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  1. sbhunter

    1976 GMC 2500

    Is he willing to trade for anything?
  2. sbhunter

    Another toad hits the dirt

    How can you guide a hunter if your not allowed to be around any type of firearm?
  3. sbhunter

    Another toad hits the dirt

    Snicker candy bars and crackers is how you get those bucks to jump the fence!!
  4. sbhunter

    Travel Agent for Africa?

    Barb Wolbrink of international journeys 703-354-2943. She has helped me on Africa, Russia, Mexico, & Kyrgystan great lady.
  5. sbhunter

    Ever mess up someone's hunt?

    I messed a guy up on a good 4x4 Mule deer during the archery hunt. Pulled the "oh s**t sorry guy" started talking to him and his brother & 16 years later we still hunt together!
  6. sbhunter

    31x10.5x15 mud terrian

    Gabe try tires to go in sunnyside.
  7. sbhunter

    My 2012 bull and my buddys bull northern AZ

    Me and my buddy Dustin also found that bull. We ended up finding the shooter!
  8. This is also a Tiburon Island tag! Call Raul I'm sure he sells them for close to 75K+ to a normal paying customer.
  9. sbhunter

    draw results?

    It's not over yet $77.50 hit just now!!
  10. Congrats on the hunt / buck you will never forget!
  11. sbhunter

    Late season Bulls for the Girls!

    The 1st bull was very old, his teeth were almost to the gums - not broken The 2nd (wifes bull) bull both eye guards were broke, 3rd on one side broke
  12. sbhunter

    Late season Bulls for the Girls!

    Chef The 2nd bull was shot with a 300 win mag. model 700. Rifles inc stock. leupold v-xlll 3.5-10. Glassed him up from 600+ yrds killed him in his bed at 40 yrds! My wife shot her bull with a Barrett 338 lupla. leuplod v-xlll 8.5-25. 1 shot 454 yrds couple more pics for you
  13. 1st pic is my Dad's wife. 2nd pic is my wife. Good Job Girls!
  14. sbhunter

    Killing small bucks

    jbird you have not been on this site long enough to call these guys out. This is one of the only forums out there without the all the drama & bs that you seem to thrive on!!
  15. sbhunter

    Unit 6B mule deer

    My father in-law has the Muzzy hunt the 26th, & my wife has the coues hunt that is Nov. 2-8. I will be out there for both hunts, call me and I'll tell you what I see 928-607-1919