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  1. hookedoncoues

    Rutting Coues

    Good job!!!!!! Congrats!!!!
  2. hookedoncoues

    how bout scrapes??

    Does anyone have any pictures of Coues scrapes?
  3. hookedoncoues

    Decoys for Coues?

    It would be something to investigate.
  4. hookedoncoues

    **SOLD** Sitka Core Balaclava - Optifade Open Country - $25

    do you still have this?
  5. hookedoncoues

    Done for the Year

    Sweet, great job!!!1
  6. hookedoncoues

    Worst Super Bowl ever?

    I thought is was a good defensive game. I never thought that the defense could win a game!!
  7. hookedoncoues

    Any one use a tree stand?

    Thank goodness for the cold!!!!! LOL!!!
  8. hookedoncoues


    My donation is in also.
  9. hookedoncoues

    Sonora Mexico was good once again

    Sweet!!!! I hope to go one day!!
  10. Ok, just wondering what "Bump" means??
  11. hookedoncoues

    Any one use a tree stand?

    I have been wondering about the Sitka Gear, wether it is worth the price. I can't believe how expensive it is!! I almost purchase the vest last month but couldn't get past the $189 price tag.
  12. hookedoncoues

    Any one use a tree stand?

    Thanks guys, tons of great advice!! My buddy let me use his body heater, it was nice! Have you guys used them?
  13. hookedoncoues

    Any one use a tree stand?

    the problem that I have with the rubber boots is my dang feet get cold! I think I'm going to purchase a pair of insulated boots and just use them when I sit a tree stand.
  14. hookedoncoues

    FS Badlands packs

    Interested. Can you post a picture?
  15. hookedoncoues

    Any one use a tree stand?

    Hey Red, I see that you said that you have to be up high and Sparky, Just wondering are you a lineman??