this program gets in the door, what could it morph into. And it sounds like all they need to happen on Friday is the commission to show enough interest to form a committee sort of like the ethics committee. I may be hearing it wrong but thats what Im understanding.
  22. GJMauro12

    Conserve and Protect (Tags) Presentation at G&F Mtg

    Jay just dropped another podcast with Pete
  23. GJMauro12

    New pool

    This is funny and I almost agree. All I do is clean the stupid thing and dont even use it, but I feel like a back yard is naked with out a pool. Good luck with the build.
  24. GJMauro12

    Apache-Sitgreaves Forest Closures Imminent

    Theyve had the electronic signs going down the 101 freeway in Phoenix saying extreme fire danger. I dont think Ive ever seen those in town before. Hopefully it helps.