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  1. I just bought a Bowtech Carbon Overdrive. Im setting it up and I noticed that my cable is off to one side of the cable stop. Can I rotate the stop to fix this or is this an indication that something else is going on? The valley of the rubber stop looks like it's close to straight vertical. Also, Can I get a referral to a shop that is knowledgeable with bowtech and can help me get dialed in. Thanks
  2. Hi guys, I just got a Bowtech Carbon Overdrive. Im setting it up and I noticed that my cable is off to one side of the cable stop. Can I rotate the stop to fix this or is this an indication that something else is going on? The valley of the rubber stop looks like it's close to straight vertical. Can I get a referral to a shop that is knowledgeable with bowtech and can help me get dialed in. Thanks
  3. Gut Pile

    Got it done with the .357

    Just getting around to posting. Hunted the HAM hunt this year solo. Had a great time seeing pigs everyday. Swirling winds goofed a couple stalks. On day 4 passed a pig when I noticed it had a little tag-along you'll see in the vid. Patience was rewarded when I worked in on a few others and took one at 15 ft with my GP 100. Loved my quiet time in the beautiful AZ desert. PXL_20210211_195551227.mp4
  4. Hey guys, I have a Rem 700 ADL in .300RUM. Having a little trouble finding a stock for it. I really like the Magpul Hunter stocks, but from what I gather it wouldn't fit the Ultra Mag? Price range I'm looking for is the $250-280. Anybody have suggestions? Checked out stocky stocks, I think they have a thumbhole that would fit but no much else. The HC precision is not quite what I'm after. I prefer the flat grip style of the magpuls. Thanks
  5. Thanks Shooter. I think that's what I needed . Clarification that long action is long action and not dependent on caliber. Just starting to get into gun modification so really appreciate your insight. 👍
  6. I looked around to see if this has been discussed in the past, didn't find it. If it has been talked about, sorry for the repeat. I had a conversation with my Dad a while back about this and want to hear opinions. Most of us at one point have heard hounds sounding off in a canyon or mountain while out hunting. They sound like they're right by you, of course they could still be miles from you. They get louder and louder. I've never been on a hound hunt, but that has to be one of the most exciting hunts. Hearing those dogs & knowing in front of them is what you're after! The anticipation and excitement growing! I will go on a hound hunt at some point for sure. I also think it's a great way to be selective on animals to harvest, allowing time to determine age, and sex etc. Here's the question; you're out hunting and hounds sound off coming closer & closer. You've got your bear or lion tag in pocket. Bear or lion shows up in front of you. Do you shoot? We know bear or lion opportunities can be sparse for many. I feel like it we would be success behind somebody else's hard work in a way. My Dad pointed out that luck shows up in many ways too. Sometimes a buck walks out at the last hour of the last day of your hunt for no reason at all, or a bear or lion just happens to be run right to you. The "X” factor of hunting, being at the right place at the right time. Would you feel it could take away from the accomplishment? Has anyone had an experience or situation like this? Hound hunters please share your thoughts.
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    Credit Card Hit

  8. Gut Pile

    OTC Utah elk hunt

    I'm considering doing an OTC elk hunt in Utah this year. From what I've read, the North & South Slope areas are promising and beautiful to hunt. I'd like to do an any bull rifle hunt. Anybody hunted up there? What should I expect? Obviously scouting will be extremely limited if at all due the distance from PHX. I will be doing this Solo. I'm not looking for Giants, I'm looking for opportunity. I might even do the spike bull hunt , because I believe you are permitted to take a cow instead if you wish. It might be a way to bring home meat and learn about the hunts & area up there. I enjoy seeing the critters even if I don't close. As long as I see what I'm after regularly, that's a good hunt. Let me know your suggestions if you've done this before.
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    First Elk Hunt Unit 10

    Thank you
  10. Gut Pile

    First Elk Hunt Unit 10

    Is that $110 or $80 for the length of the season or by day?
  11. Gut Pile

    First Elk Hunt Unit 10

    What is the price for Big Bo access??
  12. Gut Pile

    He is coming to Arizona

    Just joined GOA. Should have joined much sooner, maybe kept some of these jerk-offs down a bit.
  13. Interesting. Great response. Guess I really didn't consider the " Hunter bumps a deer over hill to another Hunter" analogy and perspective.
  14. I was planning on buying a Browning heck's Canyon Speed in .308. checked it out a few times at a shop. Love the x bolt action. Awesome gun. Well I saw that Browning now offers a Bar mk3 heck's Canyon addition. The first deer I killed was in NC with my Grandpa's BAR 30-06. I guess the semi auto action has really started to appeal to me. It would be great for coyote or Javi hunting. However, coues & elk are my favorite hunts. What I'm curious about is; will I be making a big sacrifice in accuracy and reliability going with the BAR over the x-bolt? I've never shot anything over 250yds. That being said, I still want to have the ability to make farther shots if needed. Anybody have experience with a BAR? Any problems with the action in the field, being auto loading? Would I still have the ability to make a 450yd shot with quality scope, vortex razor,(assuming I practiced at that range). Is .308 enough medicine for a bull elk at further ranges? I've been hunting everything with a model 700 in .300 RUM up to this point, so would like a caliber that would be somewhat universal. ( 300 RUM has been a little heavy for javelina. ) Am I better off sticking with the x-bolt heck's Canyon? There are many great rifles out there, but please help me choose just between these two. Any input would be helpful. Thanks, Gut Pile
  15. Thanks for the info DUG, really appreciate the first accounts. I will certainly post up once I pick.
  16. I see H-E double hockey sticks is sensored. Had to chuckle at that.😊
  17. Gut Pile

    first whitetail hunt in unit 8

    Focus on the rough canyons friend. Use your map ( Flatline or OnX) to find glassing points. Get away from the roads and put some boots to the ground. Big rocks, rough terrain, and oak trees are what you want. Small, small water sources near by. Challenging hunt, but they are often the most rewarding. Big'uns are in there. Best of luck!! (Image is a spike, not a "Big'un" but is gmu8)
  18. Thinking of spending money on a real nice durable camo set like Sitka, kuiu etc. What do you recommended? I want something that lasts, with a pattern that would be decent for specifically Arizona big game seasons. I hunt all. Coues, elk, mulie, turkey. Archery and rifle. What single set would you pick? Thanks
  19. Awesome guys. Appreciate all the great comments. The discussion on what big game critters actually see makes sense. I can see how patterns are more geared to hook hunters rather than hide them. Durability, fit, and breathability seems to be the more important aspect of a set. Again, thanks for the input, it's gonna help a lot as I look around.
  20. I was thinking about putting in for sandhill crane tags this year. Are there decent opportunities on public land? I've seen some hunts the guides offer that look like a lot of fun, but I enjoy getting on critters myself if possible. I know the cranes feed in the farm fields, which I would assume is private, so just wondering if there's ways to hunt'em on public. I've never seen one, so even without tags , I wanna go check'em out anyway. I hunt 31 quite a bit, but never really checked around for crane ( usually preoccupied looking for deer). So, just wanna hear other's opinions, experiences, or stories.
  21. Hi, I've got a model 700 ADL SS in 300 rum. I've got some stuff going on with it that I'm having trouble diagnosing. When I fire my rifle and cycle bolt another round in and try to fire, nothing. If I fire a round, click back on safe, bolt another round, then click to fire,(in that order) it barks. That would get a little stressful if you had to make a snappy follow up shot. (...But we never miss right, lol😁) Is this a bolt issue or trigger/safety issue? I've been planning on putting a Timney trigger and safety in it anyway. Would that take care of the issue, or is there more going on? As always, thanks for any advice and shoot straight.!
  22. Gut Pile

    Model 700 question

    Think I'm gonna put a trigger tech special in it and see how that works out. Thanks for all the input and suggestions. I'll let you know how it ends up.
  23. Gut Pile

    Model 700 question

    I just checked out the trigger tech. Any big difference from the Timney? It does look like it could take a beating, more so than Timney.
  24. Gut Pile

    Model 700 question

    No, dimple or anything. It acts like it's on safe. Trigger doesn't budge. To get get it to fire from that point, I have to open the bolt, click it back to safe, Bolt forward, take it off safe, then it will fire. I have to put it back on safe after each trigger pull before pulling the bolt back to rack another. If I don't put it on safe and leave it on fire, the safe switch won't move back to safe until I pull the bolt back.
  25. Hi Folks! I live in Phoenix and miss duck hunting with my Grandpa in NC. I would love some ideas of where to start or go if any one is willing to share. Might even like to join you. All help is always appreciated!